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Walk the Mind … Four Ways to Consciously

Dharma narrated by Phra Mahaworaphon Kittiwaro (Por.Por. 6) Vipassana Training Course “Walk the Mind … Four Ways to Consciously” at Wang Taku Temple, Nakhon Pathom Province, 4th time, 5-6 August 2017

Is lucky for life That you all have the opportunity to meet Buddhism Have the opportunity to follow the teachings of the Lord Buddha Dharma practice, suitable for dharma The inheritance of the teachings of the Lord Buddha to the world Is a way to be free from suffering Find true peace Meaning Nirvana As the Lord Buddha had said

“Look, all the monks This path is the leading path. Is for the purification of all animals Was to overcome the sorrow, the scream Was to end the suffering of the body, the suffering and the resentment Is possible in order to achieve the right Dharma, namely Nirvana This path is the development of the four conscious minds. ” 

Consider body in body Consider compassion in compassion. Consider the mind in the mind Considering the Dharma, the Dharma, the perseverance, the consciousness, all along, being conscious and dissatisfied with dissatisfaction in the world.

Four mindfulness Relying on the body, mind I myself Is a device of mindfulness Awakening, conscious, aware, aware, aware, aware, always aware, always relying on the body, mind as a memory, always aware of new things can be aware. At times The mind will suddenly go into different emotions, unaware of the manipulation of thoughts. Enjoy the things outside, lacking consciousness Then make sure to always be aware. Do it indefinitely with relaxation Always aware

How are you feeling That feeling is naturally present. But because our hearts Enjoy in various emotions, enjoy the decorated ideas The consciousness therefore disappeared. Dharma practice is to return us back. Always remember

I try to move my hand and rub the hand, it will feel. Just feel, feel, try. Touch your hand. Just feel comfortable. When we keep doing it, we will find that while we are feeling We will fall out of thought. Freeing from garnishing thoughts It will be aware. The hand flick also has a feeling. Just feel it. Then returned to feel new Who doesn’t have feelings for numbness? There are feelings. And while we are feeling, it will come out of the thought, manipulate the hand, feel? Know the body that moves. Awake Keep doing it and we will begin to notice that we will begin to feel better. It will be a moment to come back and feel new.
Do you shake your hand? A little bit harder to get him back. His whole consciousness already exists. Are you sitting? The feeling that the touch on the bottom hits the feeling of discomfort and discomfort. If we are conscious, it will create awareness. And if we are aware, it will be free from manipulation But if we accidentally go with the manipulated ideas The consciousness will disappear.

Try to take a deep breath. Take a long breath. Take a deep breath. Take a long breath. Just relax and relax. It will repeat the current. Consciousness occurs Try to take a deep breath. Stop and breath a little. Slowly relax your breath. Take a deep breath. Stop and breath a little. Slowly relax your breath. Try to keep doing. A little The mind will come back to be aware. Consciousness Using physical and mental devices Create awareness Always conscious

This consciousness is not just a sitting posture. Standing, walking, sitting, lying Whatever you do, remember When we realize it, we will be free from emotions. Freeing from garnishing thoughts Keep practicing like this, keep awake and feel new Neglected for half a day for quite a bit Remember to do it gradually. Practice. Frequently. Do relaxed and relaxed.

The training must be done comfortably, relaxed, mental comfort, it will easily set up. Comfort causes concentration, commitment, and commitment creates intelligence. Actual sighting

When we practice remembering to be aware of the heart, it is always waiting to be clouded by mistake. Will start to be better with you We will find that our hearts are still, calm, new, gradually, gradually, practicing little by little. Like us, this new meditation starts at least five minutes before, ten minutes, gradually increase. Do it comfortably. Standing, walking, sitting, sleeping. This makes the body feel comfortable. Chill it. Naturally aroused Just as we relax, the mind will rebound consciousness, consciousness, body awareness, consciousness around the body, along with anyone who is not feeling it, it moves the hand to make it feel. Create feelings so that they feel But once you start living with yourself, you are still feeling conscious. Breathing. Chest rubbing. There is a feeling Feel the breath Have consciousness These things are devices of developing mindfulness.

The result of developing mindfulness from Dharma practice here. How is it done? That we have to constantly practice to improve our mindfulness. How is it done? What do we get from doing this? Our lives are already busy with various jobs. And then, how we turn to develop mindfulness will benefit you?

If we practice mindfulness Always develop mindfulness. Enough to become more stable. We will find that our hearts are still. Better with you It will create a state of pleasure. Feeling whole body up

The state of consciousness is ready. The state of pleasure can occur in many ways such as goose bumps, whole body, itching, itching and wrinkles. Feeling a sense of nuisance, sometimes with the whole body. Not tuck This tingling happened when sitting. But the other side feels a sense of electric field. Magnetic field It will create joy. Sometimes heat flows inside the body sometimes. There is some cool trend. Resulting in a solid state of some rocks Sometimes it feels like it’s getting bigger. Shrink some Felt like some floating Feels like a bit heavy Caused some restlessness in his whole body If we continue to develop consciousness, it will begin to occur in these conditions. Collectively called consciousness until being able to feel the whole body Call that consciousness all along

When we develop consciousness to create a commitment Feeling alert throughout From being a stressed person Feeling hot Stress will disappear Can relax From being anxious, overthinking, overthinking, so much thought will disappear When the whole consciousness is ready, it will break free from the manipulation of thoughts. It is this thought that causes suffering. It is easy to say that people today are suffering because of their thoughts. Most of the time, I think of myself as suffering. Sometimes it’s been a long time. Then come back and think about it, suffering, sometimes things still haven’t come to pass Very thought Stress Anxiety The feeling of being very anxious is very intense, sometimes I cannot sleep. Physical health is also bad My mental health is poor. Disease and illness began to ask for illness, quality of life was low.

But if we practice the mindfulness always There is always a awareness. Stress disappear His fervor, physical suffering, and heartache were lost. Anxiety disappeared. From people who are fickle and unstable in their hearts, slow decisions, bad decisions There will be increased stability of the mind. The higher emotional maturity, the more calm the mind, the more discreet, the more careful the tasks that have been made will be reduced. Mostly it’s not conscious. Doing anything is wrong. But when we are conscious There is a commitment to various quality work, reduce errors. Reduce various losses, have a higher emotional degree With firmness in the mind Our personality will improve. Our quality of life will be higher From those who are difficult to fall asleep easily, deep sleep, deep sleep, happy, awake, refreshed and energetic.

If we are always with the consciousness, we can feel the full energy of life. The whole consciousness is a source of human life that exists in everyone. It’s just that we let our minds breathe in the emotions, so we can’t use that power here. But if we always practice developing mindfulness Always having a feeling of being ready We will know that our body is refreshed. More energetic From people who are easily sick and sore, will be more healthy Physical health The mental health became stronger. Feeling happier and cooler from people who tend to be angry. The heart will be cooler, stiffer Let things be easier We will feel more comfortable.

Just the basics of practice We begin to have the capacity to end suffering for ourselves. Worldly abilities, academic ability cannot end suffering. Quench the passion for our minds

But the result of Dhamma practice always develop Gives us the ability to end suffering for ourselves Improving our potential too Can improve our quality of life Physical health Healthy heart Anything can be improved. If we constantly practice developing mindfulness Both in education, work, and life. Everything can develop if we are conscious

When we develop consciousness until the consciousness is always constant, the mind will become more detailed in sequence. The garnishing thoughts will fade away. The mind will increase in order. Until being relaxed and relaxed Resulting in happiness, airy, light and comfortable.

When we develop mindfulness, accessibility, airy, light and comfortable We will find that Actually Happiness does not have to seek from outside nowhere. Within our hearts

Everyone is born and wants to have a good quality of life and happiness. We have to struggle everything to make us happy with life. But when we have the opportunity to develop our mind and develop our consciousness, then we will find that the happiness that we have sought throughout our lives Not outside anywhere Within our hearts Even if we have money and gold There is everything in the world Was unable to experience this level of happiness at all But can be found through spiritual practice The apprentice constantly develops his senses until he reaches a light, comfortable happiness.

“The happiness that comes from the inside is much more exquisite than the happiness from the outside.”

This worldly happiness requires material things to nourish Struggling and seeking Occurred and then disappeared, deteriorated Must seek endless Must rely on happiness from the outside to eat But the happiness that is already there It does not require any external objects. When we train to develop mindfulness Wherever it is happy Living in a big house, we are also happy. Living in a small house, we are happy, living in the forest, living in the base of the tree, living in the cabin, we are also happy. Because happiness has already occurred in our hearts Then it is much more exquisite than worldly happiness

Even though the Lord Buddha was a prince. He gave up worldly possessions. Because the inner happiness is so much more abundant Cannot be compared As you continue to practice your mindfulness, you will find more exquisite happiness. Leaving only the dharma division Leaving only happiness and comfort It will only have deeper and more exquisite happiness. This level of consciousness can be used to benefit a lot. Just like the unconscious level. Can be used both secular and religious Like in Westerners, he uses psychic energy to heal The exquisite brainwaves

When we practice developing mindfulness, always reaching open air, light and comfortable We are able to heal our mind and cure various internal wounds. Some people have behaviors that are not good at present. It is caused by the accumulated clues in the mind. The psychotherapist would go to fix the knot in his heart, calling it to solve the cause. The reason is extinguished. These are just a small part of the mind. We can go to fix the knot in our mind. Improve personality Of our various bad habits Develop human potential Can draw up the potential of various human beings Which he said that humans are not only tens of percent of their potential Another ninety percent fell asleep We can develop if we develop consciousness. Its benefits are very high, both worldly and religious.

When we train to develop mindfulness Feeling alert throughout Creating a light, airy and comfortable place Freeing from manipulative ideas Will awaken knowledge That the Lord Buddha called The first Dharma appeared.

The one Dharma that is one way That would be able to escape the condition of suffering Began to reach a pure state of knowledge It will just be awakening inside knowledge. All Dharma practices must be repeated with the flow of knowledge. The mind was determined to be knowledgeable. Know awake inside

When we develop mindfulness to awareness Always be with awareness Regardless of standing, walking, sitting, sleeping, and doing what you know, you will always stay awake when your consciousness is strong. All the dhamma will appear as the truth. Realism occurred From the mind’s determination to become knowledgeable When the mind is firm The state of awareness is powerful enough to expand, spread out like radda. Expand the intelligence circle. Everything within the scope of consciousness Will be seen as being true The element separation occurred. Khan’s separation belonged to anyone of it. Who’s the dimension? Who is the cause of it? Realism occurred Insight and insight If the consciousness is sufficiently detailed, then the mind will be extinguished at the level of the mind. This mind goes out very quickly. But those who practice the development of consciousness are sufficiently detailed, so that the mind can perceive the mind as real as possible.

How is prosperity and insight understood? The Lord Buddha said Enlightenment and wisdom will flourish. When Panya progressed Will ignore ignorance When consciousness is strong enough Realism occurred The enlightenment occurred throughout. Will leave behind everything from everything Ignorance will end Will reach pure nature

Access to the vaulting Will reach pure emptiness The practitioner will find the deepest peace. Nothing can compare. As the Lord Buddha had said There is no happiness other than peace. Peacefully suppresses all sins. Nirvana is very happy. The result of the development of the mind, always developing mindfulness. Will give us the ability to end suffering Relieving suffering for oneself Find happiness that is more exquisite and deeper Until it was free from all bondage Access to pure nature Will find true happiness in life

Therefore, we have the opportunity to meet Buddhism. Do not let the opportunity slip away. We are the one who will have the opportunity to make a dependency for ourselves. Training to develop mindfulness at all times Until he has the capacity to escape from the state of suffering Find true peace, namely Nirvana.

Would like to invite merit Khun Phra Si Phra Rattanathai You of the Lord Buddha, the dharma, the Sangha’s guardian You will be safe from all evil and danger. There is a greater prosperity in the Dharma. Until he was free from suffering Is the suffering of Nirvana Always keep in mind Lay out various responsibilities and concerns. Take two days to be worthwhile. Stay with yourself. Be aware. Gradually practice. Develop mindfulness. No word That we will return to focus on our minds Develop our consciousness

Changing from the mind that it diffuses in various emotions From the heart that he had become a bondage of lust Turning to a heart that knows joy. Can be free from all bondage We will be affected by Dharma practice. Which it is immensely precious Nothing can be greater than this. Therefore, we are gradually training to develop our consciousness. Will take you to practice your mindfulness By using various postures Standing, walking, sitting Relying on our physical and mental devices

For new people, it is easy to practice. Sitting, it hurts, and then slowly moves. Feeling sitting on the floor is not comfortable, can sit on a chair. If we feel comfortable, relaxed, new, sitting, it will take a long time to gradually practice. Once we keep doing it, the mind is strong. Now, it will continue to work. For many hours we were able to practice comfortably. Newly, we gradually practiced first. Do little, but do often. Gradually practice. Gradually practice.

But whenever our mind starts to be still When is the consciousness ready? It will begin to follow the practice. Now, it will go in accordance with the conditions Whole consciousness ready Airy, light, comfortable Awake Awakening Cheer up Realism occurred See everything as is true And achieving access to pure space Conditions in the eyes are not beyond the limit. Kith and kin have a chance to access everyone. If we practice correctly Always keep developing mindfulness

When we reach the vacuum state We can live normally. The dimension inside it will be empty, knowing Outside it is a natural element. Inside it will be free. The so-called free spirit is pure, unresponsive. Outside is a natural element. We can live like this. How is this life good? It is a life without suffering. How chaotic would it be outside the world? It is a matter of the outside. Inside it would be pure, pure space. Therefore, what is known as Vana, or Nirvana It’s not an overstatement. Everyone has an opportunity to access everyone. Have the opportunity to prove the answer to every Buddha Everybody can get results from Dharma practice. Let us focus our training well.

Dharma narrated by Phra Mahaworaphon Kittiwaro (Pr.D. 6) Vipassana Training Course “Walk the Mind … Consciousness Four” at Wat Wang Taku, Nakhon Pathom Province, no. 4, 5 – 6 August 2017 (Anamun Bunjunjaphamjamcharoenjit volunteered to help transcribe the Dharma tape) Source: Mahaeyong Society (Mahangey Temple )

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