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Taking over

Taking over (Novel)
Other Name: 夺嫡

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Nanhua
Year: 2019
Chapter: 40+
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Lu Zheng, a good young man in the 21st century, Lu Zheng, travels to become the concubine of the Lu family in the south of the Yangtze River. In the face of adversity, let’s see how Lu Zheng strives to be strong and grows by taking advantage of the momentum. In the end, his concubine counterattacks and disturbs the world.

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The weather is getting hotter, and Lu Zheng hasn’t been out these days since he returned from the painting boat of “Tingyuge”.

Earning ten thousand taels of silver did not change his life much.

In terms of financial resources alone, he can go outside to buy a house and move out to live, but can he really do that?

The answer is obviously no!

In the Dakang Dynasty, filial piety was the priority, and Lu Zheng lived in Zhang’s house in Yangzhou. That was what the mistress meant. Can he defy the orders of his parents?

If he dared to make his own claim and moved out from the Zhang family in Yangzhou, how could the face of the Zhang family in Yangzhou survive? Once he turned his head back and put a hat of unfaithfulness and unfilial piety on his head, Lu Zheng would be over in his entire life. Scholars should not have the slightest moral taint. Therefore, once Lu Zheng did that, his journey of reading would not even begin. Will end.

How could Lu Zheng do such a thing?

Living in Zhang’s family is very difficult and inconvenient. He can only live, and his life is in danger. He still can only live, unless the Zhang family takes the initiative to let him move out, and these conditions are not yet met. However, everything was slowly changing. Lu Zheng had money in his hands and took a crucial step.

Money is a good thing, and money can make ghosts intimidate. As long as it is used well, Lu Zheng is sure to open the situation.

In Hengwu Bookstore, Tian Dengke, the treasurer of the bookstore, rushed to the backyard of Gu Zhilun’s study with sweat.

“My boss, my boss, the big thing is not good!”

Gu Zhilun brushed a few splashes of ink to copy Wang Xizhi’s “Lanting Preface”. When he was brushing his brushwork, Tian Dengke yelled like this. Gu Zhilun was confused and the writing was crooked.

He frowned, threw a large pen on the rice paper, and said coldly: “Lao Tian, ​​how many times have you said so, so you don’t need to be surprised, what’s the matter? Has the sky fallen?”

Tian Dengke swallowed and said, “My boss, my naivety has collapsed!”


Tian Dengke stomped his feet and said, “Chen Changwen from Qingya Bookstore has published the second volume of Journey to the West. Five hundred years after Sun Monkey was crushed on Wuzhishan, the story has a sequel!”

“Huh?” Gu Zhilun felt that his eyes were dark, and almost fell over.

He almost jumped in front of Tian Dengke and said, “Lao Tian, ​​what did you say? Say it again?”

Tian Dengke repeated what he had said, and Gu Zhilun opened his eyes wide and said, “How is this possible? What about Zheng Brother? Did Brother Zheng give the manuscript to Chen Changwen? They didn’t know each other, and they never came here, why? meeting……”

Tian Dengke said, “Has the master forgotten the slave Yang Shitou? It’s all the bad thing about this slave. Chen Changwen saw that our bookstore was on fire. He first poached the slave Yang Shitou with a lot of money. Then Yang Shitou matched the bridge and found it. Brother Zheng, they met at the’Ting Yu Pavilion’.

This old man Chen Changwen is really ruthless. He even invited everyone in Qilan. I sent someone to listen to Yuge. I said Chen Changwen gave ten thousand taels of silver to Brother Zheng. Master, you have friendship with Brother Zheng. Yes, but Brother Zheng is a young man after all, and Chen Changwen is of money and beauty. Can he resist it? “

Gu Zhilun stomped fiercely, and said, “Chen Changwen is ruthless, ten thousand taels of silver? Is he really digging for gold?”

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