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Where is Serbia and Montenegro?

Sorbia and Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro: SCG) is the name of the former federal government. Which is a loose combination of Serbia and Montenegro The former republic of Yugoslavia since 2003 until 2006 is located on the western Balkans Peninsula. Serbia and Montenegro have some specific cooperation in politics (for example, through the National Defense Federation). Both states have their own economic policies and monetary units. And the country no longer has a total capital city By dividing the shared institutions between Belgrade In Serbia and the city of Podgorica in Montenegro Both states separated after Montenegro held a referendum on 21 May 2006 and declared independence on 3 June of the same year. Montenegro And the original Serbia and Montenegro Became Serbia

The Republic of Serbia consists of 2 counties, namely Kosovo and Voivodeship (formerly Serbia, one of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which consists of 2 states, namely Serbia and Montenegro. Which later changed its name to Serbia and Montenegro On May 21, 2006.

Montenegro is located in southeastern Europe. With territory to the Adriatic Sea and Croatia to the west To Bosnia and Herzegovina in the north To the east of Serbia And to Albania to the south. Montenegro has Podgorica, the capital and largest city in the country, with a population of 660,000 people.

Montenegro in the past has a status of 1 in 6 republics under the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia). Is part of the political union of Serbia-Montenegro After a referendum on 21 May 2006, Montenegro declared independence on 3 June 2006.

  • Capital of Belgrade (Belgrade)
  • Serbian language (The official language of the country)
  • Croatian language (official language in Voivodeship) Albanian language (Official language in Kosovo)
  • Orthodox Christianity 65% ​​Muslim 19% Roman Catholic 4% Protestant 1% Other 11%
  • Dinar currency and euro
  • Day of Statehood, 15 February

Republican rule with the president as head of state Which the president was elected directly Has a term of 5 years, the Prime Minister is the head of government Elected by the House of Commons for independent counties, Kosovo is under the administration of the United Nations.

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