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Crocodile and Plover Bird (2019) Episode 23 Recap

Li Nanen Misunderstanding Chen Ye and Zhou Erwen Together Li Nantian Worries About Zuma’s Safety.

Zhou Erwen found through investigation that the emergence of heavy metals polluted the natural environment. Chen Zheng recognized his point and handed out a bunch of information to Zhou Erwen. Chen Ye proposed to move him to his own house on the grounds of caring about Zhou Erwen. Zhou Erwen declined Chen Yi’s kindness. On the one hand, he was worried that Long Qi would continue to hurt Li Nanen ; on the other hand, Zhou Erwen had found a new residence. Seeing him reluctantly, Chen Yun said nothing more.

Takagi rushed to find Wan Wei early in the morning, but Wan Wei was very angry because he asked Li Nanen to join the old house renovation project privately. In order to coax Wan Wei happy, Takagi decided to buy her stinky tofu after work, and Wan Wei didn’t bother Takagi. Gao Mugang planned to send Wan Wei away. At this time, several staff members said that a famous tenant was dissatisfied with the designer’s manuscript, and he was still not satisfied with the changes. Wan Wei deliberately embarrassed Li Nanen and arranged for her to handle the matter.

Li Nanen came to the tenant’s home because of his work and found that the tenant turned out to be Zhou Erwen. Li Nanen and Zhou Erwen looked at each other and smiled, but Zhou Erwen acted the same as anyone and deliberately ignored her. When Li Nan’en opened the door and showed her greetings to Zhou Erwen, but when she just wanted to communicate with Zhou Erwen further, at this time Chen Ye came out of the bathroom. Li Nanen mistakenly thought that the two had developed into a relationship of lovers. Zhou Erwen didn’t say much in order to let Li Nanen die, but instead Chen Chen gave a lot of words that made Li Nanen misunderstand. It turned out that Zhou Erwen indirectly used Li Nanen in order to catch Long Qi. As long as Li Nan En’s appearance, he could attract Long Qi’s attention. Fearing that Zhou Erwen was distracted by personal matters, Chen Yun decided to move into Zhou Erwen’s home that day. Zhou Erwen and Chen Ye focused on the research. Li Nanen mistakenly thought that the two were ambiguous and deliberately involved in the research. Chen Ye did not want her to work here, but Zhou Erwen acknowledged Li Nanen’s design abilities and helped her justify.

In the coffee shop, Zuma and the blind date were having a meal. Li Nantian happened to meet, and he hid behind them and watched the two. Li Nantian found that the man was insignificant, worried that Zuma was being deceived, and hurried to call Li Nanen. In a blink of an eye, the man left with the drowsy Zuma, and Li Nantian hurriedly arrived. The man took Zuma to the hotel to open the room one step in advance. Li Nantian was worried about Zuma’s accident and quickly climbed up the stairs one by one. Li Nantian didn’t know the room number of the man. He deliberately opened the fire alarm notice, and tenants on the same floor came in by accident, and the man was no exception. When Li Nantian saw the other party, he punched him in the face and rushed into the room to take Zuma away. Li Nantian was unemployed for no reason because he took care of Zuma’s safety. Li Nantian did not regret it, but instead confessed to Zuma while she was asleep.

Late at night, Li Nanen fell asleep while working, and Zhou Erwen did not wake her up, instead she hugged her to the sofa, carefully covered her clothes, and then went to work alone. The next day, when Li Nanen woke up, he was frightened by Chen Ye’s cold face. Li Nanen asked her where Zhou Erwen was. Chen Xun looked puzzled, saying that Zhou Erwen went to help her run errands. Li Nanen was very helpless and had to endure for a while. Chen Huan told Li Nanen that she would stay as a supervisor for a while, and the company would also ask her to take a good vacation. Instead of being happy, Li Nanen was very angry.

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