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Flavour It’s Yours 看见味道的你 Episode 25 End Recap

Do not get drunk and ask Wan Ran to let go of his father, and tell him how much pain Wan Zeze should know if his father is such a person, Wan Ran said he would not let Wan Zeze know. Wei Xun rushed to see Wan Ran’s car, and quickly sought not to get drunk. Nanke also came by car. Wan Ran wants to kill and not get drunk. He tells him not to be obsessed anymore. Wan Ran tells her to take his son away when he understands things, saying that he will not be drunk, but he will accidentally break the drunk necklace. Seeing the smell of the perfume arrived, Wan Ran was preparing to light the lighter.

Wei Xun stopped the two from fighting. Wei Xun was hit on the ground but saw that Wan Ran was still ready to light the lighter. He hurried up to stop and stop Wan Ran. Down will save without drunk. Wan wants to drive and run into Nan Ke. Nan Ke stops Wan Ran from trying to kill him. At this moment, Wan Zeze rushes to tell Nan Ke that he is willing to pay his father’s life. Nan Ke thinks that he was happy as a family. He Do not want Wan Zeze to experience the same pain as himself, Nanke finally let Wan Ran tell him that he will be punished by law. Wan Zeze watched his father tell him not to explain any more. He would accompany his father to face him. At this moment, the police rushed to take Wan Ran away. Mia ran over and hugged Nanke tightly. Nanke finally let go of his own. Knot.

Wei Xun was recuperating at home because he was saved from being drunk. Wei Xun awakened and saw Xia Fan hurriedly asking where he was not drunk. At this time, Wei Xun was happy holding the noodles cooked for Wei Xun. Xia Fan told Buddhism to remember that her idol was hurt for her. He said with deep affection that he was hurt only by himself, but if he was not drunk and hurt, he would be hurt. Not drunk and happy. Xia Fan and Hao used two people to see They sprinkled dog food and left quickly.

Nan Ke and Mia date, Nan Ke asks Mia if she wants to eat sugar, and Mia says she doesn’t want to eat. But Nan Ke had to ask her to eat. It turned out that Nan Ke put a ring in the sugar, but Mia happily asked him what it was. Nan Ke suddenly proposed to Mia on one knee, and Mia moved to tears and agreed. The two hug together happily. Bai Jing was recalled to China by WSA. It turned out that Mu Chunfeng joined WSA. He will be a colleague with Bai Jing. Bai Jing is happy to see Mu Chunfeng. Mu Chunfeng invited Bai Jing to drink and asked if she was still alone. Bai Jing said she was still looking. Mu Chunfeng said that she was still thinking about whether to go to France. At this time, the dishes they ordered came up. Mu Chunfeng felt delicious, but Bai Jing said that this was not the best she had. The best she had was Mu Chunfeng. Yes, they are happy.

Xia Fan went to the magazine to apply for the job, and told the editor that his idol had chosen the magazine to be certain that the magazine had certain charm. The editor’s face was ugly and he agreed to become the new editor. Magazine colleagues began to miss Mia’s day. He Father brought Dr. Lu to visit President Lu, and Father brought Lu Huabai to President Lu. The two talked very well, and they were happy when they saw that they were full of interest. Mia and Nanke also prepared meals at home to welcome Mia’s parents, but warned in advance that Nanke’s mode of getting along with her parents was a bit strange. At this time, Mia’s parents felt that the family was still very happy.

He Father drank too much and set him up without being drunk and Wei Xun, asked Wei Xun if he was not drunk so good that he could only make it in his own house, and not drunk told him to make the pear white white and make him petty. Told not to be drunk, he would support not to be drunk, and the two kissed sweetly. Everyone was happy to have a picnic at the beach, and asked Wei Xun if he was not drunk in the new year. He said he was very happy. He was reminded of the past year and Wei Xun ’s experiences. He was happy and did not give up from beginning to end. Together, they have achieved each other, and they have also restored their sense of taste.

The crowds displayed fireworks and dancing at the seaside. All the sufferings and tears of the past year turned into happy smiles at this moment.

… The End …

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