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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 23 Recap

After knowing it was Wei Xun ’s father, Bu Xun promised to see President Lu, and Xia Fan told Wei Xun if he was not drunk to see Mr Lu. Mr. Lu made tea for not being drunk, and asked if it was hard to get along with Wei Xun. Not getting drunk told him it was not easy to get along with anyone, but after getting to know Wei Xun, he still got along well. It wasn’t brewing pear flower white. If he was n’t drunk, he wondered about pear flower white. He asked him if he knew what happened in the year, and Mr. Lu told him if he was n’t drunk and did n’t know what happened then.

At this time, Wei Xun rushed to get drunk, Wei Xuan was nervous and not drunk, and angrily asked Mr. Lu what he was going to do. Mr. Lu said helplessly that he just wanted to see his future daughter-in-law. On the way back, Wei Xun asked if he was drunk and talked to his father. He told Wei Xun what they were talking about. He was not drunk and felt that Mr. Lu had covered up the events of the year. Without telling the truth, Wei Xun let Bu drunk meet again.

Mia received a call from her mother, and the mother asked her if she was in love with the bar owner, and then she said that the bar owner was not reliable and did not make money, so Mia quickly broke up with Elbe, Mia Tell the mother that her boyfriend is Yi Nanke and then hang up. Mia knew that her brother had sued her mother, so she went to her brother and warned him to take care of her own affairs in the future. Nanke Yomia went out to eat. It turned out that Nanke already knew that the body was his father. He wanted revenge, but he didn’t want to affect Mia. So during the meal, Nanke deliberately told Mia that he was disgusted with this love game. Already loathe Mia, Mia started not to believe, but seeing Nan Ke’s firm attitude, Mia left sadly.

Weixun and Do not get drunk go shopping, a promotional brother gave them the headband of police officer Judy and Fox Nick, do not get drunk and want to look for Wei Wei, but do not want to take care of the face, do not get angry and go to eat spicy hot, Wei Xun didn’t let her eat or get drunk. She wanted to lose her temper, but saw Wei Xun’s cute look wearing a headband and decided not to eat. At night, when Wei Xun was preparing to sleep, she smelled a hot pot smell. When she went downstairs and saw that she was eating hot pot, Wei Xun wanted to learn not to get drunk, but she still agreed to let her eat hot pot. Drunk let Wei Xun taste his favorite tofu skin, Wei Xun tasted OK, not happy. Not drunk to go home to see Dad Hao just happened to cook, Hao Yong told the total drunk Wan to come to her father, some doubt about not drunk. Don’t get drunk and call Mr. Wan to ask if it was the winery he bought that year. Mr. Wan said he had no money that year, and then he settled down after he had the money. He also told Mr. Lu that he had bought the winery.

Bu drunk and Wei Xun received Mu Chunfeng’s invitation. Everyone rushed to the reception and found that he also invited Xia Fan and Nan Ke. Mia saw Nan Ke leave, Mu Chunfeng invited Mia to taste wine. Do not get drunk and ask Nan Ke. What happened to Mia? Mu Chunfeng also asked about Mia and Nanke, Mia did not answer directly, but Mu Chunfeng said that their hearts never separated. Nan Ke tells Drunk that he is investigating the sheep boss and finds that his family has all disappeared. The two are chatting about Mia leaving. He is not drunk and complains about why he did not send Mia. Nan Ke tells her that he is investigating the truth about his father’s death. This protects Mia.

Mu Chunfeng told Weixun that he found a large amount of white wine in the wine cellar of Barker Winery, and asked him if he knew what was going on. Everyone doubted to check it together. When he was not drunk, he opened a box of white wine and found that it was pear white. Nanke asked slightly. What’s going on, why is Lihuabai at Lujia’s Buck winery, Weixun can’t answer it, Nanke thinks everything is Lu’s group behind, and tells him that he has friends who are proficient in the Internet, and found the sheep boss’s factory Much of the finance is related to the Lu Group. I do n’t get drunk. I remember that President Wan told her that Lu had bought their distillery. Sad to ask Wei Xun that he did n’t know what happened then, Wei Xun did n’t know how to explain it. He was not drunk and cried and drank one bottle after another. The pear is white and kisses slightly.

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