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Nongmen Food Little Chef

Nongmen Food Little Chef (Novel)
Other Name: 农门美食小厨娘

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Yaozihua
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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He Jingjing, accidentally traverses a poor clinking farmer’s house, eating wild vegetables that are hard to swallow, she decides to change everything. Since then, the kitchen has been clanging non-stop, and the fragrance has been wafting throughout the village. She used her magical cooking skills to open a store to make money, and she has since reached the pinnacle of her life…

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“Hush.” ​​He Jingjing gestured, and then said to the three of them: “My daughter sold some recipes to Master Ye a few days ago, and I also made some money from setting up a stall on the mountain. In the meantime, I paid back ten taels of silver. , The rest is here.”

“Oh my god.” Zhao said this for a long while in shock.

“Mother, I think about it.” He Jingjing paused and continued: “Although the money is definitely not enough to open a restaurant in the city, a stall at the entrance of the village is more than enough.”

“You have to believe that your daughter will be able to make enough money to open a restaurant in the city. At that time, our family will move to the city. When the little brother grows up, we can send him to school!”

Reading, this is the dream of many farmers. He Dayou and Zhao, who had never even dared to think about it before, seemed to see hope for a moment. This night, the He family had a good night in the blueprint drawn by He Jingjing.

Just do it, and early the next morning, He Jingjing called He Xiaoxiao and He Huahua to pick vegetables.

Now that I have made up my mind to set up a stall at the entrance of the village, it should not be too late, so let’s start.

After picking the vegetables, the three sisters went home again to clean up the pots, pans and stools, and came to the entrance of the village with their baskets on their backs.

The location of He Jingjing’s village is quite good, especially now that there are temples built on the mountain, there are quite a few people coming and going. Therefore, He Jingjing is very confident in his booth.

When the three sisters, Jingjing He set up the booth, they waited for the guests happily.

“He Jingjing?” He Jingjing was washing the dishes when a familiar voice suddenly sounded.

He Jingjing looked up, it was Han Xiaofeng.

He Jingjing, He Xiaoxiao, and the three sisters of He Huahua are now facing the enemy.

“Han Xiaofeng? What are you doing?” He Jingjing remembered that when he was doing business on the mountain, he forced Han Xiaofeng to have to fight a price war, which eventually caused Han Xiaofeng to close the store.

“Oh, Jingjing, what are you doing so nervously?” Who knew Han Xiaofeng’s attitude was surprisingly good. He even said gently to He Jingjing with a smile.

“Are you here to eat?” He Jingjing couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she saw that she didn’t seem to be here to find fault. He Xiaoxiao and He Huahua also relaxed and wiped the table.

“No, I just watched you stand alone with two children. It’s too hard, so I want to help you fight.” Han Xiaofeng looked like a fake, but He Jingjing smiled.

“My two sisters are very diligent, and our stall is not big, thank you for your kindness, I appreciate it.”

“Jingjing, I think your two sisters are so small but do such a heavy job, I can’t bear it.” Seeing He Jingjing rebuffed herself, Han Xiaofeng seemed a little worried.

Washing vegetables and wiping the table is also called heavy work? He Jingjing raised her eyebrows.

Today’s Han Xiaofeng is completely different from the past, she can talk to herself in such a low voice. And still begging to come and help.

“It’s up to you, just don’t disturb me cooking.” He Jingjing didn’t want to dwell on this topic anymore, so she was going to continue to lower her head to wash the vegetables.

Who knows that Han Xiaofeng rolled up his sleeves and grabbed the vegetable bowl, and then said to He Jingjing, “Jingjing, you have to cook and wash the vegetables alone. It’s too tired, let me help you.”

He Jingjing was also happy and relaxed, so she sat on the edge and waited for the guests to come.

After a short while, the sun took the lead and the meal arrived.

“Oh, isn’t this sister He Jingjing!”

“Second Brother Liu! Would you like to have a meal?” He Jingjing immediately greeted him when he saw that he was a regular guest who had been entertaining on the mountain before.

“Okay! Wait for a while, I’ll go back and call my daughter-in-law!” Then Brother Liu ran away.

People passing by looked at the stall curiously, but none of them came forward to order.

He Jingjing probably also knew the reason. Many of the dishes prepared by myself are “pig-fed”, and they cannot be eaten in the eyes of the locals. If Brother Liu hadn’t known his craft before, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be so easy to run home and ask his wife to eat together.

He Jingjing understands that the aroma of wine is also afraid of the deep alley. This is an open-air stall, and the fragrance of vegetables can spread thousands of miles.

She made up her mind and called He Xiaoxiao and He Huahua.

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