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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 24 Recap

Takagi Suspects Li Nanen Meets with Zhou Erwen Privately Li Nanen Helps Zhou Erwen

In the morning, Zuma woke up from her sleep, remembering that Li Nantian was helping herself silently yesterday . At this moment Li Nantian suddenly received a call and hurried to the hotel. Zuma was worried that Li Nantian could be deceived and followed him secretly. Li Nantian intends to stop the rest by losing money, but Zuma thinks it is not his fault and stops Li Nantian’s approach. Li Nantian was worried that the incident would make him more difficult to find a job. Zuma said that Li Nantian had no choice but to agree with him. In order to relieve Li Nantian’s pressure, Zuma decided to waive Li Nantian’s rent and his food expenses until he found a new job.

Li Nanen drew the design drawing absently, all in his eyes were Zhou Erwen . After seeing Chen Yeaway, Li Nanenasked gossip about how long Zhou Erwen and ChenYehad been together. Zhou Erwen only said that Chen Ye was his assistant and had been with him for more than a year . Li Nanen speculated that Chen Ye was only Zhou Erwen’s assistant. Zhou Erwen did not answer directly, but Chen Ye directly said that he and Zhou Erwen were a couple and wanted to make Li Nanen die. Zhou Erwen urged Li Nanen to quickly draw a design draft. Li Nanen asked Zhou Erwen if he liked to turn his favorite girl into his assistant, and said that Zhou Erwen’s addiction was a bit abnormal. Zhou Erwen raised his hand and pretended to hit Li Nanen, Li Nanen quickly evaded. Zhou Erwen reluctantly let Li Nanen concentrate on the design, but couldn’t help peeking at Li Nanen.

Li Nanen’s design was appreciated by his superiors. The Euro Group decided to award this year’s design award to Li Nanen. Gao Mu looked at Li Nanen’s design draft and thought that there were several parts that were very similar to Zhou Erwen’s method, and decided to test Li Nanen. At this time, Wan Wei had an urgent matter to find Takagi and asked him to accompany himself to the dinner. Takagi refused, and Wan Wei moved out of Takagi’s father to talk about it. Takagi could not help but agree. At the dinner, Wan Wei heard some rumors about Takagi and Li Nanen. Although she was very clear, she insisted on marrying Takagi and Li Nanen’s innocence. Takagi didn’t know how to respond, so he didn’t say much.

Chen Ye went to work in Vietnam, and Zhou Erwen had to rebuild the house with Li Nanen. Takagi suddenly visited this day, and Zhou Erwen was worried that Takagi found his figure, so he had to reach an agreement with Li Nanen, pretending that he did not appear in this area. As soon as Gao Mu came to the rental house, he asked Li Nanen if he had any contact with Zhou Erwen in the near future. Li Nanen hurriedly denied that Takagi didn’t say much. Takagi has loved Wanwei for several years, and has always been in love, but after the two were together, Gaomu gradually felt the pressure of love, until now he began to turbulence whether to propose to Wanwei. Li Nanen wanted to ask Takagi to leave, so as not to expose Zhou Erwen. Li Nanen let Takagi propose to Wan Wei without thinking, and hurriedly left him. Takagi’s forefoot was just about to leave. At this moment, his engagement ring suddenly fell near Zhou Erwen. Seeing that Gao Mu was going to drive forward, Li Nanen yelled and ran to help pick it up. Zhou Erwen was not found. Before leaving, Takagi informed Li Nanen about the award and prepared her to attend a design reception.

After Li Nantian knew that Li Nanen was going to the reception, he took out the remaining 2,000 yuan in Cary and bought a suit for Li Nanen. Zhou Erwen rode Li Nanen home by bicycle. Li Nanen asked Zhou Erwen to accompany himself to the reception. Zhou Erwen did not refuse this time, but let Li Nanen wait for notice. At this time, Li Nantian was just about to go out, and found that Zhou Erwen was with Li Nanen. He mistakenly thought that Zhou Erwen was Li Nanen’s boyfriend and asked him a questionnaire. Li Nanen helped Zhou Erwen make a siege, and Li Nanen didn’t bother him.

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