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Safety Equipment for Elders For Everyone in the Family to Feel More Comfortable Than Ever

Many people are well aware that Thai society is moving towards the aging society in the next few decades. Innovation or renovation of homes for the elderly therefore are continuously developed and there are more devices for the elders. The technology that creates comfort in life and support appropriate usage behavior, especially safety equipment for the elders, presently there are a variety to choose from, according to the needs. HomeGuru sees the importance of adapting into the aging society, therefore, has gathered 5 safety equipment for the elders that you should have them in your home inside this article.

Speak able CCTV

For home with the elder who stay at home alone, we recommend you to install safety equipment for the elders such as CCTV, so it can keep an eye on the dangers around the house and also be used to monitor the safety of people in the home as well. Especially the CCTV can speak helps to add peace of mind to both those outside the home and the people inside. With State-of-the-art technology that allows to talk and wireless communication connects with smart phone. It can easily talk in real time.

Emergency button for elders

Another essential safety equipment for the elders in case of emergency and need urgent help, the elderly emergency button is a technology that is designed to help when a disaster occurs immediately. Just press the help button on the remote, alarms will be sent out to members in the home immediately. In addition, images and videos can be sent to smartphones to coordinate with relevant agencies for help.

Smoke detector

Forgetfulness that comes with age might be one of that causes serious danger in the home. Forgetting to turn off electricity or gas can always occur when the elderly is at home alone. The cause of the fire causing damage to property and life threatening can be prevented by smoke detectors which will detect the amount of smoke and heat that exceeds the normal value. In order to alert before the fire occurred or if the incident can still help prevent the spread of fire by distributing water from the water valve. It is a safety equipment for the elders that effectively protects property and the people we love.

Door window sensor

When the elderly has to stay at home regularly on a regular basis, has the same routine at the same time, may also forget to open the door and window often. It can an opportunity for thieves to steal an opportunity to sneak into the house easily and certainly not safe for people in the house. Door sensor, window opening – closing is a safety equipment for the elders that should be installed inside the house. The door, window sensor Will check the distance between the window and door window. If the distance is too far away, the alarm will be sent, and including notifications via connected smartphones.

Alarm equipment for elders

The main function of the elderly alarm device or alarm warning is the loud signal transmission to warn homeowners, resident or even nearby neighbors and the person who is responsible for safety is aware of the danger or an urgent emergency in order to help prevent or stop the various incidents that occur. This device will be used with connected other safety devices whether it is CCTV, motion detector, smoke detector, door and window sensor and other safety equipment for the elders.

These 5 safety equipment for the elders probably helps everyone in the house not to worry about safety more or less. There is more safety equipment for the elders to help facilitate and maintain safety for those we love. Don’t forget to visit home ideas for the elders.

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