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Day: November 19, 2019

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 14 Recap

Luo Bixin successfully rescued the Mingchuan skeleton that fainted in the cave. Ding Chunqiu and his team were packing their luggage and preparing to leave Shuiyunjian. Because they did not […]

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 11 Recap

Luo Refill with either Ming-chuan to South River City investigative encountered slippery mountain wave. Because of this landslide, the two were unable to return to the team on time and […]

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 10 Recap

Because a serious radiation source was found in the room where Lexman lived, the relevant departments specially sent professionals to the construction site for detection and isolation. The close contact […]

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 9 Recap

Ren Mingchuan dismisses Jason’s suspicion that Lexus has a lethal radiation source in his residence. Police station. In the discussion on whether to Lingzhi Wen autopsy again, either Ming-chuan and […]

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 7 Recap

Luo Bixin was studying the case at home, and suddenly heard someone knocking on the door. Mingchuan personally went to Luo Bixin’s house. This made Luo Bixin very surprised. Mingchuan […]

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 6 Recap

At Huang Weilun’s concert, Mingchuan tried to find out whether Huang Weilun was related to the murderer. He took advantage of the turmoil before the opening and directly touched the […]

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 5 Recap

Ma Qiang’s death is most likely caused by drug poisoning Mingchuan took Luo Refill to Huang Weilun concert investigation. Mingchuan ‘s apprentice came to tell Luo Bixin that when Ma […]

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 3 Recap

In the forensic anatomy room, Mingchuan explained to Luo Bixin the results of his dissection of Qin Hong. He thought that Qin Hong was probably caused by intracranial hemorrhage and […]

The Listener 心灵法医 Episode 2 Recap

A drowning female body was found near a river in Penghai. At the police station meeting, the criminal police were analyzing the case of the freshwater female corpse. The deceased […]