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The Galloped Era Episode 30 Plot

Jin splendidly returned home, saw Zhou Ham hammer lying in the grass nest and covered with a book to sleep, she angrily awake Zhou hammer, called him to read. Zhou Tie hammer said that he was semi-literate and had no interest in the book. Jin Jinliang made him awake. He wanted to turn into a formal employee and had to work hard to read. The director told Chang Hanqing that they had a quota in the factory and could participate in the European locomotive tour group. Chang Hanqing recommended Yao Huaimin to go. On the way home, Feng Shiga stopped Chang Hanqing. He also wanted to participate in the European study tour. Qing felt that this was a technical exchange. He did not use it. Feng Shigao exchanged the conditions for his brother to turn positive. Chang Hanqing did not agree.

I heard that Chang Hanqing can go to Europe, Chang Hankun began to feel a bit of a place for twenty years, Jin Jincai learned that 20 years ago, Chang Hankun and her lover traveled in Europe, her lover was at that time. After getting sick, Chang Hankun did not marry again. The whole family decided to travel with the public at their own expense. Soon, Feng Shigao sent a telegram to the factory to report to the factory manager. The organization worried that Chang Hanqing would not come back when he traveled to Europe with a young man. Although Jin’s brilliant pat on the chest guarantee, he still failed. Chang Hankun took the initiative to give up the opportunity to go to Europe for his brother to travel smoothly. In the evening, Chang Hankun said in the flower bed of the courtyard, Jin Xuan could not help but cry, thinking that the elder sister was so serious on weekdays, in fact, her heart is so soft.

Chang Hanqing came to Europe. He saw Dong Niya there. He didn’t expect to see Dong Nia in France. Tony told him that she had been punished and notified by the Soviet state because she had lost her notebook to Chang Hanqing. In desperation, she moved here and continued her research. Tonya brought in invitations from their country, hoping that Chang Hanqing could come here to participate in the study of their locomotives. Chang Hanqing took a photo of the whole family from his pocket. He had already married Jin Jin and had children, so it was impossible. stay.

Tony said with regret that the factory’s opinion is that it will never give up any key core technology, and he will not lose his notebook to him. At the negotiating meeting, the research institute represented by Tonya tried not to let, Chang Hanqing decided to buy only some machines, and the remaining money was used to buy imported parts and multi-pole tubes. The leaders of Changchun Locomotive Works Co., Ltd. very much support Chang Hanqing’s decision to rush to buy foreign locomotives. If foreign advanced technology cannot be digested, a large amount of foreign exchange and US dollars will be lost.

After the visit in Europe, Chang Hanqing and Dong Niya bid farewell to learn that Dong Nia is still alone. Chang Hanqing let her forget herself, learn to give up, and gave Dong Nia a care hug. When leaving, Dong Nia looked at the back of Chang Hanqing and sadly sang Soviet folk songs. Zhou Tie hammer’s performance is very good, although only one point, Feng Shigao decided to turn him back, Bai Manning worried that he stayed to have an impact on himself, so with Chen Kai’s policy newspaper to find Feng Shigao , Feng Shigao and Zhou Tie hammer are separated This time, he will push the boat to do this.

Chang Hankun talked with Jin Jin at home about the news that Zhou Ham hammer was to be sent back to his hometown. It was said that Bai Manning handed Feng Shigao something, which turned the fate of Zhou Tie hammer.
In the workshop, Zhou Tie hammered his iron and guessed that he might offend someone. The policy did not come late, but he had to turn his plan on the corner. He wanted to ask Chang Hankun to change the name of his name. Chang Hanqing did not promise him. Zhou Da hammer began to drink alcohol at night. He drank a few cans of wine and even ran to the cellar of his hometown. Inadvertently he discovered the gold bars hidden in the wine cans.

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