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Hello Joann 2 (2019) Episode 12 Recap

During the meeting, Xiao Bin insisted not to give the “Heartbreak Syndrome” schedule, at this time Director Xu and Qiao An stood on the same bridge and confronted Xiao Bin on the spot. Xiao Bin did not give face to Director Xu, exposing him to be with Qiao An. Although he was reluctant to Xiao Bin ’s move, now Xiao Bin is sitting in the position of Director Fan, meaning that all decisions must follow him go. Director Xu became even more angry, tearing his face with Xiao Bin on the spot.

In the evening, Ni Hao told Jiang Qifei that the screenwriter was a grassroots figure in the film and television industry , and the actors and directors were all superior. Only the labor of the screenwriter was the cheapest. Jiang Qifei was worried about Ni Hao’s arrogance and abandonment, and it was not easy to comfort Ni Hao. Ni Hao stated that although she is a newcomer, she will not withdraw from the film and television circle because of others’ remarks. On the contrary, she will become more frustrated and more courageous until she is recognized.

Seeing that Director Xu was not doing well, Qiao An had to come to Xiao Bin to talk to him in person. Xiao Bin teased that even those close to Director Xu and Lu Yuanyang could be dug by Qiao An and admire her very much. Qiao Ann saw that Xiao Bin had the prospect of cooperating with Da Qiao Film and Television, so he hit the iron while he was hot, and informed that the list of actresses could be finalized this week, reducing unnecessary trouble. At this time, Xiao Bin’s face changed, not only rejected Joan again, but also warned her that as long as Xiao Bin was on Haoxian platform, she would not choose to cooperate with Joan. Joan wanted to cry without tears, but had to bear it in silence. As soon as Qiao An left from Director Xu, he received a call from Olivia . Olivia is now working as a clothing brand. In order to make her own clothing famous, she is going to ask for help from Qiao An. Joan felt that the matter was a win-win weight and decided to cooperate with Olivia.

Later in the night, Qiao An returned to the company and saw colleagues hiding in the dark for a supper. After cross-examination, the company was unable to pay the electricity bill, let alone normal operation. The next day, Joanne After much thought, in order to allow the “broken heart syndrome group waiting” to function properly, she decided to quit the show themselves, let bleating over. He turned around and told Ni Hao this matter, so that Ni Hao came forward to deal with it. It turned out that Xiao Bin of Good Dreams Platform did not like Qiao An’s statement of work. As long as Qiao An was the producer of this step, he would not choose to cooperate with Da Qiao Film and Television. Ni Hao was upset for Qiao An, and it was hard for him.

Qiao An came to visit Xiao Bin repeatedly, bluntly criticizing “Heartbreaking Syndrome” This drama is not her own project, but a project of all the employees of Da Qiao Film and television, I hope Xiao Bin can open online one side. However, Xiao Bin was troubled by Qiao An’s report of the director’s bribe, and refused to help her. Qiao An came to Ni Hao’s home as a guest. Ni Hao opened the door and said that he would increase funding for “Heartbreaking Syndrome” and decided to help Qiao An weather the difficulties. Joan is grateful for the good sisters to rescue him, but Joan is not sure whether the play can be released on schedule. In order to prevent Ni Hao from falling into this bottomless pit, I still want her to think twice.

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