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The ugly goddess doctor’s princess

The ugly goddess doctor’s princess (Novel)
Other Name: 丑女神医之农门太子妃

Genre: novel, romance, traveler
Author: Mu Xixi
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Ye Wei, who was originally a famous Chinese medicine doctor of this century, had a car accident on her way to give a speech and accidentally crossed it. After crossing, he became a terrible-looking girl who had been retired from marriage, and the poor family couldn’t open the pot. It depends on how she set up her door to make a fortune…

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The more she looked like this, the more anxious Ye Haili’s heart became, and finally he couldn’t help but pat the kang table beside him, and said angrily: “What else?! Say it!”

Ye Yin was frightened by the sudden questioning, and without thinking about it, he said: “There is also a bellyband embroidered with my name…”

As soon as her voice fell, there was a crisp “pop”.

Ye Yin covered her face with her hand and looked at her father in disbelief.

Jiang sighed distressedly, and quickly went down to check Ye Yin’s beaten face, and at the same time couldn’t help but complain: “Oh! What are you doing?! Have something to say! Why are you hitting the child?!!! “

“Say it?! Things have reached this point, how can you tell me to say it?!!!”

Ye Haili couldn’t sit still anymore. He simply stood up from the kang and pointed at Ye Yin’s nose and cursed: “You are usually lazy, greedy, and squeamish to dress up. I leave you all alone. After all, he is his own. Girl, I am obligated to make you eat well and dress well! Otherwise, my father is not able to stand it!”

“But I never expected that you would do such a shameless thing and seduce your future brother-in-law without telling your family!!”

After hearing this, the Jiang on the side suddenly became unwilling. He raised his head and said to Ye Haili: “What are you talking about?! What is seduce?! Is this talking about your daughter?! Are you crazy?!”

This time, Ye Haili did not pay attention to Jiang, but roared: “You leave me alone! You are used to it!!”

After speaking, he turned his head back and pointed at Ye Yin with a trembling finger: “It’s fine if you do this kind of thing, but you shouldn’t have it, you shouldn’t leave a handle!”

“Never mind the veil! But the bellyband is a girl’s underwear! Is it something that can be given away casually?! You are usually smart about doing things, so why are you so mindless about this kind of thing?! !”

“Have you ever thought about that Fang Ming and Sanyatou have a marriage contract. In the future, the two will become relatives, but he will keep your bellyband in his hands. If something leaks out, Fang Ming will have a romantic heart. Fame, but what about you? Did you marry the Fang’s family and marry someone as a concubine, or did you smash to death?

Ye Yin is a girl after all. Although she was a little cautious when approaching Fang Ming before, the girl was always passionate. Fang Ming was gentle and elegant and personable, and she was better than the little kids in the village. How many.

So when she came and went, she moved sincerely. After a few times, Fang Ming coaxed eachother and took her apron as a “credential”.

All her thoughts were immersed in her sweetheart before, so she didn’t think so much at all.

Now that Ye Haili reminded her, she also realized the consequences of her actions, her pretty face turned pale suddenly, and her body shook as if she couldn’t bear it…

After all, Jiang is a woman’s family. He didn’t think so much before, and now he is shocked to hear his own man say this.

She hurriedly stretched out her hand, held her daughter, raised her head and said to Ye Haili: “His father! If you have something to say, you can scare the girl…”

Unexpectedly, Ye Yin pushed away Jiang’s hand, rushed to Ye Haili’s side, and said with a panic: “Father, I didn’t know it on purpose. At that time, I really fainted…that’s why…”

“What do you want to do now?!”

After all, it was his own daughter, even if Ye Haili was disappointed in his heart, he couldn’t ignore it.

He sighed, and said: “Speaking of which, you are also blessed to catch up with the eldest brother… As a result, the Fang family withdrew from the marriage of Sanyatou and decided you…”

When he said this, he was taken aback suddenly: “Fang Ming and his family asked for this?!”

Ye Yin didn’t expect her father to say this suddenly. Although he was shy, he nodded honestly.

Ye Haili looked at his daughter with hatred of iron and steel, and snorted coldly: “He still has a conscience…”

He frowned, thinking about it, and slowly said: “I ask you, did the three girls hold this thing as a handle, and you would give her the two kinds of jewelry?!”

Although Ye Yin was quite embarrassed, she nodded with the shame.

The Jiang on the side immediately curled his lips when he heard the words: “If you want me to tell, although Yin’er is wrong, Sanyatou is not a good thing! They are all my own sisters! If something goes wrong, you don’t need to conceal it. She even took advantage of the fire! Is it possible that our Yin’er incident spreads, what good reputation can she have?”

“Little is so bitter and mean, sooner or later will be retributed!”

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