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Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020)

Upstream (2020)
Other Title: Wǎng jù shàngyóu jùqíng jièshào / Online drama upstream plot introduction / 网剧上游剧情介绍

Genres: Romance, Urban Drama, Web Drama
40 episodes
China Mainland
Sha Weiqi
Jin Yuanyuan
Release Date:
Related Show:


  • Lu Yan (Wang Ruichang)
  • Xia Xiaocheng (Hu Yi spin)
  • Cheng Lang (Chen Bohao)
  • Lin Yu (Qi Yandi)

The upstream drama of the online drama is adapted from the novel “The Upstream of Tears” after the rain before the Ming Dynasty. It tells the story about sweet and sour secret love and healing growth in the youths of boys and girls, such as Lu Yan, Xia Xiaoju, Cheng Lang, Lin Yu.

Xia Xiaoju transferred to the new school before the college entrance examination and met a group of new partners, generous Cheng Lang, Lu Lu, confused Qiu Letao, etc. Although the new environment made her flustered, her acquaintance with the new partners also changed from a series Misunderstandings begin, but frankness and mutual help help young people form deep friendships. Mutual help in school and the unity of the Games have kept their friendship warming up, and sharing their family problems and future voluntary choices has also allowed them to experience the taste of growth together.

The college entrance examination finally came. Cheng Lang missed his favorite major because of his delays in saving people. Lu Yan concealed his family’s most objection to his father’s major. Xia Xiaoju and Qiu Letao played unusually to enter the dream school. Young people face new problems in college life. Facing the difficulties of cross-professional learning, Lu Ying had to overcome psychological obstacles, Xiao Ju encountered a perplexity in his life direction, but they faced difficulties and supported each other. They gradually established their life dreams in perplexity and frustration, and also experienced friendship Sweet and sour with love. Xia Xiaoju and her partners have harvested such a warm and struggling youth.

Episodes Lists:

  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 1
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 2
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 3
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 4
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 5
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 6
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 7
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 8
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 9
  • Upstream 网剧上游剧情介绍 (2020) Episodes 10

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