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The Galloped Era Episode 22 Plot

The minister’s assessment of the speed of the locomotive did not reach the expected target. Jin Qing saw the minister’s gray face and looked down. The thought was broken. Chang Hanqing did not use the imported parts. In the afternoon, Minister Yang asked everyone to go to the cafeteria for a meeting. Everyone had a sweat in their hearts. I don’t know what the afternoon meeting was in the cafeteria.

Minister Yang asked at the meeting if they would improve the speed of replacing domestically produced parts with imports. Chen Kai’s speed would be 30% higher than before. Minister Yang strongly agreed that although his skills did not meet the standards, their work attitude and expected results have reached the target. At the meeting, Minister Yang announced good news. The state has already returned all the rations saved by the researchers. In the future, their allowance will increase, and they will not have to go hungry since next month.

The curtain of the canteen window was pulled open. The minister asked the chef to cook the stew. All the researchers were excited to see the meat in the cauldron and slowly push them into the middle. Their eyes were light and saliva. I have to flow out. Bai Manning has finished the sound at the radio station. She can’t stand up when she is hungry. She tries to get her own bag and takes out only half a nest in the lunch box. She tries to take a bite and slowly The ground swallowed a small mouth and saved half of it. At this time, Chen Kai took the meat of his lunch box. He gave it to Bai Manning, and said that he would eat it together.

Bai Manning saw the enthusiasm in his eyes. She took the lunch box and told Chen Kai sincerely that she needed someone who could protect her, instead of giving the fat in the bowl to half of her. Chen Kai knows what she meant, and White Manning returned to his studio. Jin Xuan suddenly ate a whole six boxes of braised pork, and Chang Hanqing also ate four boxes. The minister saw that the workers were gorging and sighed, and it was too difficult for these intellectuals. It was not only busy with scientific research work on weekdays. I can’t fill my stomach. In the evening, Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing rode home, suddenly she began to hurt, thinking that she was pregnant, Chang Hanqing quickly took her to the hospital. Chang Hankun also came, listened to the doctor said that Jin brilliant is not pregnant, just a simple gallstone and gastritis, it is a false alarm, she did not go back.

The Compendium of Materia Medica says that coffee can treat gallstones to eliminate gastritis. It is worried that Jin’s splendid western medicine will affect pregnancy, and she deliberately gave Kim a cup of coffee. Chang Hankun put the brewed coffee on the table. She was very impressed by the man in the photo on the table. Now she can re-drink her coffee. When she gave birth to a child, she went to see him.

Jin brilliant thought that her sister gave her a Chinese medicine, and she was distressed to drink. Finally she knew that she was drinking coffee. Jin was so angry that she hated coffee the most. Chang Hanqing chased the past, Jin Xuan told her that during the war years, she saw her comrades sitting in the snow with a pot of coffee. Jin was so worried that the coffee was poisonous and he was not allowed to drink. So soon the comrades were sitting in front of her eyes and were frozen. died. Jin Xuan has always been obsessed with the pot of coffee, she vowed not to drink coffee anymore.
Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing exercised all day, but they did not conceive. The sister took them to the hospital in the province for examination. After the doctor understood the situation, it was concluded that a few years ago, Jinshuang had been frostbitten, so the fallopian tubes were stuck. And the degree of adhesion is very serious, and the chance of being able to conceive is small. Jin Qing listened to his face and went to tears all day.

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