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The Galloped Era Episode 25 Plot

After Kim’s bright pregnancy, Chang Hankun personally wrote a recipe to the nanny, letting the nanny follow the recipe above. I heard that Chang Hanqing took the golden splendour and asked the workshop colleagues to go to the South Gate to eat. I was worried that the food at Namdaemun was neither nutritious nor safe. Chang Hankun thought that he would bring the golden splendid home with a windbreaker. Chang Hankun gave her favorite coat bought in France to the splendid gold. She also wanted her to resign and feel at home to raise her baby. Jin Liang did not agree to stay at home, so Chang Hanqing helped her think about it. Chang Hanqing Telling my sister, Jin Xuan has already appeared in the symptoms of prenatal depression in advance, not allowing her to go to work, it will only be bad for the golden splendid and the fetus in the stomach, Chang Hankun finally agreed.

Feng Shigao heard that his mother was coming back. In order to let his mother stop persuading him to transfer back to Beijing, he had to let Bai Manning pretend to be his girlfriend and then go to the train station to pick up his mother. Bai Manning has some concerns. Feng Shigao said that if he does not find a temporary girlfriend, his mother will persuade him to return to Beijing. Bai Maning deliberately dressed up to go to the train station to receive Feng Shigao’s mother, and saw his son made a beautiful girl, his mother was very happy. After calming down Feng Shigao’s mother, Bai Manning and Feng Shigao went back together. On the way, she asked Feng Shigao. This is not the way to install it. They both have been waiting for the lovers in their hearts for too long, and they have not seen the results. Let’s go. Feng Shiga solemnly reminded her not to think too much. His heart is only golden.

Chen Kai heard the dialogue between Bai Manning and Feng Shiga on one side. He felt that the fear in Bai Manning’s heart and the urgent need to find protection were very strange. So he quietly investigated Bai Manning’s file. Through Bai Manning’s file, he went to Bai Manning’s hometown, the village head. Seeing the photos of Bai Manning, I remembered that their village had a female student’s surname Bai for a long time ago. She was seen by the big landlord in the village. The landlord wanted to marry her as a little wife. As a result, on the day of marriage, the female student killed the landlord and herself. The river has died. Chen Kai asked how the female student died. The village chief told him that some villagers saw the female students cast the river and took a shoe by the river. Finally, Chen Kai knew why Bai Maning changed his family name and then eagerly wanted to protect her man.

Jin has been pregnant for seven months. Chang Hankun wants his brother to give a golden splendid leave to go home, and Chang Hanqing goes to the golden railway station. Just after the golden fire, the golden sheep’s amniotic fluid is broken. Han Qing quickly sent his wife to the emergency room, and his son was born in advance. Chang Hankun is worried that the premature birth of a child will be detrimental to the development of intelligence. Chang Hanqing has given a lot of examples of famous foreign scientists to comfort him. Premature babies are not all mentally retarded. Bai Manning heard that Jin Sheng gave birth to a child. She was sad and happy. The happy roommate had finally given birth to a child. It is sad that even Jin Jin is a mother. She is still single.

Feng Shigao shut himself in the house, put on the curtains, put away all the golden things in the room, wanted to burn it together, leaving only the last golden photo in his hand, he threw the photo into the brazier Suddenly panicked and picked up, and took the gray in his hand, Feng Shigao still did not give up, he still wants to continue.

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