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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 39 Recap

Li Nanen feels that his mood is more frank now than when he exposed the Euro Group. Li Nanen told Zhou Erwen that they really shouldn’t fight Takagi in that way. Zhou Erwen looked at Takagi who was giving a speech on the stage, and recalled what Takagi was doing now. He found that he did not deviate from the original intention of several people to study the sky garden at the beginning, and decided not to expose the video to expose Takagi. Li Nanen understood Zhou Erwen’s approach. She also believed that Zhou Erwen’s approach was correct. Zhou Erwen thanked Li Nanen. Wan Wei was pleased with Takagi’s current achievements. Zhao Zhongfei suddenly appeared, ridiculed at Wan Wei, and tried to encourage Wan Wei to stand on the opposite side of Takagi.

Wan Wei didn’t take it seriously. After the speech. Yu Buzhi saw that Zhou Erwen had not yet played the video at the meeting, and was excited to take the USB drive to play by himself. Chen Xuan appeared in time and took Yu Buzhi away. On the rooftop, Li Nanen came to Zhou Erwen and found that he was standing alone on the bottom of the building in a daze. Li Nanen told Zhou Erwen about his resignation. Zhou Erwen understood her feelings and then told her how she felt now. Originally, Zhou Erwen planned to restructure a recycling system and make a product different from plan k. Li Nanen also told Zhou Erwen that he planned to set up a personal studio.
The next day, Zhou Erwen apologized to everyone in the apartment, and planned to let everyone take a vacation and wait for everyone to rest before returning to the new job, but Yu Buzhi believed that Zhou Erwen was leaving the house with dissatisfaction.

The Euro Group, with the help of Takagi, successfully released the k plan, and the company’s operation was finally on track. At the meeting, everyone had their own views on Plan K, and Takagi didn’t know how to balance them, and felt a headache. At this time, it was rumored that Li Nanen was about to resign and leave, and Takagi was even more moodless to work.
After Li Nan’s resignation, Zuma ‘s dessert shop was developed into his own studio. Suddenly someone found Li Nanen to do interior design. He told Li Nanen that his father was over seventy years old, and his lower body was paralyzed, but he didn’t want others to serve himself. He had driven away several nurses, so he hoped to transform the home into a fully automated one. At least to make the old man active, Li Nanen agreed to his request and decided to give it a try. Mr. Wei quickly asked Li Nanen to make a quotation. Li Nanen was a bit surprised and planned to make some plans for him to see before making a decision.

Dessert shop, Wu said that he would come to Zuma’s shop to help her whenever he had time. Zuma accepted his kindness, but Wu, who had always worked in the laboratory, did not know cashieries and would not help customers order food. headache. Zuma deliberately urged Wu to leave. At this moment, Wu So suddenly said something in his mouth, saying that he just wanted to stay with Zuma, and when he heard Wu said that he was in love for the first time, Zuma blushed happily.

The Euro Group formulated a relatively reasonable price for the introduction of plan k, and the board of directors also unanimously approved it. Now only the companies that choose to implement the plan are left. Vice President Chen suggested that Takagi go to Zhou Erwen to talk again. At this moment Wan Wei suddenly broke into the office and asked Takagi why he could not enter the company’s confidential room, and Takagi did not notify himself of the pricing, and no one at the company’s large and small meetings notified him, and Vice President Chen left. Out of the office.

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