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Hello Joann 2 (2019) Episode 14 Recap

Ni Hao parents to come this time, let Jiang Qifei exceedingly envious. Although Jiang Qifei has a wealth of money, he has lost his motherly love since childhood. When he saw that Ni Hao’s family was happy, he was very jealous. Ni Hao saw that Jiang Qifei had a little temper, and hurriedly sneaked out to comfort him. Jiang Qifei confided his thoughts to Ni Hao. Ni Hao decided to let his parents live, but he stopped him in time. Hello set up a tent in the living room, ready to spend the night here. The next day, Ni Hao woke up and planned to go upstairs for a while, and Jiang Qifei also used to prepare to go upstairs. At this time, Ni Hao’s parents got up early to make breakfast, and when they saw Jiang Qifei preparing to go to sleep, he immediately amplified the sound of chopping vegetables and scared him.
Joanne training bleating talk about the contract and brokers, bleating teach negotiation skills. The economic man who happened to meet the actress called and stuttered stupidly, angrily Joan stared.

Once awake, Ni Hao came downstairs to find her parents, but she saw Jiang Qifei falling asleep on the sofa. Ni Hao called her mother. The mother said she was out to buy food, but she was actually at the station, waiting to return to her hometown in Suzhou. Sleepy-eyed Jiang Qifei received a call from the boss. Because the boss was leaving, he had to sign the contract at seven. Jiang Qifei hesitated because he agreed to Ni Hao to take care of her parents. Qi Fei knew that Ni Hao’s parents were about to leave and hurried to drive to the station. He wanted to keep Ni Hao’s parents. His father was really moved by Qi Fei. He told Qi Fei as an elder that they were all adults. Now, to be responsible for his future, Qi Fei sent his parents back to Ni Hao’s home, and quickly rushed to sign the contract before 7 o’clock. General Yuan originally did not like Qi Fei, but Qi Fei’s truthfulness touched him. And finally decided to sign the contract.

Olivia is going to hold a banquet and specially sends invitations to Joan. Joan can’t ride the tiger and can only choose to go to the appointment. Ni Hao helps Joan choose the dress to go to the banquet. Ni is so funny that Joan Dao may not think of her life. One day, her bank deposit will be as much as her Ni Hao. Joan disdainfully relied on this temperament, even if she wears 100 pieces of clothes, it is like an international big name. In order not to make himself look too shabby, Joan was anxious to let Ni Hao sew some decorative fake jewelry on his clothes.

Joan came to the banquet. The waiter didn’t find Joan’s name on the invitation list. Joan saw Olivia, shouted two times and no one agreed, and she did not answer her call. Joan told the waiter that he had come to the wrong place and was about to be brought in by Leo as he was about to leave. Leo and Joan were talking, Olivia pretended to say hello to Joan, and said Joan’s bad words to Leo in disguise. Leo invites Joan to dance, so he can get more resources.

Qiao An came to Xiang Ke , and Xiang Ke ridiculed Qiao An because of Shen Xue ‘s past. Leo and a group of friends were talking badly about Ke and Joan. Ni Hao was ready to leave. At this moment, Olivia stood on the stage and said to introduce Joan to everyone. Olivia said that Joan was her sister. Although she was in trouble, she returned with her own efforts. And gave Joan the cello with her name inscribed. Olivia came to Joan with the cello and whispered that the first thing she hated Joan’s mother was to learn to play the cello because she would be beaten if she didn’t learn well.

Olivia asked Joanne to play a song, and Joanne stepped onto the stage chicly, thinking of her mother when she played. At the end of the song, Joan wouldn’t comfort himself to fall back, but fell on the cello. And said to Olivia, the cello is the least needed of all his skills, he is no longer the little girl hiding behind the cello and crying, what his fate teaches himself is to strive to be a better self Instead of learning to be a man of money and son. Joan stated that he was here, and he was glad that he had not been one of them, and Olivia could never learn, and then turned and left.

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