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Wonder Woman (2019) 多功能老婆

Other Title: 多功能老婆 / Wonder Woman / Multifunctional Wife

Genres: Drama,
Hong Kong
Chen Baohua
Release Date:
November 25, 2019
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  • Zhou Baihao
  • Huang Haoran
  • Yang Qianyi
  • Zhu Chenli
  • Chen Wei
  • Hong Yongcheng

It tells that when Lan Fei, Ma Silei, and Wan Fenghua went on vacation together, they accidentally broke her husband’s derailment. Lan Fei’s marriage broke down, and she was single to support a family. To ease the burden of mortgage repayment, she rented out the house, so she fell in love with the unruly tenant Rong Haotian. Under the same roof, the two went from misunderstanding to mutual support to emotion.

Since the divorce, Lan Feixing has become a self-strengthening woman and actively used her cooking skills and creativity! Women are all kinds of multifunctional animals. They can face any adversity. They are brave because of love, they can rebuild themselves, go wrong love, and then find true love!

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