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Secret Service Medical Concubine Pours the World

Secret Service Medical Concubine Pours the World (Novel)
Other Name: 特工医妃倾天下

Genre: novel, traversal
Author: Gong Qiyin
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Su Liyue Song Yilin was betrayed by her favorite in her previous life, and her grandfather’s family was destroyed. After the rebirth, the special service medic who had traveled from the 21st century became the master of this body. Doubai Lianhua teared up the bearer, a certain prince watched his wife fight…

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Su Liyue returned to the courtyard and took a hot bath under the service of Mother Sun.

Although it is midsummer, the bottom of the water is extremely cold. This body is not healthy at all. It is necessary to get some hot sweat to force the cold air into the body.

“Mom, did the boatman who caused me to fall into the water proactively admit his mistake?” She leaned against the barrel, closed her eyes, and asked softly.

Mother Sun sprinkled rose petals in the water and replied: “Yes, when the boat reached the shore, he took the initiative to kneel down and admit his mistake. I think he is extremely timid.”

Su Liyue twitched the corner of her mouth, spit out a few words, “I don’t think it is necessarily.”

Mother Sun was stunned, her eyebrows curled up, “If it is what the young lady thinks, then the old slave has to report the matter to the grandfather.”

She had also seen her stay in the mansion these days, and the young lady could only count on her grandfather.

“No! Grandfather is already busy with state affairs, so he can no longer worry about such trivial matters.”

Su Liyue raised her hand to stop her, thinking for a moment and said: “This matter has to trouble mother, you should go outside the house to find someone to investigate this matter secretly, and you must not let others know.”

Since the fall into the water, Su Xiaoxiao has fallen out of favor in this mansion, and Yin Qiaoqiao has also been implicated.

She originally wanted to intercede for her daughter when Su Zuoru came to her room, but she didn’t want Su Zuoru to step into the four-room courtyard ever since. As time passed, she couldn’t help feeling a little resentment towards her daughter, and she couldn’t help but reprimand her.

Su Xiaoxiao was uneasy at first, and now he attributed all the mistakes to Su Liyue, but she didn’t dare to act rashly like before, so she secretly followed Su Liyue every day, thinking about the long time. Can hold her some handles.

“Miss, that stalker is here again.” Xinger walked with Su Liyue in the garden on this day, alluding to the rockery in the distance.

This Su Xiaoxiao is really stupid. He even exposed the hem of his clothes after playing stalking. But it’s also because she is so stupid, otherwise I’m afraid Su Hanyun would not be able to tolerate her long ago.

Su Liyue jerked the corners of her mouth indifferently. She was followed by her everywhere these days, and it was really annoying. It was time for her to stop for a while.

Su Xiaoxiao watched from a distance as Su Liyue walked to the lakeside again, seeming to be whispering to the maid who was in charge of cleaning the lakeside. She was immediately excited and felt that the tracking these few days was finally rewarding.

Shocking her courage, she quietly crawled closer from the flowers, and finally could barely hear what the two were talking about.

“Miss, why did you push her into the water?”

“Naturally let her behave better.”

Although I only heard two sentences, they are also the two most important ones!

Su Xiaoxiao’s heart burst into joy, and finally found evidence that Su Liyue deliberately caused herself to fall into the water! When she went to report to her father and arrested the bribed maid, everything will be revealed.

Resisting the urge to jump out directly, she slowly crawled out of the flowers again, and when she was far enough away, she stood up and ran away quickly.

“Huh? Why did that person run away like a ghost.” Seeing the red figure running away from a distance, Xing’er said suspiciously.

Su Liyue raised her hand and waved back the maid who had just been talking, and Liu Mei lightly said, “She should be back in a while. Let’s sit in this pavilion and wait for a while.”

Although Xing’er was as clueless as Zhang Er’s monk, she knew that the young lady had her own reason for doing this, and she didn’t dare to ask more, just standing by and watching the changes.

After a while, I actually saw Su Xiaoxiao go and return, and brought Su Zuoru over. She knew that this must not be a good thing, but seeing Su Liyue sitting in the pavilion in time, her heart was also relieved.

The young lady is like a god in her heart. As long as the young lady is there, no matter how bad things are, things can turn into good things!

“Did father and fifth sister also come to enjoy the shade?”

Seeing that all the people who should have come are here, Su Liyue got up and slightly bent her knees, with a faint smile, and asked respectfully.

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