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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 8 Preview

Reddington and Dunby rushed to Frank’s house. There was no one inside, the furniture tipped over, and there were blood stains on the ground and walls. Frank must have been taken away by Catalina. It is not good for Frank to tell the truth, but the thought of his old friends suffering for himself makes Reddington uneasy. Reddington found Sutherland again and learned that Catalina was paying cash for intelligence through a trader. The trader is like a delivery driver, delivering a takeaway package containing cash. The package is printed with “Mud Elephant Restaurant”.

Readington and Dunby immediately set off for London, where they recognized the trader Sutherland was talking about at a glance at the “Mud Elephant Restaurant.” The man was named Arjun, and it was he who handed the cash package to Sutherland two weeks ago. Under Reddington’s gun, he honestly confessed that the money was requested by the headquarters. Their headquarters is in a small place on 12th Street in Matangi, New York. It manages the entire network there, with branches in 18 countries, all disguised as inconspicuous small restaurants to facilitate receipt and delivery of IOUs.

After asking the headquarter manager named Bavish, Reddington contacted Elizabeth in Washington. Since Mrs. McGrady was not at home today, Elizabeth wanted to take Agnes to the park. Now that Redington called, Elizabeth had to send her daughter to Beth’s house. After arriving at the action team, it was discovered that the system was called Hawala, which means the transfer of funds without dynamic funds in Arabic.

Bavish upgraded this traditional legal method to a new stage of illegality, requiring no bank records, no actual capital flow, and payment to designated customers without leaving any electronic evidence for inquiry. Bavish expanded this business to countries where terrorist organizations, human traffickers, and drug cartels are concentrated. The small restaurants in different places have different names, but they are all under the management of Bavish, with their headquarters in Manhattan.

Cooper couldn’t understand why Reddington could go to Bavish by himself. In any case, let’s break the world’s largest underground bank first. Elizabeth, Lesler, and Alina were watching in Manhattan, and they saw Bavish coming out of the restaurant with two paper bags in person. After following a period of time, the three found that there were several people around Bavish who looked like passersby, but were actually bodyguards.

When the three of them were discussing whether they needed to call for support, they saw Reddington sitting on a roadside bench and greeted Bavish. Reddington pointed out that the three Joint Investigation Bureau agents who were performing surveillance missions not far away promised to help Bavish get away, provided that he gave out information about a certain customer.

Bavish thinks over and over again, if he is really surrounded by the FBI, no amount of bodyguards will help. He immediately dropped the money bag in his hand, got into Reddington’s car, and escaped. Elizabeth understood now that she was used as a gunman by Reddington.

Reddington helped Bavish escape the FBI’s “capture” and provided another 3.5 million US dollars so that Bavish could make up for the lost cash and hand it over to the customer in time to maintain his hard-earned contacts. Bavish responded with Li and provided the contents of two payments Constance had paid. One was to British agent Sutherland and the other was to Orion Transport Services.

Reddington didn’t have time to take care of the angry Cooper. Just tell him that Bavish’s payment client was a drug cartel and the payee was a rescue expert. It was enough to calm Cooper’s anger and focus on investigating what the drug cartel intended. for. As a result, a major case involving the kidnapping and killing of undercover agents was detected and the dying agent was rescued.

Reddington found Glenn of the DMV, and this time he no longer tolerated meaningless mischief. Glenn, who has always liked to play tricks on Reddington, had to put away his hippie smiles and cheered up to search for information all night. It was finally discovered that Orion was a self-employed operator who specializes in providing services to a small transportation company located in Patterson, transporting idlers, similar to providing witness protection services for criminals.

And Elizabeth, who had just finished the mission, also received a call from Beth. Beth is a little worried about Agnes, because Agnes drew a picture of playing in the park with a man lying on the ground sleeping. Agnes has only visited Rock Creek Park with Mrs. McGrady recently. How come you see someone sleeping? Elizabeth couldn’t help but feel suspicious, and went to Yanxi Park to check on the spot, and she found traces of fighting in the public toilet. There are still some blood and hair on the broken mirror.

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