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Blossom in Heart Episode 44 Recap

Guhai Tang asked women workers to work and we must do these new products, then tell Yuet Hin , etc. After this thing somehow, who really intend to do. The color of Begonia oil felt wrong afterwards. When planning to check, Gu Xiahe rushed in and told herthat somethinghad happened at home. Gu’s mother was surrounded by a bunch of reporters and asked her to go home quickly. Lang Yuexuan sent Begonia back home. After that, Begonia asked Yue Xuan to go back first. He didn’t want him to be involved. However, Lang Yuexuan couldn’t help rushing in to talk with reporters and let them get out. Long Yuexuan waited.

Begonia took care of her mother in fear and hurried to comfort her. After seeing Lang Yuexuan, her mother recognized her as Gu Shunqi and hugged him happily. A bunch of reporters gathered around the door of Langfu . When they saw Lang Yueming’s return, they stopped him from asking some sharp questions. Lang Yueming reassured them that the quality of Lang Lichun’s products must not be doubted. After seeing the reporter at the door, Feng Chunyan felt that he should distinguish the boundary with Gu Haitang, but Lance didn’t believe it at all, and felt that someone was behind it. After learning about Lang’s family, Long Mozhen hurriedly led the reporter away.

Lang Yuexuan took the doctor to see his mother in the past, reassuring Begonia, that there was something to carry on her own, but Begonia was still a little worried, and always felt that something was going on. Lang Yuexuan brought Begonia to the house, Begonia apologized to everyone, knowing that it was related to her, and planned to leave Lang Lichun, but Feng Chunyan kept her away from the Lang family, kept taunting her, and let her get out quickly . Lang Yuexuan couldn’t bear the beggar’s grievances, stood up to speak for her, and then took her away with her. Feng Chunyan left angrily after seeing it, leaving Mo Yan to eat alone.

Begonia apologized to Lang Yuexuan. If she had not promised people to do things that had been entered into, she would not have caused such a thing. Lang Yuexuan did not blame her for understanding that they were doing good deeds and planned to go to Begonia Garden for a while. Come back home. Begonia decided that Begonia Garden developed a hibiscus cream, which can cover flaws perfectly and restore it with confidence. Feng Chunyan felt that he couldn’t sleep for a long time, and suffered from insomnia for several days. Later, when he gave the fragrance to Lang Yueyuan, he found Miao Lan ‘s villain and scolded her angrily.

After learning about this matter, Lang Yueming asked Miao Lan to settle the account and planned to kick it out, but Feng Chunyan stopped her. When she recalled what happened over the years, she was still reluctant to leave.
Lang Sinian lamented the Lang family and hoped that future generations could carry forward Lang Lichun. Feng Chunyan said that although Lang Yuexuan was not his own child, he would still treat him well. After all, they were a family and did not understand what they did wrong. Now, everyone regards her as an enemy. Lang Yueming shouted Chu Chu, let her handle the matter cleanly, otherwise she could not get rid of the relationship, and then took out money to keep her secret. Gu Xiahe found that Gu’s mother was seriously ill, and anxiously called Begonia, and then went to the hospital with her mother on her back. When Begonia went to pay the money, she found that it had already been paid, and found that it was not from the Lang family. People, let her not worry about money, and then took her to another place.

Haitang came to Shi Hanglu ‘s workshop. It turned out that Shi Jizhou was looking for her. Later, she also asked the female workers to leave, telling Gu Haitang that he and Lance were only competing means. Haitang already knew what he had done before, rejected his kindness, and turned to leave. . Shi Jizhou knew that she came to Kunyang to find her father. Speaking of him having a good friendship with Gu Shunqi, it was Lance who killed Gu Shunqi after seeing Begonia disbelieve him. Give it to Begonia. Feng Chunyan was worried about Lang Yuexuan at home, so he was so distressed that Lang Yueming hurried to find him, after all, he was just a child. Long Yuexuan came to look for Begonia, shouted for a long time without responding, waiting for them at the door of the house.

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