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Dumb 哑舍 (2019)

哑舍 (2019)
Other Title: 哑舍

Genres: Youth History
China Mainland
Xuan Se
Release Date:
December 1, 2019
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  • Hu Ge
  • Wang Kai

Introduction to the story of Dumb House: The live-action film and television series “Dumb House” draws a story from an antique shop called “Dumb House”, telling the shop owner and a warm male doctor, starting with antiques with bizarre stories written behind them one after another, connected in series. There was a dispute between the two for thousands of years. The owner of the Dumb House antique shop is high-cold and mysterious. I do n’t know how many years have existed in the complicated world. In the long river of history, he has been looking for His Royal Highness, who followed him. All the antiques in this room contain the things behind them. The story, twists and turns, depicts the biographies of people from behind antiques. Who says antiques are dead objects, they are all created by their masters.

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