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Peerless Genius Little Demon Concubine

Peerless Genius Little Demon Concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 绝世天才小魔妃

Genre: novel
Author: Yao Luo
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Jun Luo with great sternness. She is the queen of modern mercenaries, but she fell into a cliff when being chased by the enemy. After waking up, she found that she had crossed, and she became a little waste of no cultivation. When she put on the stunning posture of male and female, she suddenly made men and women crazy all over the world…

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Luhe, who followed her into the house, quickly closed the door, “Miss, calm down, and the slave and maid will throw this obtrusive thing out!” In order to save face, why bother, hey.

“No, send someone to monitor Jun Luoxi’s waste, she has changed now! I have to guard against it.”

“It’s changed. She doesn’t get close to you anymore. It must be the bitch Xiaoxiang who sued you! The slave and maid had said…”

Jun Luotian slapped the table with a sharp voice, “Don’t mention this person to me!” She felt sick when she thought that her hands were still stained with the blood of a humble person!

Xiaoxiang must have been ill fortune! I don’t know how much small waste knows now.

Jun Luotian, who was full of anger, quickly ran to the water basin and wiped his hands vigorously, with hatred in his eyes.

But Green Lotus could only stand silently, feeling helpless in his heart. Isn’t it just blood? As for it.

It was not the blood problem, but because of Jun Luoxi, Jun Luotian looked down on her as a trash, and now she was put together by trash, which made her feel uncomfortable like falling into a pit.

“Damn bitch, I want you to look good!” Jun Luotian’s delicate face became completely distorted as he wiped his flushed hands.

On the other side, Jun Luoxi was in a good mood, and went out with the things leisurely.

“Miss, don’t you be afraid of the eldest being angry when you do this, the elder is currently acting as the head of the house, what if she puts on you shoes?” Shiqing was a little worried.

But Jun Luoxi didn’t take it seriously, “I’m afraid of her, I won’t do this. Even if she goes to file a complaint, Grandpa will not dare to deal with me blatantly, don’t worry.”

Secretly, she is even more not afraid. At Jun’s house, she is going to have a problem, and her grandfather is the first to clean up after leaving the customs!

Otherwise, they would not try their best to deceive the original owner out of the Jun’s house and ran to the outskirts of the city to kill it. Isn’t it just to clear the relationship? Now that she came back, they would not be easy to do it.

Hey, it’s good to have a grandfather of the Patriarch, like a gold medal to avoid death.

“But I’m still worried, you don’t know the eldest lady…”

Jun Luoxi waved his hand, “It’s safe, of course I know, do you think your lady is still a trash, let them cheat at will?”

Shiqing shook his head.

“That’s not it.” Jun Luoxi strode forward after finishing speaking. He was too leisurely. He didn’t seem like a man in a trap, and he forgot that there was a dangerous man who wanted to kill himself at any time.

“Miss, wait for the slave maid”, Shi Qing quickly followed up after a meal. My lady is easy to get lost, but she can’t be lost. If she loses her, she won’t have this life.

Jun Luoxi, who ran into the crowd, didn’t notice. Two people not far away followed them, it was Jingfeng and Jingyun.

“Jianfeng, what do you mean by the Lord letting us follow this girl, do you protect her?” Isn’t your host really in love with this wild girl?

Feng Feng frowned slightly, “The Lord will naturally have the Lord’s intention to do this. Don’t you find that this Monarch Mansion is very unusual?” In the small Anluo City, there are people who use such a powerful restriction.

That’s right, the two places where Jun Luoxi and the head of the Jun family are located are respectively restricted. There is almost no strength here, except for the imperial palace, and now it will appear in a family, which has to be surprising.

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