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The Power of Medical Concubine Pours the World

The Power of Medical Concubine Pours the World (Novel)
Other Name: 医妃权倾天下 / The Lonely Concubine Pours the Country

Genre: novel, romance, traveler
Author: Cheng Jiu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Xiao Tianyao is the protagonist in the book. She is a genius doctor in the medical world. The god of war in the world. She is not a kind-hearted woman, but she is willing to go through fire and water for him, bear the infamy and help him win thousands of miles…

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Lin Chujiu must know that she is so careful, and she is also worried about by King Xiao, she will definitely cry…

After returning to the yard where he lived, Lin Chujiu ignored the adoring eyes of coral and emerald, and slumped on the chair tiredly, asking the two to fetch her water. She wanted to bathe.

“Yes, princess.” Coral and emerald deserve more refreshingly than ever before, and the respect and worship from the bottom of my heart almost blinded the eyes of pearl and agate.

What happened to these two people? It’s like a change when going out?

Pearl and Onyx glanced at each other, both of them looked puzzled. Looking back at Lin Chujiu’s face, they smiled bitterly at each other, but they didn’t see it.

They, the princess, have never regarded herself as a princess, and she did not hide her in front of them, and she did not know whether it was good or bad.

If the prince asked, how would they answer it?

Uh…think too much, how did they forget that not only the princess did not regard herself as the princess, but even the princess did not regard the princess as the princess.

Lin Chujiu didn’t know what these maids were thinking, of course, even if she knew it, she wouldn’t care about it. Just as Pearl and Onyx thought, Lin Chujiu never regarded herself as Princess Xiao.

For her, Prince Xiao’s Mansion is the place where she is temporarily staying, and it is a place that provides her with safe refuge. When she becomes capable or Xiao Tianyao sees her not pleasing to her eyes, she must leave.

After the bath, Lin Chujiu took lunch, spent a quarter of an hour digesting, and then prepared to go to bed, so that he could nourish enough energy to cope with the work tonight, but…

Ideals are beautiful, reality is very skinny. Less than an hour after Lin Chujiu slept, she was woken up by Pearl because Xiao Tianyao wanted to see her.

She is now living in Xiao Wang’s Mansion. Xiao Tianyao does not need to pay the rent. Now the landlord summons her, of course she has to go quickly.

Pearl wanted to dress Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu refused, “It’s what you usually do.” She was fifteen years old, a tender and youthful age, even if she didn’t dress up, she was a beautiful flower.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t hold the pearl, so she could only give Lin Chujiu a thin layer of powder to make her look more energetic and more refined than usual.

Lin Chujiu didn’t refuse this time, because the body was damaged by chronic poison, and the blood color was slightly worse.

Bringing pearls and agates, Lin Chujiu came to Xiao Tianyao’s courtyard in a low-key manner. After the announcement, only Lin Chujiu could enter.

The room is low and dark, except for the color of the desk and chair, there are no other colors, so dull and breathless.

Xiao Tianyao, dressed in black, was sitting behind the desk. Lin Chujiu came in and felt a powerful force rushing over her face, which made her breathless.

After Lin Chujiu’s footsteps, his face instantly turned pale, even the powder couldn’t hide it; his forehead was sweaty, like kneeling outside in the sun in July.

“Wang, Lord.” Lin Chujiu spit out two words with difficulty, implying the meaning of prayer, but…

Xiao Tianyao never knew how to pity and cherish jade. Not only did he fail to take back the coercion, he became stronger and stronger. Lin Chujiu felt his internal organs squeezed into a ball, and the pain was terrible.

Hero, help!

Strong man, please let it go.

Lin Chujiu was crying in her heart, but her silent cry couldn’t reach Xiao Tianyao’s ears. Lin Chujiu felt that her internal organs seemed to be shifted, and her throat was a bit sweet, even though she wanted to force it, she couldn’t suppress it.

Lips were slightly opened, blood overflowed from the corners of the mouth, pattering to the ground, splashes of blood red.

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