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Plane Supplier

Plane Supplier
Other Name: 位面供应商

Genre: novel
Author: sixth child
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Many book friends are chasing a novel called “Planar Supplier” recently. It is an officialdom novel created by the author’s sixth child. The content of the novel is still very interesting and quite good. I hope you will like this book. Fiction. Moreover, just as Chu Fei nodded to confirm the problem, on the right side of the system interface, a task bar appeared, which displayed the tasks he had completed, the tasks in progress, and the tasks completed.

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Moreover, just as Chu Fei nodded to confirm the problem, on the right side of the system interface, a taskbar appeared, showing the tasks he had completed, the tasks in progress, and the degree of completion of the tasks.

In the count below the task of popularity, the original 0 has become 1. In other words, this guy who came to ask himself has already contributed a little bit of popularity to Chu Fei.

“Okay, thank you. Excuse me.” The visitor got the answer, smiled and thanked Chu Fei, then turned and left.

Chu Fei smiled, no matter what he might face tomorrow, he took off his clothes, and after a brief tidying, he climbed onto the soft bed, and then fell asleep in his wild thoughts.

Chu Fei in the dream was very happy, because he dreamed of two beauties in a different world, one black and one white, and he had a lingering relationship story with the two beauties.

“Fortunately, there is a layer of plastic, ***…” Chu Fei got up cursingly, and after a brief cleaning, he sat down on the threshold of the door.

Chu Fei began to think about the tasks released by the system. The latter two are okay. After all, they are just advertising his own grocery store. It is not difficult to say that it is not difficult to publicize, but it is not that simple to publicize the so-called “super grocery store”.

why? Because even if Chu Fei told others that this is a grocery store, no idiot would really believe him! Not to mention the development of 50 diehard customers.

This is not a restaurant. As long as you cook delicious food, there will be repeat customers. This is a grocery store or a super grocery store. In the task released by the system last night, when requesting to purchase goods by oneself, it also focused specifically on finding a goods that “fits the store name”.

Chu Fei would not confidently think that the “super” the system said was the same as the “super” he thought of when he named him.

Super grocery store, so what goods can fit this name? The goods of a super grocery store should naturally be super goods. What is the scope of super cargo? Chu Fei believed that if he took out that piece of jade, he would naturally complete this task.

But the problem is, he doesn’t want to sell that piece of jade.

And now he has figured out the source of the store’s goods, it must be that world. But there are too many things in one world, not all foreign world items can be regarded as super…

Tangled…Anyone will be tangled!

Chu Fei stood up and took out a wooden board and half of chalk from his own room, which he got when picking up the bedding yesterday.

Chu Fei wrote a line on the small wooden board: The boss is out!

These four words are for those who are going to see their jokes. Chu Fei can be sure that those people will come. Just relying on the person who came to him to confirm the situation last night can know this.

And Chu Fei also knew very clearly that for those who want to see your jokes, you’d better be positive. Because once you avoid it, it means you are afraid.

Chu Fei, who has been arrogant and arrogant for so many years, still can’t correct this problem even in today’s circumstances, and he has no plans to correct it.

After doing this, Chu Fei raised his left hand and called out the two light balls representing different worlds. After a tap, he left the earth directly and entered that world again.

Of course, the sad thing is that Chu Fei still appeared outside the mysterious canyon this time. It was still in that position, but when he left before, there was a big pit that was blasted out by the unicorn blood beast.

So the moment Chu Fei came over, he realized that his feet were empty, and Chu Fei’s body also fell. Fortunately, the big hole here has been filled with water from the river next to it and turned into a big puddle, so Chu Fei was not really thrown into it.

After falling into the icy water, Chu Fei shuddered subconsciously, and then peeed out. Fortunately, this is not in a public swimming pool, otherwise it will be discovered by the inspecting staff.

“Nima…It’s really cold…” Chu Fei swam to the shore with all his strength after urinating, and then climbed up after exhausting a lot of energy.

Chu Fei, who came ashore, sighed as he looked at his ancient costume that was converted by the system, and muttered:

“Good luck, at least you don’t have to worry about wetting your clothes again… and no one can tell…”

It was also fun in suffering, but Chu Fei also knew that it was not suitable to stay here for a long time. Speaking of it, in the mist in the canyon ahead, there was a huge monster, and it was so easy for Chu Fei to clean up that thing.

Although the thing hasn’t come out for the time being, and there are no other dangerous species nearby, it doesn’t mean it’s safe here. What’s more, in such a world where there are cultivators, does the ghost know if there are any monsters that can hide their bodies?

In case there is, in case he is still with Chu Fei, in case the other party is staring at Chu Fei, but Chu Fei knows nothing?

I dare not think… I really dare not think!

Looking at the sky, Chu Fei got the good news that the time of this world seems to be synchronized with the time of the earth. It was also morning, and the sun was only half golden in the east.

Chu Fei decisively walked in the opposite direction of the canyon, wading the gravel along the river. He still remembered that when he came over yesterday, those flying guys walked in this direction, and the two beauties also left from this direction.

In other words, as long as Chu Fei keeps going in this direction, he will definitely see people crowded.

But what Chu Fei thought was a bit too simple. He felt that at best he would be able to see other humans after walking for a few hours, but he didn’t see any signs of human activity until the sky fell into the night.

In the meantime, Chu Fei did not know how many bottles of water he had exchanged from the system, and he didn’t even save the steamed buns and rice. And along the way, even if the weather is fine and the breeze is faint, Chu Fei’s clothes are not completely dry. Whoever lets him walk, he will be unable to control himself to pee the last time!

After walking for a few more hours, the time had come to about ninety o’clock in the evening. Chu Fei couldn’t confirm the time, because her mobile wallet was not on her body, but under the pillows on the soft bed.

Chu Fei was exhausted. As a spoiled elder brother, although he used to do exercises when he had nothing to do, he did it only occasionally, most of the time it was for the girl. He has never had such a huge amount of activity!

Chu Fei decided to go back first, and talked about it after returning to the earth to sleep in his broken shop. After raising his hand to summon two world light balls, Chu Fei suddenly realized that what if he came back tomorrow or appeared at the mouth of the canyon? Didn’t I leave this day in vain?

While thinking about it, his hand subconsciously rubbed on the light ball representing the world, and then, the female voice electronic sound of the system sounded:

——Replacement point…successful replacement!

Chu Fei was pleasantly surprised. The image on the ball of light had become the position under his feet, and the canyon was gone, and the fog was gone.

“Huh?! Not bad, not bad! Hahaha!”

The problem of worry has been resolved, Chu Fei happily clicked on the light sphere representing the earth, and with an instant space jump, Chu Fei had returned to the earth without any feeling.

Of course, Chu Fei returned to the field, not in his “super grocery store.” This is understandable, and Chu Fei now knows how to change the teleportation point, so naturally he won’t complain.

It’s very close to Chu Fei’s grocery store. It’s only a few hundred meters away. It’s just a few steps away. For a person who has been walking by the river for a day and stepping on the rocky beach for a day, it’s almost like walking on flat ground. Happiness is enjoyment.

Two minutes later, Chu Fei stopped. He could already see his grocery store by the street light, but at the same time he also saw several cars parked in front of his grocery store.

Those cars are all good cars, and the most expensive ones are millions of dollars, and the lights are on. From the license plate, Chu Fei also knows who the owners of those cars are.

Although Chu Fei hadn’t walked over yet, he had already entered the illumination range of the car lights. So Chu Fei found out as soon as those people appeared.

The doors of the cars opened one after another, and Chu Fei’s acquaintances came down.

“Hehe, the boss is back!” A short fat man snarled mockingly.

“Boss Chu, hurry up, we still want to buy something!” The other tall, thin man also joined the excitement.

The third person who spoke was the previous Boss Song, with the two girls who had been with Chu Fei for one night beside him. He didn’t laugh at the two people who were fat and thin, but directly pointed at Chu Fei and cursed:

“Do you think you are Young Master Chu? Don’t come here soon and behave better, maybe we can still lend you some money…”

“Boss Song, look at what you said, can you tell our boss Chu to borrow! That would have to be a donation, otherwise you really think he can still pay you back! Hahaha!” The short fat man laughed, eyes from time to time. The two girls next to Boss Song turned around.

Listening to the ridicule of these three people, Chu Fei smiled bitterly, but he didn’t hesitate for too long before he walked over. Because Chu Fei knew very well that this group of people was here to humiliate him, and they would definitely not be able to hide.

Moreover, looking at the number of cars, Chu Fei knew that there must be other people present, these three were just forwards coming out. Chu Fei is actually a very special existence in this rich second-generation circle, because he is the only one whose parents are no longer just inheriting property.

And Chu Fei still didn’t like business, so he sold all the companies left by his parents. Under such circumstances, Chu Fei was the one who was taken advantage of by this group of people, it was the money spent, and when Chu Fei’s money was gone, he would naturally not be seen by this group of people.

But Chu Fei is still a strange person. He is arrogant and lustful, but at the same time he is very repulsive of both black and poison. Moreover, he often doesn’t care about others when speaking, which makes him more likely to attract hatred in the rich second generation circle.

Among these three people, that thin man is a completely poisonous species. He dares to play with all kinds of poison, and he also likes to find others to play with. Because of this, Chu Fei has always looked down upon it.

That fat man was like Chu Fei and was a lustful person, but at the same time, because he looked inferior to Chu Fei, he was often sold on the market by Chu Fei. Many beautiful women would prefer Chu Fei, so the fat man treated Chu Fei like an enemy.

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