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Love Is Fate 我爱你这是最好的安排 Episode 39 Recap

Song Tianming asked Ma Dongshan to complete Ma’s loveliness and Xia Yuxing’s relationship. Ma Dongshan had long regarded Xia Yuxing as his son. Song Tianming frankly said that he kidnapped Ma lovely back then. He just wanted to scare Ma Dongshan, but he didn’t expect his son Jiayi would go up to save people when he saw him. In the end, he was tied up together.

Song Tianming admitted that he had killed two of them. A family, he has been living in pain and nightmares every day for the past twenty years. Fortunately, Ma Zui and Xia Yuxing are fine now, and the two fathers are relieved. Ma Dongshan no longer blames Song Tianming.

Knowing from Ma Dongshan’s mouth that Song Tianming was the person who kidnapped Ma lovely and himself, Xia Yuxing has been depressed. He has always listed Song Tianming as his number one enemy, but he did not expect that this person would turn out to be his father in the end. It is unbelievable and unacceptable. Seeing that Xia Yuxing had been depressed, Ma Meizu comforted him to face it calmly and agreed to go to see Song Tianming with Xia Yuxing.

If it hadn’t been for Xia Yuxing’s appearance, Song Tianming might not have lost his way so quickly. He only realized that the fame and fortune were just passing away after he found his son. Xia Yuxing also felt guilty for Song Tianming in her heart. If it weren’t for him, Song Tianming would not go into prison. Xia Yuxing told Song Tianming that he had forgiven him for everything he had done, and Song Tianming promised to make good compensation to Xia Yuxing when he was released from prison.

Ma lovely returned to Han Yuanbin the money he borrowed when reclaiming the equity last time. He also invited him to have a meal. He thanked him for his help. At the same time, he once again explained his determination to be with Xia Yuxing and hoped that Han Yuanbin would not be immersed in the past. In his fond memories, he has unrealistic hopes for the lovely Ma.

Although the reality is cruel, Han Yuanbin had to accept it. When I see Ma lovely and Xia Yuxing love each other, he can only be a passerby. Seeing that the entire hotel is celebrating the reunion of Xiao Ma and Xia again, Han Yuanbin deeply feels that there is no place for him, so he took the initiative to tell Ma Lovely, I am going back to Thailand.

But things are not as simple as Ma Kao thought. Han Yuanbin took the opportunity to eat before returning to Thailand and moved his hands and feet in Ma Kao’s wine, trying to forcibly bring Ma Kao back to Thailand. Xia Yuxing couldn’t contact Ma Zuihou, he was so anxious, he immediately grabbed Lu Zhenzhen’s car and drove to find Ma Zuihou. Ma lovely had seen Xia Yuxing drove into a car accident and fell into a pool of blood earlier. It seems that a catastrophe is inevitable.

Ma lovely and Han Yuanbin had a dispute. While struggling, she saw the picture of the future being with Han Yuanbin. She couldn’t believe that the person with her in the future was not Xia Yuxing. She pushed Han Yuanbin and wanted him to park the car. When he came down, Xia Yuxing’s car followed, and he was about to catch up with them, but at this time, a large truck was parked in the opposite lane. Han Yuanbin’s car avoided the car and knocked down on the obstacle on the side of the road. Xia Yuxing slammed into a large truck because of the blind spot of his vision, suffered a serious head injury and fainted, and Ma’s lovely ring was also smashed.

Ma lovely was already lying in the hospital when she woke up. Lu Zhenzhen was questioning Han Yuanbin’s car accident, but Ma lovely had lost her memory because of the car accident in Thailand and the accident. She still remembered Han Yuanbin but could not remember Lu Zhenzhen. Up. Ma lovely was brought back to Thailand by Han Yuanbin, and Xia Yuxing was still in a coma.

The first thing Xia Yuxing did after waking up was to find Ma Zui, and Lu Zhenzhen had to tell him Ma Zui had left for Thailand. Half a year later, Xia Yuxing also appeared in Thailand. While working as a taxi driver, he was looking for Ma Zui. Lu Zhenzhen also appeared on TV and said that he was looking for a good girlfriend Ma Zui. Ma Zui was curious when he saw Lu Zhenzhen’s interview. Why did Lu Zhenzhen look for herself? Han Yuanbin only told her to stop watching Lu Zhenzhen’s programs.

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