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The Galloped Era Episode 18 Plot

Feng Shigao saw that he could not stop Jin’s splendid marriage, so he called the head of the railway corps overnight and wanted to let Jin’s brilliant superiors directly interfere with the golden marriage. Jin Xing saw her old leader and heard that the old leader did not agree that she was married to Chang Hanqing because of the identity of Chang Hanqing’s bourgeoisie. She did not agree. Chang Hanqing invited the leaders of the Golden Splendid Force to drink the wine. The head of the party proposed that as long as Chang Hanqing could drink him, he would agree to their marriage. Speaking of the head of the crowd in front of everyone to drink the whole bottle of wine, see Chang Hanqing is a bloody man, the head of the promised their marriage, and the money in the army for her to plug the golden hand in.

When the head went away, Jin returned to the house and saw the head of the house bring a whole basket of bacon for them. Chang Hankun said that they had brought the pork in when they came, saying that the national economy is now tight and the marriage cannot be without pork. Wu factory manager came back. Feng Shigao wanted to help him to do his work and refused to approve the golden wedding. Director Wu directly took the pen and wrote “agree” on the marriage application. Chang Hanqing was drinking and drinking and lying in the hospital ward. Hearing that their marriage application had been approved, they immediately wanted to unplug the needle and went to register with gold. Jin brilliant put him on the hospital bed, let him lose the liquid and go. Back home, Chang Hanqing, Jin Xuan and her sister discussed how to handle marriage affairs.

The golden idea is to keep Jane and Chang Hankun disagree. She thinks that their home is a big family and must take the Cadillac float to come home.
Finally arrived at the wedding day, Chang Hankun left and waited for the disappearance, she heard the younger brother still repairing the machine in the workshop, anxiously ran to the workshop to pull the younger brother back. In the workshop, Chang Hankun was surprised to see his brother and Jin Shuang sitting on the locomotive. Jin was dressed like a bride dressed in a red cotton jacket, and he was shy and answered with Chang Hanqing.
Chang Hanqing let the train be a wedding car, let Wu factory director be their witnesses, all the workshop staff to be their witnesses, the wedding is lively and grand, Chang Hanqing solemnly kneels to the golden proposal, Jin brilliant quickly pull She stood up and Chang Hankun saw his brother’s deep love for Jin.

After the wedding, I should have eaten in the Changchun Hotel. Chang Hanqing put the wedding banquet in the workshop, and invited all the colleagues in the workshop to eat fried noodles. Chang Hankun felt that there was a loss of face, Chang Hanqing and Jin Splendidly holding the fried noodles and happy to invite her to eat, tasted two, Chang Hankun evaluation, although they gave this fried noodle name is very good, but the taste is not delicious sago oatmeal. Chang Hankun’s bourgeois petty bourgeoisie made Jin Jin not fit. At that time, the People’s Liberation Army was eating fried noodles to drive out Japan. Bai Manning saw the romantic and warm wedding in the workshop. The man who liked it was not her. She turned around and sadly wanted to go back to her own broadcast room. Feng Shigao was also on the side. I wanted to persuade Bai Maning to curse the lovers in the workshop with him. Bai Manning I feel that I should say goodbye to the people in the past.

Everyone was eating and eating, and suddenly heard the sobbing of the woman in the workshop broadcast. It turned out that Bai Maning had forgotten to turn off the broadcast horn when he cried. Bai Manning thought of the unbearable past and couldn’t help but feel sad. Feng Shigao rushed to blame Bai Manning and asked her to take the punishment. Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing also went, so that Feng Shigao should try not to give punishment.

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