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Our Little Secret 我们的秘密 (2019)

我们的秘密 (2019)
Other Title: Wo Men De Mi Mi

Genres: Romance, drama
China Mainland
Release Date:
Dec 31, 2019
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  • Han Dong as An Ming Bei
  • Jiang Meng Jie as Xu Xin Er
  • Ye Zu Xin as Luo Ren
  • Li Ying as Shen Hong Ru [Ming Bei’s Mother]
  • Dai Chao as Lin Shuai
  • Jackie Lui as Luo Yi

An Ming Bei and Xu Xin Er are from two different worlds however they have both lost the Father’s love while growing up. The death of his Father is a heart knot to An Ming Bei whereas Xu Xin Er took hers as a kind of motivation of which she will be taking care of her sick mother on behalf of her deceased Father. Xu Xin Er has spent all her savings on the treatment of her Mother’s illness. In order to keep her highly-paid job, she has no choice but to think of ways to take down the Redwine Vineyard project. However, the person-in-charge of the vineyard, Shen Hong Ru, refuses to meet her. As there is no progress, she decided to tackle it from her son, An Ming Bei. After much twists and turns, they got closer and eventually fell in love.

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