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The President’s Personal Chef

The President’s Personal Chef
Other Name: 总裁的贴身小厨娘,

Genre: novel
Author: the son of the Dong family
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist is Xiang Wan, and Fan Chen’s novel “The President’s Personal Chef” This article is an original rich family article by the Dong family. The writing is excellent and the content is wonderful. It is definitely a high-quality novel that is worth seeing. The main story in the book is ” The doctor said that his brain was severely hypoxic, causing the sequelae of memory confusion, and he didn’t even know who I was. However, he knew you just now, why didn’t he remember me?” Yang Miaomiao was very sad.

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“The doctor said that his brain was severely hypoxic, which caused the sequelae of memory confusion. He didn’t even know who I was. However, he knew you just now, why didn’t he remember me?” Yang Miaomiao was very sad and his memory was so confused Don’t you just know her? She didn’t know how long it would take for such a situation to get better.

“Ah? There are still such sequelae? But Miao Miao, don’t worry, it will get better gradually. Mr. Chen can stand in front of you well now, how good, as for the memory, take it slowly, it’s just time, sooner or later, he I’ll remember you for sure.” Xiang Wan thought of words that would comfort Yang Miaomiao, and said with relief.

“Why don’t you remember me? I think I can’t support it anymore. Do you know Wan Wan, he looks good to me now, but in fact, he is very strange to me, I don’t like this feeling. Chen Siying is coming in a few days, and I don’t know what to do.” Yang Miaomiao frankly expressed her concern. Originally, she and Chen Siliang had some obstacles because of Chen Siying. Now he Still sick, if Chen Siying comes and the stinky girl is making troubles, wouldn’t she be going crazy?

“That’s the very bad and very bad Chen Siying?” Xiang Wan didn’t know Chen Siying very well and hadn’t seen it, but when she heard Yang Miaomiao talk about it, she felt that she was really bad.

“Well, that’s her, what can I do if Aliang wants to see her.” Chen Siliang insisted, she was also very desperate.

“Be firm in yourself, as long as you think Mr. Chen is worth it, don’t care about the others, because the others are not important at all.” Xiang Wan said to her, holding Yang Miaomiao’s hand.

“Does that mean I don’t have to worry about other people?” Yang Miaomiao asked.

“Yes.” It would be nice if she could understand.

Because of the existence of Chen Siying, Yang Miaomiao always cared about Chen Siliang no matter what he did, so that sometimes caused the two of them to misunderstand indirectly.

It was already afternoon when Xiang Wan left Chen Siliang’s house, so he went straight to Hyatt International.

At the elevator, Xiang Wan saw Wei Ran who was waiting for the elevator.

“Mr. Wei?” Xiang Wan said hello.

“Wan Wan, why are you here?” Wei Ran asked in surprise.

“Oh, my brother works here, come and see him.” Xiang Wan said succinctly, but he was a little strange in his heart, and for a while he didn’t think what was wrong.

“It turned out to be like this. It’s a blessing for my brother to have a careful sister like you.” Wei Ran said with a smile.

“It’s just that it’s closer, so it’s more convenient.” Although he knew this was a polite remark, Xiang Wan would still feel embarrassed when he heard it.

“The elevator is coming. Which floor are you going to, Mr. Wei?” Xiang Wan asked while looking at the elevator that was about to arrive.

“Oh, the 88th floor.” Wei Ran replied.

“It’s a coincidence, I’ll also go to the 88th floor, so let’s go together.” Xiang Wan heard Wei Ran say this, pressing the elevator that had already arrived.

“Okay.” Wei Ran took one step into the elevator and waited for Xiangwan to be together.

On the way, they learned that Wei Ran had come to find Fan Chen, and then the two came to Fan Chen’s office together.

After knocking on the door, Xiang Wan and Wei Ran came to the office one after another, Xiang Wan followed Wei Qiang, and gently closed the door.

“Huh, sister, it’s so early today?” Xiang Yan ignored Wei Ran in front of him and greeted Xiang Wan.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with today, I’ll be here early. Don’t be lazy, please work hard.” Xiang Wan put the bag on Xiang Yan’s desk and said.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Fan said that I did a good job. I won’t tell you for now, I’m working.” Xiang Yan looked down at the information after finishing his speech.

“Wan Wan, is this your brother?” Wei Ran asked when Xiang Wan passed by his side.

“Well, yes, this is my brother. Now it’s working time, I have the opportunity to introduce you to both of you.” Xiang Wan looked at Xiang Yan who was working hard not far away and smiled.

“Well, good, then I’ll go to Mr. Fan first.”

“Okay, President Fan is inside.” Xiang Wan pointed to the back of the screen.

When Wei Ran called Xiang Wan’Yang Wan’, Fan Chen’s signature pen slipped a long line on the contract.

“Wan Wan”? Was he called Wan Wan? Is he familiar with his Xiaowan? Damn, when he was dead, he was called so intimate.

But Boss Fan Da didn’t seem to realize, when did Xiang Wan belong to his family? Forgive me for smiling unkindly.

“Hello, Mr. Fan, I’m Wei Ran from the Planning Department of Shengyuan Company.” Wei Ran came to Fan Chen’s desk, took out his business card and handed it to Fan Chen, introducing himself politely.

“Oh, where’s Liu Li from your planning department? Liu Li has not always come over to report to me.” Fan Chen glanced at the business card that Wei Ran handed over, but didn’t take it.

“Liu Li has been transferred to another department. Now I am in charge of the planning department.” Wei Ran was not angry because Fan Chen didn’t pick up his business card, and there was no trace of dissatisfaction on his face. .

“Oh.” Fan Chen continued to look at the documents in his hand, and ignored Wei Ran, but what he thought in his head had nothing to do with work.

Xiao Wan actually likes such a man? Is this hair so tall? good looking? Looks a little younger than himself.

Damn, is he very old?

The more Fan Chen thought about it, the more jealous he became.

“Mr. Fan? Would you like to look at this document prepared by our company.” Wei Ran seemed to have no temper, always facing Fan Chen with a smile.

Fan Chen frowned, his tone was low, “Let it be there, I’ll watch it.”

Sound better than your own? Isn’t his voice sexier? Doesn’t she like Xiaowan?

“If it’s convenient, I’ll wait for you to have a look…”

Fan Chen didn’t wait for Wei Ran to finish speaking.

“It’s inconvenient, you can go.” Fan Chen waved his hand and said impatiently.

“Well, Mr. Fan, you will be busy first, and you will come to visit another day.” Wei Ran kept smiling from beginning to end, without any bad emotions.

Fan Chen remained silent, staring at Wei Ran’s figure, lost in thought.

“Well, is Mr. Wei leaving now?” Xiang Wan asked.

“Well, I’m going to go back, Wan Wan, how many times have I told you, don’t call me Mr. Wei so politely, you forgot.” Wei Ran said helplessly, his tone of voice seemed to be mixed with something like nothing. Spoiled.

“Oh, yes, Wei Ran.” Xiang Wan smiled apologetically, but he was thinking, Wan Wan? Why is she so awkward? Although Ren Tong and the others called her that way, she was suddenly not used to it.

“I’m leaving first, and I have time to invite you to dinner.” After saying that, Wei Ran left the office.

No one noticed that when Wei Ran was out of the office, he clenched his fists hard on both sides of his body, his face became gloomy and terrifying, and there was a murderous intent in his eyes.

Fan Chen, the road is still long, don’t be too crazy.

“Xiang Xiaowan, what can you do for us tonight?” Fan Chen’s long figure leaned on the door frame, looking at Xiangwan’s busy figure, he felt unexplainably comfortable.

Xiang Wan was startled by Fan Chen who didn’t know what appeared at the door of the small kitchen. The knife in her hand accidentally fell on her hand and gently rubbed a piece of skin.

“Yeah” When Xiang Wan turned his head to look behind, the knife accidentally scratched her hand, and Xiang Wan called out. It was a coincidence that when the knife fell on the ground, she rubbed Xiang Wan’s instep a little. Mouth.

“Stupid woman! What can I do.” Fan Chen groaned.

Strode to Xiang Wan’s feet, squatted down and picked up the knife on the ground, took out a square towel from her pocket, wiped off the blood stains on Xiang Wan, and found band-aids in the kitchen.

“What are you looking for?” Xiang Wan asked curiously while watching Jae Fan Chen pulling the drawer quickly.

“Band-aid, isn’t there any band-aid in the kitchen?” Fan Chen asked.

“There.” Xiang Wan pointed to the closet on the upper right of Fan Chen.

After Fan Chen found the band-aid, he put a band-aid on her hand first, then let Xiangwan lean on the kitchen counter, and squatted down and put a band-aid on her foot.

Xiang Wan watched quietly, she felt that some of them were so unreal, dignified boss Fan, how to deal with the wounds for herself?

There is nothing wrong with this little injury, does he use it so nervously?

Xiang Wan’s heart was a little sweet.

“That, thank you ha.” Xiangwan thanked him.

“Be careful, I don’t want to eat human flesh. I remember not to wear bare shoes in the future.” Fan Chen’s low and sexy voice, after saying this, gave Xiang Wan a big back.

Because of Fan Chen’s words, the sweetness in Xiangwan’s heart just now disappeared.

What? Could she be injured if he suddenly scared her behind her back?

What does his disgusting expression mean? Did she cook for him? He just got caught up, cut~

Xiang Yan had already returned to his desk from the small kitchen before Fan Chen found out.

To be honest, he had some indigestion at first. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe that such a business legend would actually squat at the feet of his sister to treat her wounds.

As long as he doesn’t do things that hurt his sister, can protect and take good care of her sister, he will not stop Fan Chen. If he dares to do things that are sorry for her sister, then he will not care whether it is Fan Chen or Li Chen. Make him look good!

“Ding Lingling” Fan Chen’s phone rang.

“Hey, Mom.” Fan Chen answered the phone.

“Do you still remember that I am your mother, you tell me about you, how long hasn’t you come back to accompany me to have a meal with your father? Why, do we need to make an appointment in advance for dinner with you?” Song Youer heard Fan Chen answered the phone and gave a good comment at first.

Fan Chen laughed in a low voice, his mother, he could do nothing about her, he could not listen to anyone, except for the fuck, he didn’t dare at all.

“Mom, I’ve been too busy these days. In these two days, I will definitely go home to accompany you and dad, OK?” Fan Chen smiled and apologized to his mother.

“Huh, I heard that Miaomiao is also in our city? When that happens, remember to take her home to gather together. I haven’t seen her for a long time. I still miss her.” Song You’er snorted softly. And told Fan Chen to take Yang Miaomiao back together.

“Okay, whatever mom says, so be it.”

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