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Day: November 16, 2019

Yuan Hao 袁昊 (Actor)

Yuan Hao (Actor)Other Name: Yuan Hao / 袁昊 / 袁昊 / Yuan Hao Nationality: ChineseGender: MaleBorn: October 10, 1996Occupation: ActorBirthplace: Beijing, ChinaHeight: Weight: Star sign: Chinese zodiac: Talent Agency: Education: […]

The Land of Hope Episode 7 Plot

Huayang University. Liu Ying courage to tell everything horse dust , the dust although very distressed horse suffered after her jump onto the train with their own, but still can […]

The Land of Hope Episode 6 Plot

Huayang University. Ma Chen rushed to Huayang University, looking for Wu Weiran and Liu Ying to ask for a statement. He did not think that his good brother and beloved […]

The Land of Hope Episode 5 Plot

Anmin Detention Center. The horse who had just been released was penniless and planned to find Wu Xinran, who had come to interview him according to his father Wu Wenyuan […]

The Land of Hope Episode 4 Plot

Liu Ying was sitting on the reef in a disheartened manner. In the end, it was difficult to accept the fact that she was pregnant. She planned to jump to […]

The Land of Hope Episode 3 Plot

Yuquan. Although Wu Weiran returned to the place where she left when she took Liu Ying by train, but because of the delay on the road, it has exceeded the […]

The Land of Hope Episode 2 Plot

Lishui County. Ma Chen , Wu Weiran and Liu Ying came to the railway and prepared to take the train to the south when the train passed. As the whistle […]

The Land of Hope Episode 1 Plot

In 2012, Huayang City. Many years later, Ma Chen , Wu Weiran , Wu Xinran and others who have developed around the world are meeting in Moon Bay in Lishui […]

The land of hope 希望的大地 (2019)

The land of hope (2019)Other Title: 希望的大地 / Hope of the earth / The land of hope Genres: Age, RevolutionEpisodes: 30 episodesCountry: China MainlandDirector: Wu ZiniuWriter: Wang ChenggangNetwork: CCTV-1 Release […]