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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 7 Preview

Elizabeth was fortunate that the neighbor Mrs. McGrady liked Agnes so much that she almost spoiled her. She never complains about helping and taking care of her, and she never gets tired of it. Today Elizabeth will ask Mrs. McGrady to take care of Agnes. She has a lot of work to do. Mrs. McGrady was just about to go to Rock Creek Park, and Agnes clapped his hands happily.

Elizabeth found Reddington at the camping site, but she did not expect him to have a leisurely barbecue. In addition to Dunby, there was a new friend Frank. After Frank glanced at Elizabeth with a weird look, he said hello and left first. Reddington wanted Elizabeth to investigate a case that the Joint Investigation Bureau had concluded.

Virginia Governor Richard disappeared three months ago. When electing his successor, he suddenly appeared in the local hospital casually. The strange thing is that anyone would say something after a kidnapping, but Richard kept silent about it. Although the FBI has closed the case, Reddington has reason to believe that the former governor is still under threat of kidnapping.

There are indeed many doubts in this kidnapping case. No one asked for a ransom during the whole process. After a hundred days of disappearance, Richard woke up in an unmanned storage warehouse and was free. The first thing Alina thought of was the Sironatos family. Richard had refused to grant them a casino license, and the person in charge could be replaced by kidnapping. Reddington said that this matter has nothing to do with the Sironatos family, but Alina disagrees. However, based on Cooper’s experience, Reddington’s words have never been false. He sent Aram and Alina to the warehouse to investigate, and Lesler and Elizabeth went to visit the governor to see if they could ask more clues.

In Richard’s family manor, Richard looked relaxed, only saying that he had been anesthetized for three months, his head was blank, and he didn’t remember anything. But the person who had been asleep for three months was able to walk normally in just two days, and Elizabeth was suspicious. Further understanding, on the night of the kidnapping, Governor Richard worked very late. Deliberately bypassing the security, went to a familiar small restaurant to dine alone, wanting to be quiet. When he was out of the restaurant, his head was covered by a bag, and then he did not know the personnel.

Checking the surveillance, a suspicious van passed by that night. The decal advertising “Express Bedding” on the body does not have the company. Check the license plate again, and the vehicle is registered under the name of Wells. Wells is a freelancer and has nothing to do with the Sironato family. Elizabeth and Lesler applied for a search warrant and came to the address in Wales. The one who answered the door was a little girl. After Elizabeth explained her intention, the little girl yelled into the room and a blonde woman came out.

The blonde woman is the landlord of Wells, and Wells lives in a hut behind her. The landlord opened the door of the cabin and searched carefully. Elizabeth found a survey board behind the wall drawing board, which was covered with another person’s photo and related information. It is certain that James on the investigation board is the next victim.

Wells was a newly recruited volunteer from the institute under James’ name. The FBI was still a step late when sending people to the institute. James had been kidnapped. Cooper didn’t understand why Wells would target two unrelated people. But according to Elizabeth’s victim profile, Richard and James have some things in common.

They are all powerful, conservative, and politically active. Search for recent cases, and there are kidnapping cases with similar characteristics. The victim is Andrew, the pastor of the country’s largest Baptist church. Andrew disappeared for two months last year and then appeared again, claiming to participate in a spiritual retreat and apologizing for the uneasiness caused.

Lesler visited Pastor Andrew. Considering that there was another victim, Andrew told what happened to him. After being kidnapped, a crazy woman did the most blasphemous thing to him. The blonde woman transplanted Andrew’s uterus and cultivated fertilized eggs in it. Andrew has always supported the prohibition of abortion laws, so he did not give in, but chose to have a C-section and gave birth to the child. Seeing Andrew dotingly hold the child in his arms, Lesler couldn’t help being terrified.

Now I understand why Governor Richard is tight-lipped. It is he who promoted the ban on abortion in Virginia. After searching the warehouse, Aram and Alina obtained corresponding evidence. A synthetic estrogen tablet was found in the corner of the warehouse wall. The kidnappers use this method to protest the state government’s deprivation of the right to reproductive freedom.

There is a batch number on the tablets, and it can be found from the pharmaceutical factory that the batch was sold to a local clinic. Lesler and Aram immediately led the emergency team to raid the clinic. It was surprising that the nurse inside opened the door in cooperation and led Lesler and others into the operating room. James was lying unconscious on the operating table while wearing an anesthesia mask. The other doctors and nurses including Wells held his head honestly with his hands, kneeled on the edge of the operating table without any resistance. Among these people, the only one missing the blond chief surgeon mentioned by the pastor.

At this time, the team members guarding the door reported that an SUV broke through the blockade and fled. Alina and Elizabeth, who were on standby in the action team, immediately proceeded to investigate the license plate and found that the owner was Hannah, who was the landlord of Wells. Hannah was still a resident seven years ago and was sexually assaulted on campus to get pregnant. She filed a protest against the abortion ban at the time, so she went to prison and gave birth to her daughter Daisy in prison.

Lesler and Alam rushed to Hannah’s house, and saw Hannah’s car parked diagonally in the driveway. The two followed Hannah’s figure into the basement, only to see a man restrained on a dirty mattress in the basement, Hannah pointed a pistol at his head. It was this beast who raped Hannah and then brazenly applied for her daughter’s custody. Hannah recruited like-minded people, imprisoned the rapist here, used his semen to add her own eggs, and made those who support the abortion ban experience the same pain.

Hannah pulled the trigger without hesitation. As Lesler said, she will lose her freedom again, but her daughter Daisy will be free and will live a happy life under the care of her grandparents. Hannah didn’t care about everything else.

At the same time, Reddington was busy looking for someone. Frank found a child named Patrick. Katrina’s mistakes led to the death of her parents. Since then, Katrina has often helped her. Two years ago, Patrick was found to be suffering from a blood disease, and Catalina did not hesitate to ask Norman to formulate a treatment plan.

When Redington used Patrick’s cell phone to call Katrina, Katrina’s reaction was extremely excited. It turned out that she went to Rock Creek Park not only to accompany Agnes, but also to connect with Sutherland of MI6. From the recent monitoring of conversations in Elizabeth’s apartment, Sutherland has traced the information of the former KGB Ilya. But at the time of the joint, Molotzov was attacked and Sutherland was arrested. So when Redington called, Katrina mistakenly believed that Redington had learned about the situation from Morozov, and she asked to meet.

Catalina categorically refused Reddington’s request, Reddington did not embarrass Patrick, after all, he has got another clue. Reddington and Demby rushed into Morozov’s lair to kill. Mohuozov did not dare to resist and led Reddington to the cell. Sutherland had been tortured to blood, but still gritted her teeth. Reddington knew very well why he was so strong, and there was only one reason. Whether he said it or not, Morozov would not let him live.

Reddington shot Morozov twice in a row. Unlike Morozov, he was true to his words. As long as Sutherland told the information that Katrina asked for, there would be a way to survive. When Reddington heard the name Ilya, he was surprised that Frank was about to have an accident.

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