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Flavour It’s Yours 看见味道的你 Episode 24 Recap

Bu drunk told Wei Xun that taste was returned to him, and then left sadly. Wei Xun looked at the non-drunk back and said silently that his taste was actually cured. Mr. Wan went to see his son in the nursing home. Mr. Wan Zeze still didn’t want to talk to his father. Mr. Wan cut apples for him but was rejected by Mr. Wan Zeze. Mr. Wan told his son that he only knew that the sheep factory made fake wine, but he didn’t expect him. Suddenly committed suicide. Wan Zeze asked his father why he should not follow them. Dr. Wan quickly lied and said that he just wanted to know about his friends. Wan Zeze believed it but told his father not to do it in the future. He didn’t want his father to be a bad person.

Nan Ke looked at her drunk and told her that she didn’t expect that she could be so sober at the critical moment, she said she was just angry and slightly hiding herself. The two decided to try another way to see if they could remember something without getting drunk. Wei Xun went back and asked his father why he wanted to buy Ewha White. Mr. Lu told Wei Xun because his mother loved Ewha White at the time. It turned out that he and Wei Xun’s mother went to the winery fair together. OK, and feel this wine is underrated. Later, the Lu Group wanted to acquire Hejia Jiufang, but because the business card left by Hejia Jiufang was Wan Zong, they contacted Wan Zong, but the acquisition was unsuccessful until later He Jia Jiufang closed down. Down, he didn’t know what was going on in the middle. Wei Xun began to doubt Mr. Wan. At this time, Wan Zeze called Wei Xun and asked him to rush to the hospital to pick himself up. He also asked how Wei Xun was not drunk now. Wei Xun put down the phone and told his father if he knew the butterfly effect. They caused A mischief.

Wei Xun received Wan Zeze back to his home, and President Wan also knew about his son’s disappearance. Wan Zeze told Weixun that his father sent someone to follow them. Brother Mia found Mia and asked her why she hadn’t contacted Nanke, and also asked if she had been green. Mia was angry to drive him away, but Mia said she was going to teach Nanke. Mia mumbled that he could fight. Nanke? Bu drunk and Nan Ke in the bar warehouse are prepared to let Bu drunk alone stay in the dark warehouse to stimulate her to think about the past. Do not get drunk and prepare Nan Ke to turn off the lights. The previous scene begins to appear in his mind. In the basin, she remembered everything. When she went to the diner to play, she saw that Wan ’s father was holding Nanke ’s father and begged him not to tell him about the factory. Nanke ’s father was unwilling to call him. Wan ’s heart beat him to death.

Also dragged out to bury him in the wasteland outside, not drunk to see this scene in the window and Nanke’s father was not dead at the time, not afraid to hide when drunk, then Wan Zong came in to see the sugar gourd on the ground, not drunk and afraid Falling into the wine tank and Wan Zong looked at drowning drunk and did not help. Woke up from memories and hurried out to tell Nan Ke that President Wan had killed Nan Ke ’s father. The two were talking about Mia ’s younger brother coming over and telling his sister that he was tied up. Nan Ke hurried to him Go save Mia.

Mr. Wan went to find his father who was not drunk again. He was rushed back because he was worried about the danger of his father. When he was not drunk, he found his father lying on the sofa. At this time, Mr. Wan came out and sent his men to grab the phone that was not drunk. take away. Wei Xun had been worried about not being drunk and making phone calls. Nanke and Mia’s brother found Mia’s house. It turned out that Mia’s brother saw her sister uncomfortable and tricked Nanke over. Nanke saw Mia wrapped in a towel before she knew she was fine. He was afraid to leave without getting drunk, and Mia learned from his younger brother that he had been with drunk just now and knew that something had happened to them.

Wei found that the drunken family couldn’t find her. When he saw 87 on the table, he quickly asked Wan Zeze what 87 meant, and Wan Zeze thought of the license plate number. Wei Xun informed Hao Yong and Xia Fan. Hao Yong was angry and Wei Xun failed to protect her. Xia Fan used her anchor status to hurry to live broadcast. I hope my fans will notify them immediately if they find this license plate. Xia Fan traces that the car has left the city. Wei Xun Hurry up regardless of the danger.

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