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Timing in love

Timing in love (Novel)
Other Name: ข้ามกาลบันดาลรัก / 田园佳婿

Genre: novel
Han Lu (晗 路)
645 + 215 special
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When modern killers like Meng Chien Chow Had to break through into the body of a spoiled girl A new experience has started!. How would she survive in such a poor family? The only way it can be done is to find a way to make a living to restore the farmer’s family to prosperity. But with her ability, it is not a very serious problem The problem is …She already has a fiancee. And her fiancé is a shaggy little kid !?

“The younger sister, that boy, is your future husband.” Meng Xian, the eldest brother, pointed to the boy, dirty clothes, dirty and not far away. Qian Yo heard it and suddenly felt like a lightning strike. “Your future husband, sister, has been abused!” Meng Qi, the second elder brother, rushed in from the main gate with anxiousness. Shouting and telling Meng Meng Chow The nerves in the forehead Meng Qiao You suddenly twitching

“Elder, your future husband …” Meng Jia’s words, the younger brother has not yet ended, has been cut short by Meng Qiao “Go and tell Father and Mother My future husband We will treat ourselves! “

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