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Rebirth General Youxi

Rebirth General Youxi (Novel)
Other Name: 重生之将军有喜

Genre: novel, romantic, rebirth, history
Author: Leng Xinyan
Year: 2019
Chapter: 40+
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Long Shaojin Jun Zixiu is an arrogant man, but love can not escape. On the battlefield, she kills countless enemies and retreats to millions of heroes. The general of the country’s auxiliary country, in love, she has become a poor worm who has been taken by a caesarean section and is linked to the nine clans. If you do it again, she will never step into this palace! However, after rebirth, destiny seems to be deliberate. The imperial decree, Long Shaojin is the queen…

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Long Shaojin put down the information in his hand, took a look at the already empty camp, got up and went out, his mind was chaotic, as if something was about to come out.

Long Shaojin thought that she was just too tired and it would be good to rest. So, after reading the copy, she immediately left the camp and reached a hill next to the resident.

In this month, some unknown little flowers were blooming in the wind. Looking at these vigorous and tenacious vitality, Long Shaojin couldn’t help but smile. Fortunately, her life did not end that way.

Before he knew it, Long Shaojin felt a burst of chaos, top-heavy, and he was unconscious.

The gentleman was dressed in white, his gaze looked into the distance, but he didn’t want to, a figure fell in his sight, his footsteps were lighter, and finally at the last moment that figure fell, he leaned up and caught her.

“Huh? Why is it her?” The gentleman looked unbelievable. He looked carefully and confirmed it several times before accepting this fact.

Today’s Gentleman Xiu did not bring Wuming with him. He originally wanted to go out and stroll around, but he did not expect to meet her. In the eyes of the emperor, the strange woman who could threaten the throne.

In the eyes of Jun Zixiu, he actually didn’t believe that Long Shaojin would threaten the fate of the royal family. For a woman, she still had great abilities, and it was impossible to subvert a royal family.

Those so-called confidantes are nothing more than the shackles imposed on women by the incompetent. He believes that his monarch’s dynasty is not so easy to change.

After fainting, Long Shaojin lost her sharpness when she was awake, and more, she was a woman’s unique softness. With her eyes closed, her uniform was lined up with crystal clear skin, and her sword eyebrows were straight on her face. , But it seems to have a special flavor.

With closed eyes and eyelashes being swayed by the breeze, just one glance, she fell into an infinitely beautiful scene. Such a woman, as long as she opens her eyes, she should be a beauty that moves the world.

“Long Shaojin, Long Shaojin, it’s no wonder that everyone in the world says that the Long family has a female name, Qingcheng, and she doesn’t become Jiao’e Wu Hongying.” At this moment, Jun Zixiu seemed to really know Long Shaojin and carefully regarded her The appearance is imprinted in the heart.

Although Long Shaojin was unconscious, she seemed to know that someone was holding her and didn’t like being touched by others, so Long Shaojin desperately wanted to get away from this embrace.

Closing his eyes and struggling for a while, this kind of action aroused the displeasure of Gentleman Xiu. Looking at the woman who was twisting in his arms, Gentleman’s brows were almost knotted together.

Is his embrace so unbearable? Make the person in this arms want to break free with his eyes closed? When did his gentleman be so disgusting?

At this moment, Gentleman Xiu didn’t realize that he always didn’t like others to be close to him. What’s more, he took the initiative to pick up a woman who fainted like he did now. This was completely out of his style.

“Want to break away? This king won’t let you go, it depends on what you want!” Jun Zixiu is like an awkward child. The harder Long Shaojin struggles, the tighter he hugs.

In the coma, Long Shaojin also felt that she was imprisoned, her brows frowned tightly, who was it? So dare to imprison her?

Looking at Long Shaojin’s appearance, Jun Zixiu meant that he seemed to be over, Long Shaojin was about to wake up, he couldn’t let her find out that he was.

Jun Zixiu looked around, and it seemed that someone had already arrived from the barracks. Immediately, he gently put Long Shaojin down, and he immediately fled away.

Even Jun Zixiu hadn’t noticed that his action to put Long Shaojin down was very gentle, as if Long Shaojin was a peerless treasure.

When Fuling saw Long Shaojin, she was lying peacefully on the grass.

Suddenly, Fu Ling was shocked, she ran to Long Shaojin’s side like flying, reaching out to shake her own lady.

However, when she approached and heard Long Shaojin’s even breathing, she stopped her movements and quietly guarded Long Shaojin’s side.

I want to come, because the young lady is too tired these few days, so tired to sleep here.

Looking at her own lady, Fu Ling felt very distressed. He clearly ought to be a pampered and carefree master, but he would not necessarily suffer from this big man in this military camp. Miss, she was really wronged.

Thinking about it, Fu Ling actually sobbed quietly from the side.

Vague, as if someone was sobbing in his ear, Long Shaojin felt a little annoyed.

When she opened her eyes, Fuling was burying her head in her knees, choking softly.

Long Shaojin frowned and couldn’t help but feel a little confused, this little girl, what happened? Looks like crying very sad.

“Poria?” Long Shaojin said. Poria, still sad, didn’t know that her own lady had already woke up.

As soon as Fuling heard the voice, she hurriedly propped up her little head, her eyes were red and swollen from crying, like rabbit eyes.

Seeing her own lady, she abruptly controlled her little emotions, but the more controlled she became, the more sad she became. In the end, she had to tears and her eyes were hazy, and she watched her own lady slurred and said: “Miss, yes, sorry. Yes, it is Fuling who is causing you trouble.”

After speaking, Fuling wept again sadly.

Although Long Shaojin woke up, she still felt a terrible headache. After listening to Fuling’s words, she didn’t react to it at first. After thinking about it, she remembered what Fuling was referring to.

Her brows frowned, and Fu Ling’s appearance reminded her of her previous life. She had been weak and could only be bullied.

As a result, Long Shaojin’s voice became louder, accompanied by some fierceness: “Fuling, remember, my Long Shaojin subordinates never accept weak generals. In the future, if you are so humiliated by others, you will leave. .”

Long Shaojin’s words were fierce and resolute. Once she had finished speaking, she got up and left here. It was not too early now. She should continue her business and strive to return home in triumph.

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