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The Galloped Era Episode 19 Plot

On the first night of the wedding, Jin Xing moved to live with Chang Hanqing very uncomfortable. She walked into the bathroom and saw the silk suspender skirt that Chang Hanqing carefully prepared for her. She studied how to wear it and couldn’t wear it. Wearing the former green army short sleeves. Chang Hanqing laughed at her too conservative, Jin Jinhong blushing just sat on the bed, scared to quickly slam the bed, Chang Hanqing smiled and patted the soft mattress to explain that this is a spring bed, sleeping on it very comfortable.

Chang Hanqing wanted to go with her fish and water, and Jin Jin kicked him off the bed. On the spot, he knocked over the lamp. Chang Hanqing was kicked and yelled. The sister rushed upstairs to Chang Hanqing. Also said that the next day must go to the hospital for inspection. In the evening, Feng Shigao posted a big red hi word in his dormitory, and placed the wedding fruit and wedding candy. He took out a golden photo and just held a wedding with her. Bai Manning came to knock at the door this time. She took the initiative to be honest and wrong, and put the review book in the envelope and handed it to Feng Shigao .

Feng Shigao took out the gold necklace in the envelope and directly returned it to Bai Manning. He also criticized her for bribery, and the thought did not improve at all. Bai Manning explained with tears in her face that she was an orphan before liberation. It is not easy to mix the position of the announcer now. Feng Shigao clearly understands that the position of the announcer has not been completed, and the specific opinions will have to wait for the decision in the factory the next day. Seeing that Feng Shigao was not greedy for finance, Bai Maning grabbed him and excused him to enter the house to accompany him for a drink. Feng Shigao knows what medicine she sold in her gourd and refused to close the door.

Chang Hankun took his brother to see the waist injury. After the doctor checked, all the indicators were completely normal. They blamed Chang Hankun for making a big fuss, and they were free to waste medical resources when they had money.

The old man who calculated the data in the workshop, because he miscalculated a data, caused the workers in the workshop to be busy for two days and three nights. Chang Hanqing decided to return the old master to the original technical workshop. Laotian often drank in them. The white water was quietly added with sugar, and I wanted to make up for the owe to everyone. Feng Shigao also ignited in front of Laotian, saying that the hero of an old internal combustion engine in Laotiantang could not raise Chang Hanqing so often, often counting numbers, how can he not make mistakes? Laotian acknowledged that he felt that Chang Hanqing’s strictness in technology was not wrong.

Laotian stood outside Chang Hanqing’s office for a whole half-day. Jin Hui saw that it was better to give Changtian a chance to enter the house. Chang Hanqing did not agree. Feng Shigao called Chang Hanqing to his office and solemnly reminded Chang Hanqing that the workshop was not the one he had ever said. Chang Hanqing said that he would not send any tasks to Laotian in the future. When Laotian heard it outside the door, he left.
Chang Hanqing went home and wanted to give the babysitter four pounds of sugar to Laotian. The babysitter said that Jin Liang had just taken four pounds of sugar. Guess that she should go to the old field, Chang Hanqing quickly followed the past. When Laotian arrived at the door of the house, he saw a crowd of people clamoring around the door. He panicked and went to see the golden wife who had his sick wife and children in their home, and brought four pounds of sugar and some pastries.

Every time he offends a person or encounters a crisis, Jin Hui is always the first to come to him to help him out. Chang Hanqing is very grateful to her. Jin Huiqing teaches Chang Hanqing that although he has read books for a few years and learned Western etiquette, he is still not familiar with some people in China. Although Laotian made mistakes, he should also be forgiven. He still has several The child and the sick wife can’t make him faceless. Chang Hanqing gradually understood that two people discussed how to recover the fault.

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