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What is Danish specialties?

Speaking of Denmark, most people think of ice and snow, and then there is a romantic imagination. In fact, Denmark is the Atlantic Ocean on the left and the Baltic Sea on the right. The ocean climate is quite obvious, which is quite different from Russia at the same latitude. The highest temperature in summer does not exceed 25 degrees, and the average temperature in winter is also above 0 degrees.

Summer in Denmark is the golden season of the year. The green grass, sunshine, yellow flowers everywhere plus tulips are simply picturesque. It’s more uncomfortable in winter. The weather is mainly cloudy, and there are light rains. There is not a lot of snow. It will be dark after 4pm; but in summer, you can read newspapers outdoors at 11pm, 3am. It has been brightened, and it is definitely a good season to travel. Many people are curious about their food. In fact, the traditional Danish diet is to eat fresh fish alive, mainly rough and delicious.

Beer and music are indispensable things in their lives. A bar is a place for Danes to relax and entertain, but there is no karaoke here. Visiting here is not their main way to connect with feelings, and unexpected visits are not very polite. If friends want to chat or party, they usually choose a bar instead of home. There are a variety of bars here, a disco bar suitable for young people, and a clear bar for middle-aged people. Most of the week is prime time in bars. The principle of the Danish Party is to get yourself drunk, which may be the unique bar culture of Northern Europe.

In terms of diet, Denmark, like most Western countries, is not like the Chinese people who strive for excellence in food, but the Danes are also very particular about “eating”. Danish cuisine pays attention to freshness. The raw materials of Danish cooking are mainly fish and shellfish, as well as meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Although simple, they win with freshness. The Danes pay attention to the arrangement of the table and the dining environment. The candlelight, beautiful flowers and exquisite tableware are often indispensable when eating. The Danes are also very creative in “eating”. The open sandwich is an “invention” of the Danes, which makes them quite proud. Open sandwich

Everyone knows that sandwiches are two slices of bread with ham, vegetables, eggs, etc. between them. Then the open sandwich, as the name suggests, is just a slice of bread, which is filled with various foods. The most basic ingredients for an open sandwich are bread and butter. Danish bread emphasizes softness and crispy crust.

The Danish butter is world-famous. It is characterized by less salt and a lighter taste. Danes like to put a thick layer of butter on the bread and bite the bread with butter. The tooth marks on it are clearly visible, so it is jokingly called “teeth”. butter”. In addition to spreading butter, you can also use oil-soaked bread directly. This kind of bread is added with lard, duck or goose fat with special flavors, which is very popular among Danes.

The open sandwich is not rich, but it is nutritious and appealing to the appetite. It is as indispensable as salt to the Danes. Danes inevitably have it at noon almost every day. “Office workers” make sandwiches at home, wrap them neatly in foil, and take them to the office to eat. Elementary school students also eat sandwiches in small lunch boxes at school.

The ancestors of the Danes hunted in the forest and fished in the sea for a living. Each such wild journey lasted from 1 week to more than 10 days. Therefore, in order to save time (no fire cooking), easy to carry and long-term preservation, the Danes often prepare some pre-marinated and smoked foods. Today’s open sandwiches have moved towards a diversified choice. Among them, salted salmon (salmon) with roe, smoked beef roll, frozen pork knuckle, egg yolk with salad sauce, etc., are all the most common Danish snacks. The Danes mostly use beer for food and wine, and wine is not very popular.

In fact, apart from open sandwiches, Danes also have a special preference for fish. One way to eat it is to eat fresh fish cubes with sour vinegar and shredded shallots (Shallot), which is a bit like a Japanese way of eating raw fish. The live fish reduces the smell of sour vinegar, while the chopped shallots bring out a refreshing and crisp taste. Relative to the softness of fish, it is a strange and natural taste.

Danes usually eat open sandwiches with beer and iced white wine, which is an authentic Danish custom. A Danish writer once said: “Scandinavians are considered to be a calm and calm people born. But when we eat open sandwiches, you can easily find that we are also prone to excitement and imagination. Powerful.”

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