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Increase the green space in the shelter with gardening

Living in the city Although full of comfort and civilization But people are experiencing problems from the environment. Regardless of traveling within rush hours Working pressure Or even air pollution Something that relieves stress from these things Tend to be a hobby Some people play music or read a book. Some people choose to exercise. Enhance both physical and mental health. Or some people get up to apply and allocate the space inside the house Creating green areas Such activities or skills are called “gardening”.The landscaping is considered to improve the environment to be more vibrant. Helps us relax Move the body and enjoy the garden design and the selection of plants according to their own tastes. More than that The tree also has the same features as a natural air purifier. It can be said that it is friendly to work and environment-friendly. For the selection of plants to be planted Should consider many factors such as width, area Amount of light And the type of plants, as in the example of 2 areas that are popularly planted as follows

  1. Around the corner of the room Succulent plants should be planted, which the structure is different from other plants. Can store and maintain water more efficiently And has the ability to survive Even with little natural light Example of this plant family
    • Philodendron (Heart-leaved Philodendron) Years of soft ivy, succulent stems, fast growth rate Grows well in loamy soil Prefer sunlight and moderate water Popular planted in pots.
    • succulent plant that grows quite quickly Grows well in loamy or sandy soil, drains well, enjoys sunlight, and plants exude oxygen at night Helps to circulate the air well.

2. In the corner of the window, a small area right here can grow plants that are sunny or need light. Like the following plant species

  • Guan Yin (Ribbon plant, Lucky bamboo, Belgain evergreen) Should be planted in soil mixed with manure or compost. Need about 1 to 2 times a week of water
  • Billionaire (Kalanchoe hybrid). Herbaceous plant in every part of succulent plant. Prefers moderate water and drought resistant. Grows fast regardless of soil type

For the society The term green space or touching nature is often a distant thing, but people are always asking. Waiting for the holidays or free time to travel to absorb the atmosphere. Even though we are not there We were able to experience the said atmosphere. With a skill known as “gardening”, this skill aside from giving you the opportunity to show your taste We also get shady views within our area. It also helps to create a peaceful area in the house and is something that we can begin to do. This article discusses only the selection of basic plants. But the world of landscaping consists of many factors If you are interested and need more information about gardening.

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