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Supreme Mad Concubine

Supreme Mad Concubine: Carrying Taobao Too Against the Sky (Novel)
Other Name: 至尊狂妃:随身淘宝太逆天

Genre: novel, traversing
Author: Mi Xiaotang
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Beiming Xi Dishang, who is a mercenary in the 21st century, accidentally traverses and becomes a waste. His enchanting belly is black, his methods are fierce, he treats a woman as the dirt under his feet, but he has a soft spot for her, and even spoils her like a fate…

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Bei Mingxi sensed Bei Mingxian’s intentions, his face was slightly startled, and the next moment he took the initiative to release the hand that was holding Bei Mingxian, and avoided her attack very flexibly and quickly.

Bei Mingxian was obviously frightened at this moment. How could this be possible because the reaction speed of a waste was so flexible?

“Trash! It seems that this lady underestimated you!”

After speaking, Bei Mingxian had a fierce appearance in his eyes, and once again mobilized the spiritual power of Dantian and poured it into her hands, how could she not even be able to deal with a single waste!

Bei Mingxi looked at Bei Mingxian vigilantly. At present, she is definitely not as good as Bei Mingxian in terms of strength, so she can only think of other ways!

Bei Mingxi turned his head slightly and glanced at the forbidden ground before turning around and leaving.

“Want to go?” Bei Mingxian’s mouth evoked a touch of irony, and hurriedly chased after her. The next moment she was surprised to find that Bei Mingxi’s figure was like a ghost, flashing left and right dazzlingly, and could not catch her at all. Figure!

Bei Mingxian suddenly became a little anxious, her dignified Profound Realm level 7 strength could not catch a piece of trash for so long, absolutely insulting!

When she stopped and concentrated on confirming the location of Bei Mingxi, she was surprised to find that Bei Mingxi had disappeared.

Bei Mingxian hurriedly released his mental power to cover the surrounding area, but not only did he not find Bei Mingxi, he could not even find the remaining breath.

Bei Mingxian frowned tightly, and said in an extremely surprised tone, “Where are people?”

Bei Mingxian searched around the forbidden area for a while, but still did not find Bei Mingxi. Finally, she walked closer to the abyss and found a small piece of white cloth sharply.

Bei Mingxian picked up the white cloth, and the corner of his mouth evoked an arc of irony. “Could it be that you were so scared that you jumped into the abyss?” Thinking of this possibility, Bei Mingxian immediately burst into joy, and Bei Mingxi died the most. Well, so as not to occupy the identity of the prostitute.

Bei Mingxian released his spiritual power to cover the abyss, and found that there was no figure of Bei Mingxi within the range that he could cover, and concluded that Bei Mingxi must have jumped down the abyss.

Thinking that jumping into the abyss must be the end of his body and bones, Bei Mingxian couldn’t help but put a smile on his face, “I really can’t think that the waste would have killed himself, hahaha…”

Mother and the second sister had spent so many thoughts that they didn’t get rid of the waste of Bei Mingxi, she easily scared her to jump down the abyss and killed herself.

Thinking of this, Bei Mingxian’s heart was even more utterly confounded.

Besides, Bei Mingxi, due to persistent and targeted exercise this month, her physical fitness has obviously improved a lot, so she can flexibly use the escape method learned in the previous life to confuse Bei Mingxian’s sight, and when she approaches When leading to the cave, Emperor Shang suddenly appeared.


Seeing the handsome face with no friends, Bei Mingxi spoke subconsciously, but before he could say the second word, Di Shang stretched out his hand to cover her mouth and stretched out another big hand to hug her tightly. Ready to jump down the cave.

Bei Mingxi suddenly thought of something and blinked desperately at Emperor Shang.

Di Shang frowned slightly, and quickly understood Bei Mingxi’s meaning, and quickly let go of her hands.

After Bei Mingxi was free, he quickly tore off a skirt and hooked it to the edge of the cliff, simply creating an illusion that she was afraid of jumping into the abyss.

Bei Mingxi glanced with satisfaction at the illusion he had created temporarily, and then quickly walked to the front of Emperor Shang and raised his eyebrows, beckoning him to hug himself to the cave.

Di Shang saw such a Bei Mingxi, with a dumbfounded smile on his face, and then he hugged the god Bei Mingxi and jumped out of the cave without knowing it.

After Bei Mingxi landed on his feet, he immediately broke free from Emperor Shang’s embrace, as if he had some terrible poison in his arms!

Di Shang looked at his empty arms, and at the same time noticed Bei Mingxi’s disgust, raised his eyebrows slightly, “What a woman with no conscience!”

Nima! How does this tone sound a bit sad!

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