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Hello Joann 2 (2019) Episode 15 Recap

Ni Hao took a taxi and waited for her. Assoon as Joan came out, she asked her how to set the diamond, and she was dead. Qiao An urged Ni Hao to leave quickly. Although she was impassioned, she was very uncomfortable. Joan has gone through countless times in such a situation. Many people feel that they will retreat when they reach the end of the road, and then all roads lead to Rome. But for Joan, she never leaves her way back, or Joint success can be achieved either together.

Sitting at the corner, Jiang Qifei leaked a look of despair , Ni Hao mistakenly thought that he failed to start a business again, and stepped forward to condolences. At this time, Jiang Qifei’s face changed, saying that he found an investor, not only that, but also planned to propose to Ni Hao. Ni Hao asked about flowers and rings? Jiang Qifei knelt down on one knee and wrote an IOU to Ni Hao. The content of the IOU was a one carat diamond ring. Ni Hao was happy to accept the IOU.

Mr. Tang called Lu Yuanyang in the past, saying that the co-production project had been going on for more than two years, and now he stepped in. Mr. Tang used Lu Yuanyang to give Zhang Yang the project of heartbreaking club because he needed a lot of energy to co-produce . Lu Yuanyang urged that he could do it at the same time. President Tang said that people with the best ability also need to be wholehearted in facing one thing, just like playing golf by themselves, so let Lu Yuanyang not be distracted by the heartbreaking club.

Qiao An and Yi Yi sang a match, and finalized the heroine’s candidate for 1,500 yuan before tax. The next thing was the funds. Joan went to the gym to approach Mrs. Zhao’s wife intentionally. Hearing that she and other mothers talked about his son’s birthday party, he decided to start from here. Mrs. Zhao naturally knew that Qiao An was close to her purpose. Qiao An did not deny that she had a lot of experience and connections in preparing the banquet, and she would definitely be able to enjoy the scenery of the birthday banquet. She just hoped that Zhao would accept his apology. My wife agreed.

At the time , the actress at the Olivia banquet found Joan. She didn’t want her negative news to pass from Joan’s mouth, and proposed to join the drama of heartbreak syndrome with a reward. Joan naturally agreed.
He and others dug out for Mrs. Zhao’s son’s birthday banquet and did not think of a suitable theme. Joan was very incomprehensible about this. He even said several topics, and he directly said that Joan and them were different. Qiao An entrusted Ni Hao with the heavy responsibility of writing a children’s play. Ni Hao asked Jiang Qifei to give some advice at home, but Jiang Qifei was too busy to take care of his own business. Ni Hao feels that Jiang Qifei is no longer communicating with him. Jiang Qifei also feels aggrieved. He used to communicate with Ni Hao and was discarded and not doing business. Now he is busy with his career and is said not to communicate. Jiang Qifei suggested letting her gourd sister go to celebrate Mrs. Zhao’s son, Ni Haozhi said it was unreliable.

Jiang Qifei officially invested in his own live broadcast platform. His sister Gourd’s live broadcast attracted thousands of people for the first time. Ni Hao joked that these statistics are still false. Sister Gourd made a mistake when performing. She didn’t want to attract the attention because of this, and the number of viewers rose straight. Jiang Qifei took Ni Hao to see the signing event of Gourd Sister. Their fans are all current elementary school students. Ni Hao always feels unreal and asks Jiang Qifei if it is cheaper for primary school students. This makes Jiang Qifei not sure what to say.

In the mall, Jiang Qifei and Ni Hao went shopping. Jiang Qifei talked about the current child and asked Ni Hao to give him a baby. Ni Hao felt that Jiang Qifei was just looking at the children of other people’s show. He listed a series of comparisons and follow-up behaviors, saying that raising a child was not easy. Jiang Qifei insisted that he really wanted a child. Ni Hao pointed to a child who was awkward with an adult and said that it was a child’s life. When Jiang Qifei saw the adult hitting the child, he ran over to stop it, and the two of them shoved.

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