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A Little Thing Called First Love Episode 25 Plot

On the playground, I remembered that Lin’s father had owed money, and Lin couldn’t help but sit down. Later, he turned on his mobile phone and saw a story about the design contest. He knew that the winner could get a big bonus. He had to pay attention to it because he wanted to get what he needed from the design contest. The funds were used to pay back the debts of Lin’s father.

Lin came to develop the model room, Xia Miao Miao , who use mobile phones to play a Sean He wrote his letter of apology, followed by He Xin, carrying a birthday cake personally came out and said he celebrated the forest to develop a happy birthday. Everyone worked together to celebrate the birthday of Lin. Lin pioneered and said that he would forgive her if He Xin paid so much for himself.

Xia Wei took out a pair of checkers that Liang had thought about buying before , and said that this was secretly bought by him. This was given to him. This made Liang Liangnian very surprised and happy again. He happily played checkers with Xia Wei. During the period, he saw Xia Wei wearing a thin body. He also deliberately took off his coat and put it on her. Aside from the forest development, I can’t help but eat vinegar soon. By the alcohol, he came to Xia Wei and said loudly that he liked her. Xia Wei replied that he did not care about him. Hearing here, He Xin was very sad, and she rushed out.

Xia Wei caught up with He Xin. He Xin cried and said that he never thought that the person who had been chasing him for so many years fell in love with his best friend. Xia Hao was so busy to comfort her, He Xin lost his way. Later, she came to the stands of the playground and was still crying. On the other hand, Xia Wei sat on the roof and was saddened by the previous events. Liang Younian comforted her and said, she should stop crying. Liang returned to prepare to leave, and Xia Wei took him and said that he could misunderstand. There is really nothing about himself and Lin.
Liang returned to the model room, and Lin Kai had fallen asleep on the sofa. Wang Yichao asked him if he would let him out of the competition for Xia Wei, what would he do? Liang Younian said that he would not withdraw.

The next morning, Liang Younian once again came to the model room, woke up Lin to open up and said that he had something to talk to him. Lin opened up and Liang Liang told him directly that he also likes Xia. Lin pioneered and replied that although he was drunk yesterday, he said it was true at the time. Lin explored to find Xia Wei and said that he really likes her. Xia Wei said that since he is like this, he will repeat it again and he really does not like him.

On the phone, Lin Dad repeatedly told the loan company that they would stop looking for Lin, and their money would be returned. He Xin found that he was going to look for Lin to open up, and he couldn’t help but stop him, in case he would cause trouble for Lin. Lin Dad listened to the introduction, only to know the identity of He Xin. He took out the bank card that Lin had pioneered before and said that he wanted to ask her to return it to Lin.
Lin pioneered on the phone, constantly looking for work, and wanting to pay back to Lin Dad. He Xin came over at this time and took out the bank card, but he did not want to disturb the forest development, so he had to leave temporarily.

In the classroom, Jia Yin said to everyone that Wen Chuang Zhou is coming, they can do well, but this can increase their credits. Jia Yin found Teacher Lu and told him that Wendeng Zhou of the school is coming. He will come to participate. He asked him to eat and watch movies before. He didn’t come. He can’t refuse himself anymore. . In the model room, Li Sichen said that the school’s Wenchuang Week is coming, and that their architecture department is paired with the clothing department to participate in this Wenchuang Week. If anyone is interested in this, then come to yourself. Sign up for it.

He Xin found out that Lin was looking at an advertisement related to borrowing money. He dissatisfiedly accused him of what he was doing in his own life. It was difficult because of Lin’s father’s business. Lin pioneered that everything he did was correct. He Xin said that he is far from Lin’s father. He has long known that he is not a good person.

Liang has met Xia Yu in a year and talked about Wen Chuang Zhou. Then a boy timidly walked over, introduced himself, said he told Wang Yu Tian , this is the summer came to talk Miaomiao cooperation to participate in cultural and creative-week thing. This made everyone laugh out loud, because Wang Yuqi not only has a name, but he looks too young. Wang Yuqi and Xia Wei came to the dining hall to eat together. At this time, Xia Hao just saw He Xin on the next seat, saying that she would come over and eat together. However, He Xin was still immersed in the lost emotions, so she found a reason to reject her.

In the classroom, Xia Wei heard a sister introduction, saying that someone is posting a black post on the campus forum. She immediately surprised the page. On the side of Tang Mengfei secretly proud, the original black text is written by her. Jia Yin and Li Sichen had a quarrel because of Wen Chuangzhou’s affairs. Liang passed the year and decided to join this Wen Chuang Zhou. Liang Younian came to the classroom and wanted to inform some people selected by Jia Yin to go to the model room for a meeting of Wen Chuangzhou. Liang Younian first pointed to the name of Xia Wei.

The people of the loan company found Lin to open up and urged him to pay back the money. Lin pioneered that he had not handed over the bank card to them before. The person at the loan company said that the father of Carlin took it back. Lin had no choice but to temporarily put his electric car on them. Lin pioneered and called Lin Dad, saying that he had taken the bank card back. Lin Dad said that the bank card itself has not been transferred to him by He Xin.

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