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Soul file

Soul file
Other Name: 灵魂档案

Genre: novel
Author: Lele
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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“Soul Files” author: Lele, a rich family type novel, protagonists: Liu Yang, Jiang Lin, this novel mainly tells: “Why kill her?” Speaking of Jiang Lin, Liu Yang’s eyes flashed with hatred, He said fiercely: “I love her so much, but what about her? She broke up with me because I didn’t have any money.

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Why do you want to kill her? “

Speaking of Jiang Lin, Liu Yang’s eyes flashed with hatred, and he said viciously: “I love her so much, but what about her? She broke up with me because I didn’t have money. When she was with me, she I kept saying that it was because of love. But didn’t I leave me in the end? I had to get back together with her several times, and she told me that she would not be looking for her if there is no house or car. Our relationship for so many years is not as good as a house and a car! “

When he said this, he snorted coldly, with contempt and disdain between his eyebrows.

Then he said: “In fact, she is a material woman. I can do everything for money. I was so blind that I wasted so many years of time and energy on her.”

Liu Yang complained about his dissatisfaction with Jiang Lin, as if he had finally found someone to talk to.

Jin Lin listened quietly, but did not respond.

Liu Yang wanted to continue to say something, Su Baiqing interrupted him: “Since she is not good at anything, why do you bother with her?”

Liu Yang choked for a while, clenched his fists, a little angry.

“The more you try to deny it, the more you care. In fact, Jiang Lin is not such a girl in your heart, otherwise, why would you miss her?”

People are not born to lie.

It’s just that it’s become a habit to lie, and I think it’s natural to lie, and over the years, even myself will think that way.

Liu Yang red eyes, blue veins on his forehead, and he shouted hoarsely: “It’s not what you said, I don’t care about her at all, she is not worthy of my loving her as a woman!”

Su Baiqing looked at him with her arms around her chest.

Liu Yang was a little excited, saying over and over again: “I don’t love her, I don’t love her.”

“Do you regret killing her?” Jin Lin asked.

Liu Yang’s tense string loosened, limp on the sofa, and said, “I was prepared long ago. After killing her, I will surrender. She is dead, and I don’t have any thoughts about her. I can finally get free.”

“Why kill her on stage?”

“Because I want everyone to know that I killed her.” Liu Yang smiled suddenly, showing a mouthful of white teeth.

“How did you stabbed the dagger into the chest of the deceased? Where did you put the dagger in advance?” Su Baiqing asked.

Liu Yang rolled his eyes and said, “I hid the knife in the curtain, predicting where she is standing, adjusting the angle and fixing it with a fishing line. When the time is up, I cut the fishing line and the knife will be inserted. On her chest.”

His eyes were full of excitement, and he eagerly gestured at the device he was talking about.

Su Baiqing frowned, she was a lunatic.

Jin Lin’s eyes lit up and he asked, “How do you know when and where the deceased will stand? Who told you the position of the deceased on the stage?”

Liu Yang’s eyes flickered, and he slumped on the sofa without speaking.

Su Baiqing asked, “What is the relationship between you and Qi Zhen?”

Liu Yang snorted: “Qi is really Jiang Lin’s colleague, what will it have to do with me.”

“It has nothing to do with you, why did she tell you Jiang Lin’s position on the stage?” Su Baiqing asked back, continuing: “I originally thought that the instructor would temporarily change the script after receiving your benefits. Now it seems, It doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Liu Yang obviously became flustered, and said ferociously: “I killed the people alone and has nothing to do with them.”

Su Baiqing stared at him, and when he talked about how to kill Jiang Lin, his face was indifferent. It seems to be just discussing the weather, and it is even harder to imagine that the person in his mouth is the woman he once fell in love with.

At this moment, when he mentioned other women, his mood was suddenly abnormal.

Su Baiqing said, “If I were Jiang Lin, I would not be with you from the beginning. You are inferior and cowardly, you do nothing in your career, and you are in a mess in your life. You are not qualified to criticize Jiang Lin. You have nothing, she is right. Your life demands, and you think she is material, what about you? Why are you worthy of the girl’s entrusting you for life? Is it true love for a girl to drink northwest wind with you?”

“Which girl is not at home held by her parents in the palm of her hand and loved for decades, why is it because of you, the girl wants to wrong herself and be an immaterial girl? Ask yourself, are you really worthy of a girl to do that?”

She never felt that there was anything wrong with machismo, just as she thought that there shouldn’t be any stuffed food in this world.

But Liu Yang’s words and his thinking made Su Baiqing very disgusted, and wanted to slap him up.

If it weren’t for her profession, she would slap in the face.

Liu Yang’s face was embarrassed, red and white, his mouth opened but he didn’t say anything.

Su Baiqing didn’t even look at him, turned and left the dressing room.

Lin Liang gave Su Baiqing a thumbs up, his face full of admiration.

Jin Lin looked at Su Baiqing with a smile.

When passing the stage, Qi Zhen and the others were still curled up in the corner of the stage. She stopped and said in a deep voice, “Jealousy is never a good thing.”

Qi Zhen’s face suddenly turned pale, and his lips trembled and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Speaking of your pain point. Jiang Lin is more beautiful than you. Compared with her, no one will see your existence. Only Jiang Lin is remembered by everyone. After learning about the contradiction between Liu Yang and Jiang Lin, you do The thing is to deepen the conflict between the two and help Liu Yang kill her.”

The reason why Qi Zhen was suspected was because Jin Lin asked her. Her answer is well-founded and completely different from being frightened and responding to the tragedy of her best friend. On the contrary, it resembles the result of numerous exercises.

Before taking the stage, she didn’t understand what Qi Zhen’s sentence was too late.

Later, she realized that Liu Yang had already prepared the installation and expected a good time. If you miss the time, maybe Jiang Lin won’t die.

Qi Zhen knew that Liu Yang was about to kill Jiang Lin, but he didn’t tell him. Instead, step by step, Jiang Lin was sent on the road to death.

There were still wet tears on Qi Zhen’s face, and his crying eyes were red. The blood on his hands was an indescribable ridicule at this moment.

Wei Tianrui stared at Qi Zhen with widened eyes, their eyes were full of fear, and they subconsciously pulled away from her.

Qi Zhen bit his lip, choked and said, “I didn’t do anything wrong. She deserves it for the reason why she is today. Liu Yang loves her so much, isn’t it because she didn’t have the money to dump him! Jiang Lin just relied on it. She is young and beautiful, what else does she have? If she is not dead, your boyfriend will be her next target. After all, you should thank me instead!”

Su Baiqing looked at her with calm eyes.

Under her gaze, Qi Zhen cried bitterly: “I once regarded her as my best friend, but she pried my boyfriend away. I regarded him as my best friend. But what about her? Did she consider me a friend in her heart? She just used me as a prop to set off her!”

“She was at fault, but you are not the tormentor.”

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