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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 40 Recap

At the hospital, Takagi’s father’s memory became confused, and he often didn’t talk about it, even his son couldn’t recognize it. The caregiver handed a box to Takagi, saying that the box was the most important thing for Takagi’s father, hoping that it would help Takagi’s father to restore his memory. Takagi opened the box and saw a picture of himself and his father when he was a kid.

Wan Wei was always deliberately involved in the group’s affairs, and Takagi didn’t appreciate it, and she opened her eyes and scolded her. Wan Wei explained that every decision she made was based on the company’s interests, but at this time Gao Mu no longer believed in her, no matter what Wan Wei said, Gao Mu no longer took her heart. After Takagi left, Zhao Zhongfei took out the photo of Gao Mu discarding Wan Wei in the bridal shop, and Wan Wei knew that Zhao Zhongfei was prepared. Zhao Zhongfei wanted to grab the sky garden from the hands of the Ou Group. Wan Wei refused to cooperate with Zhao Zhongfei, and then Wan Wei came to Yu Buzhi, pretending to be innocent, saying that she was separated from Takagi, and that Takagi was completely unaware of the things she did. Yu Buzhi believed deeply in Wan Wei, and even more hated Takagi, and proposed that Wan Wei give the Ou Ou Group information about the rock wool material to himself.

On the weekend, Zhou Erwen hoped that Li Nanen could accompany himself, but Li Nanen refused to date with Zhou Erwen because of an appointment in advance to see the customer. Li Nanen came to the nursing home, but Mr. Wei suddenly cancelled the meeting with Li Nanen, and Li Nanen had to leave. When he was planning to return to the apartment to find Zhou Erwen, Li Nanen saw Chen Zhou in a wheelchair on the roadside. Li Nanen was a bit surprised and asked Chen Zhou why he was doing those things for the Ou Ou Group. Takagi suddenly appeared and planned to explain to Li Nanen, but Li Nanen saw that Gao Mu was angry and left angrily.

Li Nanen returned to the apartment glumly. Zhou Erwen guessed that Mr. Wei did not see Li Nanen, comforted her, and suddenly mentioned when he could end the trial period. Li Nanen pulled Zhou Erwen to the park to play a ring game. Zhou Erwen did not have a ring In the middle, Li Nanen gave Zhou Erwen another chance, Zhou Erwen suddenly became fierce, and hit four at once. Li Nanen agreed to end Zhou Erwen’s trial period and let Zhou Erwen officially become his boyfriend.

Li Nanen returned to the studio again due to work. At this time, the client accidentally revealed that he knew Takagi. Li Nanen found that Takagi secretly introduced her to the customer, so he went to the place and went straight to the group to scold Takagi. Li Nan’en refused Takagi’s help, but Takagi didn’t want to continue to conceal any more. He also gave her a plan book and told her that he had tried his best to steal the sky garden, and now he had to let Gaodong execute the plan. Just to let Wan Wei break the back road, otherwise Wan Wei will not be eliminated. At this time, Li Nanen had no expectation for Takagi, and naturally he did not want to believe him.
As soon as Li Nanen was about to leave, he received news that Chen Zhou was hospitalized. Li Nanen rushed to the hospital with Gao Mu. At this time, Chen Zhou had only one month, and Li Nanen found that Chen Zhou was Zhou Erwen’s father.

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