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Aristocratic Birth: PRINCE OF LEGEND 貴族誕生 (2019)

Aristocratic Birth: PRINCE OF LEGEND (2019)
Other Title: 貴族誕生-PRINCE OF LEGEND- / Aristocratic birth – PRINCE OF LEGEND –

Genres: Romance, School, Drama, Family
Release Date:
Nov 27, 2019 (Wednesday)
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  • Shirahama Alan as Shintaro Ando
  • Naito Daigo
  • Kawamura Kazuma as Kyogoku Ryu
  • Yoshino Hokuto as Tendo Kouki
  • Fujiwara Itsuki as Hiura Kaiji
  • Hasegawa Makoto as Odajima Riku

“Shintaro, if we do our best, we could be noble someday.”
A town located in the center of the world at night, commonly known as a night ring. In this host-controlled town, clubs continued to fight each other over their supremacy. They compare sales, drinks, and fights. Here, the “winner” is absolutely no matter what the game is. Neither law nor police is relevant.

In one corner of the world, there was a man who lived without a gorgeous night ring. Shintaro, who works as a president of civil engineering contractor “ All-day Civil Engineering ” inherited from his parents, is covered with mud and sweat every day. He had a poor but fulfilling days with his employees. That day, the representative of the night ring number one club “Texas” and the brother of Shintaro appears.

On the other hand, at St. Brilliant Gakuen where the Prince Championship is over, something strange about the appearance of Kouki Tendo, Kyogoku Ryu, Hiura Kaiji, and Riku Odajima. Before the basketball tournament, something is born between the four students and what about the person who connects the Night Rings to St. Brilliant School? Brother, brothers, friend, best friend. Each is trying to take on a battle with a bond in order to protect their important “family friend”. Source;Prince of Legend site, roughly translated by userRisefromBlackAshes

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