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Pick a Lady to Farm

Pick a Lady to Farm (Novel)
Other Name: 捡个娘子来种田

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Floating Life
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Lu Man Chen Zian, Lu Man is an orphan, desperately trying to survive in the big city, but he was betrayed by his boyfriend.. After waking up, he found that he had actually crossed the road. When she compares, she finds that this country guy is much more reliable than that scumbag…

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After the laughter, Lu Man remembered that it was cold, and none of them had a warm quilt.

In this regard, Chen Zian fully respects Lu Man’s opinion. So Lu Man went to buy a bed of cotton wool, which cost 180 liters. I still want to buy ready-made clothes, but thinking of Chen Lishi, Li Man thinks it’s fine.

Before the separation, she still shouldn’t buy too many things, just buy what is necessary.

When passing a food shop, Lu Man saw Soybean, she stretched her head and glanced. Soybean sandwich is a pound? It’s a bit more expensive than rice.

But it’s almost there.

After all, in this era, the role of soybeans is not many, and not many people grow them.

Lu Man thought, if you split your family in the future, you might be able to plant it yourself if you have a field, so you can save a lot of costs.

But, when will the family be separated? Lu Man feels a bit heavy and a long way to go!

The two went shopping for a while, and Chen Zian went to buy some ropes, and Lu Man stopped talking. Thinking of Chen Zikang, she said suddenly. “Zi’an, why don’t we go see my uncle?”

The day before yesterday, after a disturbance at home, Chen Zikang went back to the school.

“Okay!” Chen Zian has always been partial to this little brother. I also envy my little brother as a scholar, so seeing Lu Man say this, he is also very happy.

Purchasing a small snack from the town, the two of them headed towards the school.

The old man at the gate told him that it was the time of the class and no one was allowed to enter. Chen Zian glanced at Lu Man, “Xiao Man, are you tired? If you are tired, I will hand over the things to the old man.”

“Not tired!” Lu Man came to find the answer today, of course he has to wait until the end.

“Then let’s wait over there.” Chen Zian said, and took Lu Man to a side of a tree to wait.

Lu Man took a breath and found that Chen Zian had been looking forward to the surrounding environment. With a heart move, she asked. “Zi’an, do you want to study?”

“No…” Chen Zi’an shook his head somewhat helplessly, like a kid caught.

“I can see it.” Lu Man said.

Chen Zian said. “When I was young, I really wanted to study, and it’s too late now…” He has already gotten married, so where is the chance to study?

“It’s not too late!” Lu Man said, “We still have a 60-year-old who is going to college!”

“What is the college entrance examination?” Chen Zi’an asked suspiciously.

Lu Man was annoyed for a while, and said too quickly, bald. She hurriedly found an excuse, “This is what I thought of myself, you see, they study, can’t they also be called an exam? Isn’t it a college entrance exam?

This makes sense. Chen Zian still shook his head, “We also have college entrance exams here, but the situation in our family is different.”

When Chen Zian said this, the light in his eyes suddenly dimmed. Lu Man suddenly felt a little distressed for this honest and innocent man.

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