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The Galloped Era Episode 23 Plot

Jin was shining all day, Chang Hanqing was very self-blaming. He apologized to Jin Xing and complained that he was too urging her to have children. Chang Hankun began to think about letting his brother give up the golden splendor. Chang Hanqing did not agree. His relationship with Jin was very deep, and he would not affect his feelings because of his children.
Chang Hanqing wants to go to Beijing to go to Shanghai with a golden splendid. He asked the director Wu for a long vacation. Director Wu called to ask if his sister had something at home. Chang Hankun concealed the golden splendid infertility from him. The thing, saying that nothing happened at home. After that, Chang Hankun brought a cigarette and a mouthful of wine from home to the master where Kim went to work.

Chang Hankun and Jin Qing chat, she opens the door, if Jin Xuan agrees to divorce Chang Hanqing, she will pay the 30,000 yuan as a compensation in accordance with the salary of college students for 50 years, and she will never Chang Hanqing will know that Chang Hankun has taken out the divorce agreement he has already prepared from her bag and her unilateral and golden compensation agreement. Jin Xuan took the agreement that Chang Hankun gave her, and hid in a quiet place to cry. On the one hand, she and Chang Hanqing have very good feelings, but she is deeply in love with Chang Hanqing, preferring to use divorce to fulfill him and let him have his own children. Chang Hanqing privately told her sister that Jin Hui was so proud before, so confident, now she has no pride because she will not be pregnant. If she wants her to divorce, Jin Jin will not survive.

Feng Shiga accidentally heard the people in the office saying that Jin Hui will not have children. Chang Hankun is preparing to divorce them. Feng Shiga angrily interrupted them and told them not to lie in the office. Feng Shigao’s mother was a gynaecologist at a large hospital. He called his mother to ask if Jin’s splendid condition could change. At this time, Jin Xing came knocking at the door. Seeing the splendid application of gold to him, Feng Shigao was furious. These bourgeois styles were really annoying. He patted the table and said that he would never sit back and let them bully. Chang Hanqing was looking for a golden diagnosis certificate at home. He wanted to take his wife to Beijing to go to Shanghai for treatment.

When he was looking for a diagnosis certificate, he found that Jin Xuan had written a divorce application. Chang Hanqing angrily took the divorce application and asked his sister. It is not her forced gold to write a divorce agreement. Feng Shigao has always regarded her as a treasure in the face of Jin’s brilliant confession. No matter whether she is married or not, he will not dislike her if she will have children. Jin Xuan just let him quickly sign the agreement. At this time, Chang Hanqing came. He asked Feng Shigao not to sign it, and then tore the agreement from Feng Shigao. It is Chang Hanqing who let the golden splendid divorce. It is also his tearing off the divorce agreement. It is simply lawless. Feng Shigao vowed to cure Chang Hanqing. After Jin Jinliang tried to pull Chang Hanqing out of the office, Feng Shigao shredded again. The divorce application was put together again. He called Wu Director and asked Wu to support justice.

Director Wu went to find Jinshuang. He looked at the divorce application and knew that it was a brilliant copy of the gold, because the brain with her limbs developed would not know that the divorce application should be written for property division. Later, Wu factory manager helped Jin to analyze the situation in front of her, let her go to Beijing to participate in locomotive training tonight, and squatting out of this time, let her calmly think clearly, and let Chang Hanqing and his sister have a good chat.

In the evening, Chang Hanqing saw that Jin Xuan had to go to Beijing with Mr. Wu, and he once made a golden pendant for his bullets. Now he sees Jin Jinliang going to Beijing. Chang Hanqing puts this shell pendant. Giving gold to the splendid, affectionately clear platinum, he will definitely wait for the golden splendid back at home.

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