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Modern Family S11 Episode 7 Recap

Today is the annual Thanksgiving Day. As usual, everyone agreed to have dinner in Jie’s big house. In order to thank her parents for helping her with the children this year, Hailey specially mobilized Luke and Alex to cook Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen. The problem is that these three people usually come to reach out for a meal and open their mouths, and suddenly they have to make a meal, which is like driving the duck to the shelf.

Hayley thought that Alex’s ex-boyfriend Neil was a chef. Although she had just broken up, she could recombine temporarily, so she would pass this level first. But Neil is an arrogant bastard, likes to point fingers, and mean words. Alex tricked him into instructing everyone how to cook a big meal, and if something was wrong, he would be scolded. Every time Alex wanted to reply, Hailey was interrupted by various opportunities, and Alex was so angry that he couldn’t let it go.

Claire resigned and was at home. The two grandsons fell asleep, and she didn’t need her to prepare a big meal, and asked Joe to write a seat card when she was free. Gloria felt angry at the first glance, but it was inconvenient. Knowing that Claire was an idle person, she took out a basket of clothes and folded them. As expected, Claire couldn’t help but follow along, and then Gloria talked about how busy she was at work and guided Claire to do housework. Claire got into the set like this, and only after cleaning up a half of the window glass did he recollect that he knew that he had been tricked.

Mitchell and Cameron will be separately buying gifts for the holidays. Mitchell met Ronaldo who was also shopping, Ronaldo asked Cameron, and Mitchell said they separated without thinking about it. This time is good, the gossip of the two “breaking up” instantly spread to the circle of friends. Mitchell didn’t know anything. After meeting with Cameron, he saw that Cameron received a lot of comfort text messages on his phone, but there was nothing on his phone.

Mitchell couldn’t figure it out, so he sent Cameron back first and sneaked into Ronaldo’s party. As soon as he entered the door, everyone cared about Cameron, for fear that Cameron would have a nervous breakdown like last time. Mitchell was taken aback and couldn’t remember when he broke up with Cameron. It turned out that Cameron lied that Mitchell ran away from home in order to see how his friends reacted on a business trip a few years ago. Cameron was distraught, but everyone persuaded him for several days. After knowing the ins and outs of the matter, Miguel angrily ran to Xingshi to inquire.

Jie has no time to worry about the couple’s affairs, nor is he interested in listening to Claire complaining about Gloria, he wants to go outside to play airplane models with Phil. Phil was flattered and did the same thing last time, ten years ago. But the result was not so good at that time. Phil held his hula hoop and waited for Jie to pass through the model plane when the small plane hit him in the face.

This time Randy also joined in, and Phil wished someone would hula hoop for him. Who knows that Jie is skilled, the plane can accurately pass through the circle every time. Hearing Phil talk about things ten years ago, Jie thoughtfully, handed the remote control to Phil. Jie also expressed that he understood Phil’s feelings, after all, Hailey was his first child. Felton woke up, Jay wanted him to hit Randy with a plane. Ten years ago, Jie did it on purpose.

Phil couldn’t help getting angry. He was trying to reason with the old man, but forgot the remote control in his hand. The small plane swooped down from the side and hit Phil’s head hard. Phil, with a bruised nose and swollen face, hurried into the room, his bleeding nose stuffed with cotton balls. When I calm down, I think about it again.

Didn’t I also intentionally throw the tea bag from the boiling water on the back of Randy’s hand? It is not easy to be a father in the world, and Phil’s anger disappeared when he thought of this. Neil reprimanded Alex in the kitchen again. Phil and Jay exchanged looks and flew towards Neil’s head with the small plane.

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