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Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain (2019) Episode 10

Wenbao dragged the glass fairy to give a token to Yue Xinyao’s sister, and the teacher excluded all the brothers and sisters of Lingjianshan. The suspect was sent by Wenbao. The brothers saw that the singer was very interesting to the teacher. Although the sister was reluctant, the body was very honest.

In the inn, Wang Lu asked the wind chimes how to let Haiyunfan come out of the shadows. The wind chimes are lively and cheerful, and Haiyun Fan is as quiet as a virgin. The wind chimes pointed out that Hai Yunfan’s thoughts, as long as Hai Yunfan handled the relationship with Hai Tiankuo, then his problems would be solved.

In the evening, Haiyunfan opened the door and found Wang Luzhen in the heavy rain. Wang Lu expressed his sincerity to Hai Yunfan and decided to accompany Hai Yunfan out of the shadow. Hai Yunfan was in trouble and saw the truth. Seeing Wang Lu’s face innocent, he was just ready to help him. At this time, Wang Lu’s face changed and he told Hai Yunfan’s truth. Hai Yunfan swears that Wang Lu is not really feeling real, falsely showing off his sympathy, and he argues with him. During the dispute between the two brothers, Hai Yunfan gradually came out and said to Wang Lu that he was happy and told about his grievances with Hai Tiankuo. It turns out that Haitian is the adopted son of Hai Yunfan’s parents, which is his big brother.

The brothers grew up together and their feelings have always been very good. Hai Yunfan also admired the big brother. Unexpectedly, Hai Tiankuo is actually the middle of the Yaozu. Because Haimei’s mother-in-law discovered his true face, he killed the killer and imprisoned Haiyunfan. He imposed a ban on him and he became a new ambassador. General. Hai Yunfan was detained for three years. Until two years ago, with the help of the sea and the old priests, he fled the military emperor’s mountain with the help of the old generals of the sea, and escaped into the Lingjian Mountain in order to avoid the disaster. Wang Lu’s heart hurts Hai Yunfan’s past and decided to stay with him.

Hai Yunfan discovered that Wang Lu secretly took him to practice the sword without a sword during the fight. Because Wang Wu left seven red fruits when he left, but the martial arts wanted to rehabilitate the high-ranking people to make themselves better. . At this time, Wen Bao proposed to let Wang Lu teach himself to practice, Wang Lu Ming Wen Bao defeated himself as the big brother, and then let him go back to pick the best weapon, and teach her the next day.

The next day, Wen Bao made an axe in front of Wang Lu’s front door. Wang Lu slammed Wen Bao’s practice and could not sneer at him. Wen Bao became more and more angry, and suddenly filled with strength to Wang Lu. Because of this sword, Wen Bao succeeded in inspiring the power of the black iron sword, and Wang Lu also sensed the power of the red fruit. Wang Lu told Wen Bao that it is just as important to practice and repair the heart. As long as you can control your emotions at will, you can easily control your own strength. At this time, Wen Bao’s anger value disappeared, and Wang Lu stimulated him again. Wen Bao once again slashed to Wang Lu, and finally Wang Lu was injured and vomiting blood.

After Wang Lu woke up, he found himself lying in the bellbell’s room. The wind chime tells Wang Lu straightly, although Wang Wu is insidious and cunning, but as long as it is related to Wang Lu, she can always do everything right. Not only that, when everyone mistakenly thought that Wang Wu was escaping for the sake of Ling Jianshan and others, but he did not know that Wang Wu went to Junhuangshan alone to help Wang Lu to seek a fair. Wang Wu rushed to Junhuangshan as a gun, and took the opportunity to bite the fingers of Haitian wide to obtain his blood. Hai Tiankuo knew her intentions but deliberately let her do so.

Wang Lu learned from the wind chimes that Wang Wu let him take a bath and exercise for the day, just for his future plans. Wang Lu thanked Wang Wang for his good intentions and decided to give her a surprise before Wang Wu came. He deliberately lied that he had pushed down Yue Xinyao’s sister and caused Wen Bao’s anger. When Wen Bao was angry, he wanted to put Wang Lu to death.

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