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The Romance of Hua Rong Episode 4 Recap

Seeing Qin Shangcheng always protecting himself, Hua Rong caught up with Qin Shangcheng and apologized to him for the past. At this time, Qin Shangcheng fainted because of poison. Hua Rong just wanted to lift Qin Shangcheng back to Zhaizi, but thought that if Qin Shangcheng died, she could successfully escape the island, so she let go of her hand, but after a few steps, she repented Meaning, she was a grand hero, and she couldn’t help but die. Hua Rong turned back and brought Qin Shangcheng back to Zhaizi. She also passed out due to fatigue.

After Hua Rong awakened, Yue Feng persuaded her to take this opportunity to escape the island, but Hua Rong said that Qin Shangcheng had saved herself once before, and she couldn’t just leave like this, at least he had to wait for him to wake up. Hua Rong sent the medicine to Qin Shangcheng and persuaded him to drink it. Qin Shangcheng deliberately pretended to be fooled to trick her into feeding her medicine herself, claiming that she was weak, and Hua Rong had to serve him patiently. Subsequently, Qin Shang Cheng let Hua Rong give herself Studying and listening, she also said that this was a way of repaying herself. Hua Rong had to hold back her unhappiness, read a book for him, and Qin Shangcheng secretly laughed.

In the next few days, Qin Shangcheng used the cause of nourishment and replaced Hua Rong to take good care of herself, which caused Hua Rong to fall into deep distress, but she had no good solution for a moment and had to swallow her. This day was Qin Shangcheng’s birthday. Hua Rong came to the kitchen and saw an aunt who was tied up. The aunt anxiously told her that Chen Biao had decided to give Qin Shangcheng a Mongolian and Han medicine at the banquet to faint him and take the opportunity. Seek the position of the island owner. Hua Rong was in a hurry to report to Qin Shangcheng, but was stunned by Chen Biao behind him. Chen Biao made Hua Rong locked in the chaifang. He came to the banquet in the lobby and pretended to be Qin Shangcheng calmly. Toast.

In the firewood room, the flower dissolved and she came up with a plan to get rid of the shackles, and then quickly came to the lobby and advised Qin Shangcheng not to drink Chen Biaojing’s wine. He had already taken the medicine of Mongolian and Han in the wine and heard After Hua Rong’s words, Qin Shangcheng realized that he had caught Chen Biao’s trap, but he had already drank Chen Biaojing’s wine, and then Qin Shangcheng fell down weakly. In fact, Qin Shangcheng had already discovered Chen Biao’s treacherous scheme. He had people change the wine at the banquet in advance, so he was not poisoned, but just pretended to be poisoned to confuse Chen Biao. He also persuaded Chen Biao to quit quickly , He can also forgive him, otherwise he will no longer care about Chen Biao’s saving grace.

Chen Biao didn’t delve into it at all. He said arrogantly that he had been poisoned, and how could he take himself. At this time, Qin Shangcheng stood up completely, saying that he had already seen through his tricks. Blame himself for being ruthless, Qin Shangcheng led a fight with Chen Biao’s men. In the chaos, Chen Biao seized Hua Rong and wanted to take her as a hostage, but was freed by Hua Rong and ran away. Eventually, Chen Biao was finally captured, but he determined that Qin Shangcheng would not kill himself. After all, he had a life-saving favor for him at that time, Qin Shangcheng did not forget about it. Chen Biao did help himself stop him. He decided to give it back now, and then Qin Shangcheng stabbed him with a knife. There was blood.

Qin Shangcheng made people bandage the wound. After seeing Hua Rong, he asked her to dispel the idea of ​​escaping the island again. Hua Rong thought Qin Shang Cheng might like himself, so he must make good use of this opportunity. In the evening, Hua Rong wore a beautiful dance dress and danced in front of Qin Shangcheng. Then he toasted him with a few glasses of wine and said that he did so in return for his life-saving grace. At this point, Qin Shangcheng thought to himself that Hua Rong suddenly offered himself a lot of diligence, wouldn’t he really like himself.

Hua Rong kept toasting Qin Shangcheng, and finally drunk him. Then she took the opportunity to ask the real chart where he was. Then, Hua Rong stood up and walked a few steps, but fell into Qin Shangcheng’s arms because of drunkenness. Early the next morning, when Hua Rong woke up, he found himself lying on the same bed with Qin Shangcheng, feeling ashamed for a while. Qin Shangcheng said proudly that he couldn’t blame him. Yesterday she was drunk and hugged herself. Hua Rong walked out of the room, but the guard outside the door refused to let her leave, which made Hua Rong quite a bit.

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