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Thai Boxing Information

1. Boxing with Thailand
Classification of human races …. of. Thailand’s ethnic group in Mongolia. Body generally smaller than people living in temperate zones. Average height of 5 feet 3 inches, slim, muscular body weight less turnout. Agility and flexibility Hand with soft flesh Light brown skin, black hair with little body hair, beard not thick head shape is well proportioned. Black whites of the eyes slightly yellow. Pooled plump plump round face because the landscape is tropical equatorial most people living along the river banks. The boat ride Thailand makes people wear little pieces. Do not wear a hat and shoes Punch, elbow, knee, foot organs can be agile. Take it to blend in with the knife, sword, spear weapon for self-defense and defense.

Muay Thai …. it comes with the Thailand. A heritage of Thailand for a long time. In ancient Thailand border with neighboring countries. So there is always a battle. So a man so popular Muay Thai training Thailand coupled with weapons training. Later evolved into a unique martial arts and more. A beautiful movement bears a strong stern. Can be trained for self-defense To the vigor And to the profession as well.

2. MuayThai in the Sukhothai period.
Sukhothai …. started around the year 1781 – 1951 as a period of 140 years, the evidence of inscriptions clearly states that. Sukhothai war with other countries around the sides. Had military training in the knowledge and skill in battle, armed with swords, spears, shields, including the organs of the body to help in the battle with such a close range kick, knee, elbow, kick to boost performance in combat.

After the war …. Young men in Sukhothai practiced MuayThai everyone always looks to enhance virility. To martial arts To the military and is a good tradition. In those days the famous boxing by the Anchor House Road, Mueang Lop. There is also a Muay Thai training the temple by monks as well. How to train Muay Thai in Sukhothai. Boxing is the student teacher trickery chopping firewood mantis water pool, dangling vines. Body for strength and endurance before starting training. The cloth is tied the knot with big branches. I was punched with fists, feet, knees elbows are also practicing kicks with banana trees blow with sparring partner wrestled with sparring partners. Ended with a swim to clean the body and relax the muscles before bed. Boxing trainer will train morality Review skills in boxing stance From that day, combined with skills training in various postures. Previously trained

Sukhothai …. boxing is a science class is included in the curriculum of the king. To train as warriors with courage. Has excellent physical And courageous king to rule the country. As it appears, according to the Chronicle Tit Sri Indra, king of the Sukhothai He first saw Prince fall forward to episode 2 the age of 13 years old to train Muay Thai at the Anchor House Road, Mueang Lop. To train a future king, courageous, and in the year 1818 – 1860, King Ramkhamhaeng has written original dossier. I mentioned a few posts with boxing. In addition, God Lithai When he was young he was a graduate of the Royal Academy of intimate knowledge and has been hailed as a sage. The academy, which teaches not alone. He must concurrently with clinical practice. Especially martial freehand style boxing. Armed with spears and swords, knives, shields, bows and so on.

Muay Thai in Ayutthaya
Started around the year …. the Ayutthaya period 1988 – 2310 period, some 417 years old, it has wage war on neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Cambodia, so it must be trained young Ayutthaya fought with weapons and expertise in GaN. martial arts with his bare hands Compete with specialist teachers as instructors. Training starts from the palace to the public. The Sword Tai Buddhist heaven is the sword of the famous Ayutthaya. People often go to the In order to use simulated weapons training. Is called rattan sword fencing must also practice martial freehand called concurrently with boxing. In this latter measure is still the place to learn all academic subjects and practical subjects in terms of weapons, coupled with Muay Thai as well.

Reign of King Naresuan the Great (AD 2133-2147).
Young people …. He took some time with him, he apprentices himself. By practicing courage. Self-confidence Armed with all kinds of expertise. Talented in martial arts, boxing great. He appointed Esืapeaแmwmag Division A guerrilla units The military itself has been very active in the salvage of independence from Burma in the year 2127.

King Narai the Great (reign 2147-2233).
A peaceful country …. A more prosperous He has to promote and support the sport immensely. Muay Thai is a popular sport into a career. Boxing has occurred Nowadays boxing punch on the ground. Using the same rope around a square. Boxer yarn to use frozen breaded or bitumen bound hand called the popular rope or boxing crown on his head. Praehiid and tie it to the upper arm throughout the match. A comparable pair voluntarily by both parties. Regardless of size, age, body la Rule of thumb is to punch punches until either party to surrender. The festivals Must have a boxing match with it. Gambling between a fighter ace from one village to another village, one of the boxers who excel.

The King Tiger (AD 2240-2252).
Tiger’s reign …. Surasak or Khunheyong He has good boxing Thailand. One time he went to the parish gravel beach. Chamberlain, along with 4 other people in costume to attend a comparable job pair. The courts know only that he was a boxer from the city have provided punch fighter craft from the boxing town wonderful Chai Chan, including the central punch die, the punch and the small punch hard, which he hit to win both. three consecutive Bird, he trained to Diamond Princess and Prince together. Son to have the boxing ability. Fencing and wrestling with

In the early Ayutthaya period The King …. please make a selection out to the boxing capital by men skilled in boxing fight Thailand’s throne. The craft then recruited into a military display. And the guard called the “military option” under the Department of Royal Boxing. The security functions Within the royal palace or in various applications. It is also a boxing trainer to the military and his son as well.

The late Ayutthaya

After the defeat of the Burmese was 2nd in 2310 with two of the famous boxer.

One. Mr. boiled sweets that were carried away captive of Ayudhya Thailand is No. 2 on the year 2310 in the year 2317 the Lord Ava. Please give the Burmese king ceremony to celebrate the great pagoda at Rangoon city. He spoke to a Thai boxer workmanship. Myanmar boxers are comparable to Then punch in front of the throne on 17 March, 2317 boiled sweets which Mr. Punch Burmese boxer wins to 10 people without a rest. The winner of this fight is published in international art of Muay Thai for the first time. So he treats it like a “father of boxing” and March 17 is a day of boxing.

Two. Praya Pichai Dap Hak (BE 2284-2325), formerly known as the tiny town Pichai. Uttaradit Province Knowledgeable about the sport of boxing. Muay Thai training of teachers at the time and knowledge for self-Thailand boxing until the age of 16 years, he practiced sword, acrobatics and Chinese martial arts of Chinese people. The workmanship is excellent in terms of boxing and sword. As it appears to the eyes of Phraya Tak. Thus leading to the official title of Luang Pichai subjects. After the end of God’s Thonburi era. Pichai Phraya Pichai was to occupy their original house in 2314 P.s. Burmese slash attack then it Chiangmai attack Pichai. Phraya Pichai led military engagement. The battle to fight the Broken Sword until both sides have called Praya Pichai Dap Hak.


The Thonburi period starting 2310 – 2324 period of 14 years, the country is undergoing restoration. After Liberator recoverable. Muay Thai training session to a real war, and military training.

In this era fighter craft such as the Cloud pole. He excelled at home Mr frustration District in Tak Mr Sunil Thungyang Mr Sunil Primitive student teachers The Boxer is a soldier of King and Royal Prom SENA Royal affectionately titled forgiveness, loyalty, Mr Toner said gold teeth or Dap Hak Phraya Pichai. The punch in the Thonburi period Collections alien fighter Teacher or student to punch each other. Rules also not evident. Know only that no punch points. Until the other party to surrender to. Helical Soil Arena Most of the temple Boxer also hit a tying rope crown. Praehiid and tied to the arm during the competition.

Rattanakosin era

Muay Thai King Rama I in the Rattanakosin period beginning 1 to 4 year reign from 2325 to 2411 at 86 years of Muay Thai was national art. Are competing in the annual festival. The competition rules are scheduled to be lifted. Using coconut shell with a floating coconut shell sank to the bottom if a drummer is a sign that the lift. Competition not held due Punch until the other party to surrender.

The reign of the first King Rama I the Great (Since 2325-2352).

He also trained Muay Thai since he was young. And He delights in Thailand always went to see a boxing match in the year 2331 French merchants to trade ships worldwide with brothers clutching gash. Younger people as well skilled boxer. Betting on boxing for many cities it has arrived in Bangkok so respectfully Lord Privy. Thailand’s boxing betting against the Lord Privy said to have taken up the reigns at first said he discussed with his brother the palace. Who is a skilled Muay Thai And took the boxing capital at that time. Been agreed a deposit in the amount of 50 scales the palace lawyers recruited a talented viceroy name. Metabolism thousand times fought against French boxer. Arena of competition are established at the Wat Phra Kaew. Using a single rope tied to a pole at a height of about 70 cm 4 Isolate a square rigger. Approximately 20 meters in front of the Pavilion planted. Rules No ratings. Punch until defeated by decisive. But when the time had commanded him to blow up thousands of calories. With the oil that the body drugs. Praehiid arm tie fetish Then the neck were sent to the arena.

Cell competition begins I have no advantage A close encounter Tried to wrestle the neck and collarbone. Thousand calories trying to ward off the sting candidate alternating with kick pedal, then retreat to escape the punches long as I do not have the specific handicap race. I saw that if I punch my brother disadvantage I decided to jump into a thousand burning barrier retreat. Action as well Melee ensued between the French and the lawyers choose. I hurt a lot of the reign of the first royal physician to the chiropractor treatment. Recovered two brothers went out on a boat back to France.

  • The reign of the second King Rama II (AD 2352-2367). When he was young …… He teaches boxing Bureau of Wat Bang Wa Yai. (Bell Khositaram) days of King Rat (Yu), who had been the mother’s lap. When life was 16 years old, came and dwelt in the Muay Thai training of lawyers more options. They made ​​a large lawn area creating Lang Stadium. And changed the word “flea hop boxing” as “Muay”.
  • 3 reign of King Nang Klao Chao Yu Hua (AD 2367 -2394). He teaches boxing ……. lawyers selected in the reign of the two districts in this population remains popular boxing and fencing as well. For this reason, Thao Suranaree. Or Historical Parks Korat wife It can take over your army is fighting to win band of conservative walled city Monday. Treatment by City
  • 4 reign of King Mongkut (AD 2394-2411). While …… he was young. He’s a boy who Boxing Thailand. Fencing and play a show in front of the temple ceremony. Temple of the Emerald Buddha This was a turning point in modern western civilization began to spread into Thailand. But boxing is still the national sport.
  • The reign of King Rama V 5 (AD 2411-2453). He teaches Muay Thai boxing …… of the Royal. Which is supported on the patriarchal royal armies. I was a boxing trainer who offers the 0 instruction. Please give him a lot of Muay Thai His boxing throne reruns He let Governor cities It was the talented boxers punch each seat to find the most talented boxers into the guard. Department of Royal Boxing

He ….. appreciate the national sport. Said the boxing match over the country. To achieve a more popular sport of boxing. He also graciously provided a “boxing capital,” according to the cities. To act as trainers competition And another boxing match When such ceremonial job Oskants the crematorium or city living. Bureau will issue a summons to the boxing capital of the boxer. The clarinet drums join in with. As in a funeral Krom Khun Pong Mru Siripat Held at the Thung Phra Men (plaza) RC subdue the fort. In this work he graciously sponsor Muay Thai throne. The fighter craft from many different punches opponent won received the “tens” below.

One. Thousand boxer whose name is Mr. Gold Certified Chimney fighter craft from Chaiya. A punch with it Esืalakhag captured by a rival and has won several times.

Two. Thousand boxing punch is the rolling batting average does not show the extension. Fighter craft from Lopburi. The rhythmic punch and penetration clever maneuvering agility. The straight punch is excellent.
Three. Thousand Beach leverage the punch is Mr. Red Thailand noble fighter craft from Korat. A severe kicking And cast the famous flea medication is called “throwing a punch cattle”.

Year 2430 … His Majesty the King 5 to set up the Department of Education. Muay Thai is one of the subjects in the school curriculum, teachers, practicing his furiously. The Royal Military Academy cadet
In this period is considered the golden age of boxing.

6 His Majesty King Rama VI (AD 2453-2468).
In the year … 2457 – 2461 Thailand sent troops to join the Allies in World War 1 at the city of Marseille, France. The convoy commander is Lieutenant General Phraya Thep Thai soldiers to join the battle this time. You are a very organized Muay Thai Boxing Thailand show the soldiers and people of European visitors. Create a pleasing and impressive. This is the first time that boxing began publishing in Europe.

2464 …. the year after World War 1 fighter … the rose garden of the first permanent boxing tournament on a regular basis. On the football field within Suankularb initial audience is seated and standing around the Arena, which was square. Approximately 26 meters on each side forbidden lines Isolate audience ultrasonic field arena. The boxing competition at hand, with crown tie yarn Praehiid the upper arm. Wear shorts Groin protection padded vital organs. Headband and waist tightly over again. Do not wear a shirt and shoes The Referee dressed in purple cloth wear a loincloth. Stan and the Royal wore white socks.

The pair, who are very interested …. Boxing is Boxing batting thousand fleas. The talented boxer in the reign of five who was 50 years old curses punch with the young fighter craft fair grader. Tall and 22 years old from Korat to punch this time to avenge his lost batting thousand boxing punch. When I hit the crematorium throne Khun Pong Siripat Mru. The competition takes 2 minutes thousand boxing punch is a punch thrown batting Buffalo, Mr. Pong. Fell unconscious to the floor. The audience was thrilled with my finish of the shiny. Run into the hem to congratulate. Destabilizing Trusts and scouts have to work hard. Of this event, the organizing committee held a meeting to find a solution so boxing. Finally agreed to build a boxing ring in the new day. The raised platform 4 feet floor mats Chan complete with several blankets sewn together. 1 inch platform with a rope barrier with the corner of the boxing and the referee stepped up. Judge goers scout uniform A guard at the house, the second timer signal the drums punch 11 competition held at 3 minutes apart when a judge ordered a ban on using children courting Separate bite it. If the opponent fails to stand waiting at the corner. An orchestra of flutes, drums thousand for portraying the voice played to the rhythm of the competition.

Competing traffic …. public interest and calling for a further six reign of His Majesty the King graciously pleased Siva Suresh Sen. Carl loyalty. chief scout A boxing match to raise money to buy a gun scout. The governor’s Samui Etsapibal and towns. A skilled boxer to punch each other. Boxer mostly from the provinces to stay at a club scout. The copyrights on the boxer has a double advantage. Journalists to shoot a commercial This is the first time the advertising. Muay Thai competition

Boxing history … a couple can make the most of that period, Mr. Young is fearless marine with Ji Chang (Hou said bias) scores Jeep Chang Chinese boxer being punched in the face and kicked by the nape falling. lying down, the referee counted to 10, it could not get me to fight.

• 7 King Rama VII (AD 2468-2477).
During the year …. 2466 – 2472 Lieutenant General Phraya Thep created. Tha main stadium and the National Theatre present. Stage rope barrier, with a great line up. Each line is a single rope straining the corner for not opening up like old age. To prevent a fighter against the stage and held annually.

2472 …. the year the government ordered nationwide wearing boxing gloves punch to Thailand. Set wearing boxing gloves from the Philippines came universal boxing in Thailand. This is because Mr. Patterson precious pet. Fighter craft from Ban Tha Sao. Uttaradit is punched with a punch die grinder Cambodian guests expect rope.

Saturday … 9 November 2472 Venerable Dharma Katha mulatto. Thailand began boxing tournament at Lumpini Park amusement area with Mahan other bodies. By screening out fighter craft punch every Saturday due Mongkut was thus modern boxing international standard is a string of three lines with canvas flooring has a red, blue, with the referee give the two men a decisive match on. stage 1, the bell signaling the first time. And on Saturday, 30 December 2472 in the list of New Year’s Day. Fight the power to heal Dilokwilas Poo Boxing increasingly assembled a list including Mr. Suwan New Wasa purple with purple Mr. Shinawatra, who have brought out the iron caltrops used to protect vital organs causing Boxing others. Turned to iron caltrops ever since.

8 reign of King Ananda Mahidol on display at Navy Great (BE 2477-2489).
During the year …. 2478 – 2484 Baron has built a reputation in those days boxing up the land area of the garden thou stadium named Chet Chet. The Department is currently Guard. The operation was well organized. Since the military took control To care for the military. Contact organizers for many years Went away because of the 2nd World War the Japanese army invaded Thailand on December 8, 2484.

During the year 2485 -2487 … World War 2 are calm but still flying enemy aircraft patrolled night and day. Need to deal boxing the theater in Thailand. In the daytime, such as stadium improvements. Boxing Thaprachan Boxing great circle Because Prachn still interested in Muay Thai.

2488 …. December 23 Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium opened on the first match. There was a beautiful Mr.Pramoth reliant stadium first. Lord Jindaraksa the teacher as Director General Chit assets am a promoter. Punch held regularly on Sundays at 16.00 – 17.00 the rules of the Department of Physical Education, year 2480 big 5 rounds at 3 minutes rest between weight lifting for 2 minutes in the first stage. Weight boxer with a stone like a weight scale, then 2 years later was changed to the year 2491 kilograms converted into pounds weight boxer. To provide a more universal system. And called the Model according to weight, as weight does not exceed 112 pounds in weight up to 118 pounds, the late Vedic version bantamweight etc. Year 2494 Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium roof construction has begun permanently.

September 3, 2496 …. Police Colonel Mr. Pichai Supatravanij Assistant Directors and Boxing Forum Boxing has organized the boxer wears the pants in the corner of their own. Mentors need to dress modestly

2496 … December 8, Lumpini Boxing Stadium. Opened a boxing match for the first time, there was a decline pervade Saengrit stadium field Sriyapai manager.

Year 2498 … Rajadamnern Company Limited is a professional Muay Thai rules the first place. With updated rules of the boxing year 2480 of the Department of Physical Education.

Year 2502, Mr. Knowles … Taguchi, a Japanese businessman, led the fight against the Japanese boxer boxers boxing movie that has taken up the study. Renamed racing furiously told Mr Ken Taguchi chitosan leaders have visited the Japanese martial arts, boxing, at the Forum. The impression Subject to the boxing training seriously. In Japanese elementary school

Year 2503 … Rajadamnern Company Limited increased regulations, rules that another boxing career. Thai boxers in the competition must be aged at least 18 years of age and not more than 38 years, completed.

Year 2504 … Rajadamnern Cup boxing tournament organized for the first time. A boxer who was the royal cup-resistant. The following order:

  • November 13, 2504, the first Water, promotion and publicity.
  • On 8 May 2506 the two effects might influence Schawan.
  • February 25, 2508 3rd Sompong Charoenmuang.
  • December 14th 2512 Ploenchit 4th Holy celebration.
  • November 6, 2514 to honor warriors 5 keys of Paradise.
  • January 17, 2522, the sixth war Toxic Kings.
  • September 29, 2507, President Mr. Chalerm turbulent currency Rajadamnern limited promulgated regulations governing the Championship Campion. Prevention Champion And ranking of boxers Rajadamnern first.

Rajadamnern limited company … year 2508 have been adjusted to be more appropriate to professional Muay Thai rules, titled “Rules boxing career Rajadamnern 2508”.

December 2527 … Boxing Forum Boxing Rankings Top 10 for the first time below.

  • 1 person Phrapadaeng
  • Two happy people nervous Hin Phimai.
  • 3rd Chu Chai Chai King Khan.
  • 4 people Prayuth Udomsakdi
  • 5th Adul Sri Sothon.
  • 6th Det meta Alumni Hiran.
  • 7 people Wichan less Porntaweesak.
  • 8 people developed steel wheels
  • 9 people inhabiting less Worawuthichongsathit.
  • The Diesel least 10 h. President Mr. Kan

Muay Thai artistry .. Competition swords or other weapons have since ancient times, before the race. Teacher must be If a Thai boxer Before boxing Thailand Teacher must be dancing, boxing and Muay Thai is a tradition. Practical successor to the present as a homage ceremony of respect for competition. Or that homage Unto the king, which in ancient times had made ​​the punch boxing throne on a regular basis both commemorate. And express gratitude The Philistines Endowed with the knowledge To make a pass to a susceptible mind, stability control, as well dread the dance expresses boxing. Muay Thai, or Thai boxing camp teacher characteristics. If the Wai Kru and Muay Thai boxing dance smash hits are usually not the same because they understand that a student has the same teacher, the dance, boxing, Muay Thai also observed. View the contestant And to warm To relieve stress Both physically and mentally Ready to fight.

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